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Annual Report for CHN Agency 2017-18

Submitted by

St. Joseph’s Development Trust,

Genguvarpatti, Periyakulam Tk,
Theni Dt, Tamilnadu



As days pass by there are lot of changes and improvements in all our lives. It is fitting that we bring you such changes and events took place in the lives of our children. We are happy to have this opportunity to send our annual report every year through which you come to know about you child’s progress and welfare. St. Joseph’s Development Trust improves every year the quality of care and concern given to the children who are confided to our care. CHN agency has been very vital in carrying out our activities and programs in our orphanages and villages as well. CHN agency supports 319 children in orphanages and 161 children from villages near Tranquebar area. On the whole this agency supports 480 children. This help is very huge and we are happy to present you this annual report for the year 2017-18


Pudhu Irudhayam

Introduction: This place is a paradise to many children like a searching bird finds a nest to rest. This orphanage for girls is called Pudhu Irudhayam was founded in the year 2008 for the noble purpose of accommodating and educating girls who are underprivileged, economically weak, completely orphaned. These children are brought under one roof known as Pudhu Irudhayam to empower them through providing education as it the prime mean to achieve a great future. This home is well run by St. Joseph’s Development Trust as it has Dr. I. Sebastian as its Executive Director. With his great guidance and able leadership of Ms. Joseline Ms. Devi Bala this orphanage has been functioning well. These three personalities take good care of the children. About 100 children reside in this orphanage for their education, accommodation, love and other extra needs. Among them, CHN Agency supports 44 of them.

Cleanliness and Health: The wardens maintain separate note books under the heading internal and external cleanliness. When the any visitors come to the orphanage they are requested to visit different places in the campus and access its neatness. After assessing the places they give their feedback and suggestions and at the same time the appreciations as well. The wardens can work on the areas to be improved with the help of the visitors’ suggestions and feedback. This practice paves way to good health to the children.

In the annual plan the concerned authorities and wardens of this orphanage plan to have two general medical camps in an academic year. During this camp general health of every child is checked and the doctors prescribe appropriate medicines and tablets to secure good health for them. Apart from these medical camps administrative people pay good attention to all those get ill in between. The children are given all possible medication to ensure good health for them all.

Educational Excellence: One of the major activities of the wardens is to visit the school once in a month. During this visit the wardens meet the class teachers and headmistress/headmasters to ask about each child’s performance both in studies and behavior. This gives the wardens to know more about each child and based on their performance in the school the wardens can pay extra attention to those who need it. On the other hand the children become more careful and focused in their studies and behave properly in the school. In many cases they become role models to many other children in the class room. The children bring name and fame to the institute. Apart from this practice the wardens collect the mark details of all children for quarterly, half yearly and annual examinations. The aim of the wardens is to attain 50% pass ratio in the quarterly, 75% and 100% in the half yearly and annual examinations respectively. They keep assessing the children’s mark status to achieve their task and the wardens are always successful in reaching their goal.


Moral Teaching: It is not alone academic excellence; we also aim at making all the children under our care are trained well in moral values and attitudes as well. For this we have practices like daily prayers both in the morning and evening (of course we have special prayers in the evening) irrespective of different religions. You are well aware that India is comprised of different religions and we have children from different religions and caste. We conduct prayers respecting and considering all the children in our place. They feel one with others and at the same time they respect other religions as well. This gives a chance for them to learn accepting people from other religions and value of tolerance. Christian children are taken for Holy Eucharistic celebration on Sundays. The wardens read or say short stories on moral values before the children go to sleep which helps the children to ponder over a particular value on that night and on the following day as well.

Imbibing Leadership Capacity: “Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders”. Everyone in our institute is very much convinced of this saying and we make programs that the children begin to learn leadership qualities from our place itself. The practices like Panchayat Meeting and Group Meeting. In Panchayat Meeting all the children are assembled in a common place where the cottage leaders act as representatives of children. The children come up with the problems they faced in one week to the leaders. The leaders analyze the situations well with the help of wardens, if necessary, and give solutions. If someone found to be guilty of any mistakes some they are given some punishments to reprimand them so that they don’t repeat them again in the future. Group meeting is conducted by respective cottage leader for own cottage members. The leader checks how neatly the things are kept and maintained by each child. This event helps every child to responsible for themselves.

Classes about the Institute: It is not adequate that we help them well to get a bright future. It is also important that they learn the paths institute has crossed to reach this stage. Classes on the institute pave way for the children to know the origin and purpose of this place. This eventually creates grateful heart in them. They also become conscious that they have to be helpful to others as their sponsors have been in their lives. We could feel how interesting they are to know the history of the institute. We are very sure to have such classes in the future as well to make sure the tradition continues.

Extracurricular activities: We also focus on training children in extracurricular activities like sports, dance, poem writing, essay writing, elocution and etc. We give them opportunities to exhibit their learned talents in the above mentioned spheres by organizing literary association celebration, birthday celebration and Christmas competitions. The children show great interest in learning them well. We arrange special dance teachers also to train them and sometimes our own senior girls train the younger kids. During this year summer holidays we had arranged a music teacher to train the children in musical instrument (keyboard). We feel proud and delighted to see them growing in all possible level. The children are trained in handicraft field too. A special trainer is brought in to train a few selected and interested children and we train them. They make beautiful things and when we get some special visitors their works are exhibited for them to see. Some of them are so taken up and they purchase their product. It gives the children to do more and do well.

Celebration Extravaganza: It is always good take sometimes to enjoy the life with loved ones and have some fun. We don’t want tax the children with lots of inputs and practices. We give them ample chances to celebrate their lives, enjoy the friendship with others and to have memorable moments in for their future lives. We conduct Christmas celebration every year for all the orphanages bringing all the children from different orphanages under one roof. It is one of the greatest celebrations every year children will be looking forward to. Apart from this great event the children celebrate Deepavali, Pongal, Easter, Independence and Republic Day in their respective places. The children are also taken for picnics and tours when they have some holidays and during summer vacations. They.

Parents meeting: The children should also have love for their parents and in return the parents should own their own children though we give everything to the children. Foreseeing gap between the child and parent we urge the parents to come and visit their children once in a month at least. The children should not feel abandoned and of course the children who are completely orphan and destitute are taken care by the institute.

Conclusion: We are so pleased that we could present you the activities we organized for the children during the academic year 2017-18. We hope you could have a glimpse of what had carried out in the last academic year. We sincerely thank you for all your support as you, sponsors, are the prime source of program and success. We cannot thank you sufficiently by words because words may not express of thankfulness enough. We promise our utmost regards and gratitude for what you have been doing to these little ones who are in need of your support and love. We foresee the kind of support and love to continue in the coming years as well.