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A short report on Christmas Celebration 2017

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever.

It is very nice to have celebrations in life and more precisely to have Christmas celebration is always a great feel for all of us. The children in different hostels start dreaming about it even before few months. They prepare hard and work towards perfection to get the shield of success every year. The zeal and joy of the children for this wonderful day is always amazing. It is also a yearly get together like for all the children from different hostels. As usual 2017 also had witnessed a mesmerizing participation, excitement and success.

The children from different hostels gathered in Pudhu Punal on 24th of December in the evening. The children started exchanging greetings to their friends whom they did not meet for the past one year. The atmosphere was alive and perfectly joyful. The real joy was overwhelming everyone who was caught in the premise. All the children from the 5 orphanages get new clothes from Stichting Childrenshome. The children are verry happy and thanks all the adopt parents and sponsors. The children refreshed themselves got ready for the Holy Eucharistic Celebration and meet the New Born Christ.

Rev. Fr. John S.D.B was the chief celebrant of the Holy Mass. The Holy Eucharistic celebration was meaningful. Girls from Pudhu Punal played keyboard during the celebration to bring the feel of the celebration. It was the first attempt to train our own girls for such things and it turned out to be a very good move. It is tremendous growth that everyone could witness. The Eucharistic celebration was finished in good note with final blessings. Then the Santa Claus arrived and made the children happy with dance and sweets. It was the real time for celebration. All the children, guests, wardens and everyone there were filled with joy and celebration mood and started dancing.

On 25th of December, everyone got up and had half an hour for fresh up themselves. The clock ticked seven in the morning the children proceeded to the playground for the sports competitions. It was flawlessly arranged and organized by the Executive Director and the supporting staffs. All the children enthusiastically participated. They had the great feel of contributing their talents to get their hostel to be on the top. Every event was a close encounter to win. It was fun, thrill and excitement. Once the games were over, the children returned to hostel to have their breakfast. In the afternoon after lunch the children had elocution and singing competition.

Then in the evening at about 6 O clock the dance competitions started. It was beautiful evening once again and lots of talents were brought out by the children. Some new participants were in as well. We could witness how young kids are progressing in their dance skill. It was awesome and amazing to be present during those hours of delight to the eyes. These dances were judged by the panel of judges and they are teachers from the schools in which our children learn. The day came to an end with delicious dinner and it was a perfect and tiresome day too. On the following day the overall winners were awarded with a shield and honor.