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                                                     Report on Tour to Kodaikanal


It is really nice to have a vacation. That is one of the most beautiful times the children would like to have in a year. After putting a lot of hard work to get through their exams for  eleven months, the children are very keen to get a break and enjoy themselves. Their desire is always fulfilled. As the heat was so bad during this year summer season the children had chosen a nice and cool climate to enjoy. Thus they opted for Kodaikanal as their tour spot. This place is also known as the princess of mountains. It was two days program. There were 45 children and the staffs had gone for this trip. 

The program was started on 13.05.16 early morning at 6 am. Three wardens namely Saleth, Mriyal and Marthal took 20 grown up children along with them by bus to Kodaikanal. The other children along with the Executive Director, Bro. Sebastian, Miss Joseline, Miss Devi Bala and Miss Shanmugavalli travelled in a van. The first batch children who travelled in bus reached the place at 08:30 am.
On their way the children enjoyed the beautiful climate, trees, pleasant breeze and many other things. They were thrilled and overwhelmed with joy and happiness. It would be really an unforgettable experience for these children. As they reached the spot they had their breakfast. They had taken the breakfast with them from the hostel. The others who travelled in the van reached the place by 09:30 am. When all the children are gathered they were all taken to children’s park. They spend the time with their friends and played hide and seek, run and chase and many other games small groups. They almost spend two hours in the park. Then they had tamarind rice for their lunch which was already cooked and taken from the hostel. After their lunch they had rest for some time as they were really tired of travel and fun in the park. 

Their stay was arranged in a school called St. Theresa’s Higher Secondary School with the help of religious sister. The room had all the facilities children needed. It was a pleasant stay. The come to an end with dinner in the school. 

The next day started so beautifully with nice and natural breeze. It was chill and wonderful to breathe such breeze. On this day the children were taken to lake. The grown up kids went for cycling. They had cycling for almost an hour and they enjoyed a lot. No words could describe the fun and joy they had experienced. The children themselves cooked lunch and it was fish curry we had for our lunch. In afternoon at about 2 pm we went for coaker’s walk. There the children had a good and long walk enjoying the beauty of Kodaikanal. Then the children also had seen old Kodaikanal, Shenbaganur village, Saleth Mary’s church and many other places through a telescope lens. The children enjoyed seeing it and it was beautiful.

Then children had their snacks and walked to Bryant Park. There the children enjoyed different types of flowers and their beauty. They were really excited to see different types of flowers. It brought immense pleasure and happiness to their eyes. While the children were looking around the park people from Kodai FM interviewed our children for Poonthalir program. During this interview one of our children, Margret Sheela recited months in Tamil year, sang rhymes. We were informed that this will be broadcasted on Tuesday morning 6.30 am. They spent the time till it was dark. Then we went to our staying place and had our dinner and proceeded to bed. 

The following day the early morning by 6 am we got ready to leave the place and traveled back to our hostel. Those two days brought great amount of joy and happiness to all the kids. They were vibrant and enjoyed every place they visited. This picnic rejuvenated their spirit and they had a lot to talk to their friends for the next few days.