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Pudhu Punal

Every child here is connected very much to each other as this place serves as a lovely home for all the residing children. They all come under one big roof called Pudhu Punal to experience love and get themselves educated to enjoy bright and prosperous future. They are all one family though the size is bit bigger. This home for the orphaned and desolated children was founded on December 7, 2007. This is one of the hostels among a few run by St. Joseph’s Development Trust. The children who are from economically poor background, whose parents are separated and deceased, have constant problems at homes not able to concentrate on studies and with many other issues are admitted in here. The children here experience extra love, care, comfort and little extra in everything. This eventually brings a lot joy and hope for their lives as they reach this wonderful place called “Pudhu Punal”. This home primary monitored by the Director himself at first and the next monitoring body is supervisor; they are Ms. Joseline and Ms. Devi Bala. These three eminent person are supported the wardens namely Mariyal, Marthal, Saleth and by the help of supporting staff like cooks and watchmen. We are immensely delighted to take you around the events and program those were followed throughout last academic year. 194 children are sponsored by CHN Agency in Pudhu Punal orphanage.

This hostel gives adequate importance in bringing up the children with in their own faith irrespective of any religion. They learn how to pray. This eventually helps them to grow in kindness, faith and love towards others. Readings are chosen from Holy Books of three major religion of India such as Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. This paves way for the children to get along with each other very quickly. They never feel alienated at all.

Moral Teachings for the children:
All the children here are oriented towards healthy prayerful life. Prayer plays an important role in our tradition irrespective of different religion. The orphanage is very adjustable as it accommodates children from different religion and we have common prayer service every evening. This prayer life helps the children to behave well and live a life that is morally good. There are many prayers are learnt by the children for their daily use from morning till they go to bed. The children are tested whether they know the prayers well and it happens twice in a year. The children take part in it eagerly and win prizes as well. This test gives them an interest to learn the prayers well actually.

We also follow advice meeting for the children which is part of educating the children in moral line. The main objective of this program is to solve the issues spoken by the students during both Panchayat and Group meetings. This is dealt by the wardens themselves because the children alone cannot solve all the issues with their little experience. Of course the wardens do take note of the issues to be spoken during Panchayat and Group meetings. This program takes place on every Sunday. There is no fixed timing as such for this program but made sure it happens as time is available on the day. Children who have severe problems are called separately and given advices and motivation to change them and move ahead towards their goal. This is also planned to conduct 40 sittings for this academic year but could successfully complete 27 of them.

Leadership Skills:
The children are given adequate opportunities to develop themselves in leadership skills through following programs. The motive of Panchayat meeting is to bring children together to discuss about the problems faced by children in cottages, hostel and in school as well. This meeting is of great support for the wardens and concerned persons to guide the children towards betterment. It creates an opportunity for the children to express their problems in front of others. This meeting is held on every Friday from 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM. There are 13 cottages in this hostel. The meeting begins with the Institute’s Pledge recited by children and the leaders take their seats in front all the children as they would be the persons who would lead the meeting. Once the assembly is begun each child gets a chance to express his/her problems openly according to their cottages. The leaders discuss among themselves to arrive at conclusions for the common problems and individual mistakes too.

Group meeting is set to check whether the children have their belongings such as dress, note books, bag and their respective luggage neatly and safely. It is the responsibility of every child to take care of their own things. It also ensures health and cleanliness of oneself and the common places too. It is conducted every Tuesday from 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM. This meeting is held under the supervision of the cottage leader primarily while the wardens supervise all the cottages. The cottage leader checks whether every child keeps her/his things neat and tidy, and safe.

Health care of the children:
A time table is followed in here for the students for daily activities, special days and for food. The activities time table helps the students to be punctual for their expected activities. They learn to be prompt and respect others time as well. They become more matured and aware of time consciousness. The food time table is a kind of help tool for the wardens to have a check how balanced the diet is given for the children. The wardens take into consideration all possibilities to provide the children the best food for the children which helps them to grow with good health.

We usually plan two medical camps in an academic year and it was the same this year too. It definitely helps both the wardens and the children to be aware of their problems and work on it to become well. During this camp the doctor could diagnose the problems such as cold, fever (typhoid), deficiency in vitamins, allergy and rashes. Then the doctor prescribed medicines for the children. He also briefly explained the importance of taking care of health and ways and means to keep oneself healthy. This was ably guided by the wardens.

Every month a person from outside to this hostel is brought to give opinion about the cleanliness of the hostel. The person assesses both the cleanliness of the campus and of each cottage. This person has to give over all opinion and about each in particular too. This specific notification helps the students and wardens especially to work on and keep the campus neat and tidy.

Monitoring Educational Progress:
School visit aims at improving the education and knowledge of the children with great interest in the welfare of the children. The wardens meet the teachers in person and some cases with the children themselves. During this procedure helps the wardens to become aware of how the children excel and behave in the school and classrooms. They also enquire the relationship of the children with the teachers and other non-teaching faculties. It gives ample opportunities to know their strength and get to know the opinion of the teachers which is very vital. They children also learn from teachers’ assessment. It is of great help for them. The wardens also don’t fail to take notes of teachers point carefully. On returning from school the wardens assemble the children and give their feedback after listening from the teachers. At the same time some serious issues are dealt in person with the concerned children. The wardens feel the importance of this act and program. This brings great change in the academic performance of the children and even in their very attitude.

The wardens prepare mark statement three times in a year namely quarterly, half yearly and Annual mark statements. When they plan to prepare these during Annual Planning Days they also aim at achieving 50% of success students in the quarterly, 75% in the half yearly and 100% passing students in the annual examinations. They students need time to attune to the new atmosphere after a break of one month or so. Thus the wardens begin to motivate from the very first to make sure that they students adhere to ‘holiday mode to academic mode’. The commitment and effort of the wardens worth noting when they achieve 100% result in the final examinations. We have could witness time and again during the past years.

Time to celebrate and excavate talents:
This praxis is mainly aimed at helping the children to grow in their extracurricular activities and a chance to exhibit them before a small crowd. The leaders of each cottage take the initiative along with the concerned warden’s supervision. They co-ordinate with the children and prepare different kinds of program such as poem, dance, fancy dress, drama and drawing. This especially helps the children to come out of their stage fear and shyness of crowd. This also infuses in them a courageous mind to face the world at ease because they have to meet people every day and they should have no fear at all. This practice has proven its worth when they children participate in many different activities at school and achieving medals and shields in there.

This is also our must celebrate day as it evokes our patriotism every year. Ms. Joseline hoisted the flag on this day. She elaborately spoke about the duties of every citizen of our country. Her message was really inspiring and heart touching as well. She was emphasizing the great contribution of women in freedom fight. Though it was not very many times underlined in the history and our country is patriarchal, she aptly brought about the importance and role of women in freedom struggle. She explained that women are not weak and timid but capable of taking great fight for the welfare of the society.

We have this program of celebrating every child’s birthday to give a feel to the children that they are cared and loved. They should never get the feel that they are not able to celebrate their birthday unlike their friends in school. The children who celebrate in a particular month celebrate their birthdays together at the end of each month. Cake is bought and the children cut it together joyfully. All the children assembled and we all pray for them earnestly. The celebrants indeed feel so delighted during each celebration. Every child goes forward greets the celebrants and they in turn give sweets. Even the staff’s birthdays also are celebrated along with the children.

Other activities for the welfare of the children:
It is very vital for the children to train and motivating the children in other extracurricular activities too. So we emphasize the children to have regular reading habits. This is a solid foundation for the children to have. As they are young and if they keep doing it for over the years this activity will bring a great change in their lives. The children are encouraged to do magazine and books reading during their leisure hours especially the grownups. They also show great interest in reading them. They read magazines like “Arumpu, Thoothan, Saletian Arulmozhi and Catholic Service (Katholika Sevai)’. They eagerly also participate in quiz competition, poem, puzzle writing which are given in the books and some of our children had won prizes as well.

This place has been ensuring good and prosperous future for so many girls all these years. All this great work is possible only because of your great and benevolent support. If you were not willing to support them they could have never enjoyed such comfort and love in their lives at all. We deem this as an opportunity to thank you for the wonderful support you have been offering to these children. We hopefully await that you would continue your help to bring smile and happiness in many more lives who need you. The words “Thank you” cannot sufficiently describe our gratefulness for you actually. You would really cherish seeing them happy in here and the pictures you see in this report are the sample of it.