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Preparing for their Annual Examinations

As you now our children are under tremendous pressure preparing for their Annual Examinations. Especially the 10th, 11th and 12th grade girls face Government Public Examinations and it is based on this mark they can go on to next university level studies. It is one thing to prepare for the exam and score marks and it is totally another thing to choose next level studies correctly so that they can settle in some jobs. We have organized a Career Guidance workshop for our girls so that they can choose appropriate studies. I am enclosing the report of the same with two attachments of possible professional studies and its prospects. After the session girls sat down and reflected and gave their feedback as well as what studies they want to pursue. 

Thanking you for all your support.
Thanks& Regards

Dr. I. Sebastian M.A., M.B.A.,
Executive Director
St. Joseph's Development Trust