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Annual report Pudhu Vasantham


“Live like a river of love, those who like can quench their thirst for love from you”.

In line with the above mentioned words the children in Pudhu Vasantham are bound by love irrespective of cast, religion and background. They live like a single and same family. This beautiful orphanage was started on July 15, 2000 with the aim of educating the poor and downtrodden children. This place was to break the clutches like poverty, abandonment and negligence that strangle the lives of many children. This place provides the children with good and safe infrastructure, healthy food and beautiful atmosphere to learn and grow towards becoming a better person. This is one of the branches run and managed by St. Joseph’s Development Trust (SJDT).

The base and main ingredient to the success of this orphanage is Dr. I. Sebastian who is the Executive Director of SJDT. He envisages the growth of this institute always. He has been leading and guiding this institute in good manner. All his burdens are shared with S. Joseline and M. Devi Bala as these two strong women bear and manage hardships well. Along with these people Sr. Libiya and Sr. Soosai Mary are working hard whole heartedly to keep the programs going properly.

Prayer and Moral Teaching:
It is very common in our Indian tradition prayer plays a vital role in most people’s lives. The parents themselves motivate their children to pray and be pious. We keep the same tradition after joining our hostel too. Whatever the religion be we combine every custom, scriptures, methods and prayers. Thus all the children eagerly participate in prayers and this eventually helps them to concentrate and focus both in their education and life as well. The children regularly recite Gayathri Mantra in Tamil and the translation of it goes as following:

“From ignorance, lead me to truth;

From darkness, lead me to light;

From death, lead me to immortality;

Om peace, peace, peace”

Along with prayers children are given psychological classes and counseling to correct them and guide the children who are in need of it. Every night the sisters take turns to tell moral stories before the children go to sleep. This activity helps the children to dream about good things and orient them towards good path.

Talents and achievements:
The children in Pudhu Vasantham are always given due importance to their extracurricular activities too. When the children come to our orphanage every child is filled with bundle of talents. It is our duty to excavate them and direct them correctly. The children are given training on Bharatham, Peacock dance, Karakattam, Oyilaattam, Paraiyaattam and many other dances. The children are given training not only in dances but also making handicraft as well. In this the children are taught many kinds of paper related handicraft things, making studs, beads necklaces and many more. P. Kaviya who is one of our students learning her 8th grade contested in Talent Exam and secured first place in state level. She has brought name and pride to our institute indeed. Seven girls from our institute participated in Paraiyattam dance competition for higher secondary class students. The dace was so wonderful and secured first place in district level. We always aim in providing an overall growth to all the children who are confided to our care.

Becoming Future Leaders:
A nation’s future heavily depends upon the present youngsters who would own their responsibility in the society. They would be the leaders in many spheres possible in the coming days. So we are very careful in training the children in leadership quality. To make good, sensible leaders and people in the society this home organizes two activities namely Panchayat meeting and Group meeting. The first one is conducted in common where all cottage leaders come together in the presence of all the children. The leaders listen to the needs and complaints of the students. Then the students will acknowledge their mistakes and accept the disciplined measures given by the leaders of the cottages. Of course this is taken place in the presence of the wardens as they also assist the children in conducting this program in good manner.

Another practice is known as Group Meeting. This is conducted by the respective cottage leaders and the wardens in-charge for the concerned cottages. This activity is meant to check the belongings of the children whether they are neatly maintained and keep their things safe. If something is missing the particular child is asked to explain the reason for missing and if they have something extra also they have to give proper explanation. We find these two practices to be very important in molding the children towards acquiring their leadership qualities.

Practices for Educational Excellence:
The futures of the children who are admitted in our hostel heavily depend upon their educational excellence. We are well aware of this situation and work hard ensuring that our children are given adequate care for giving proper education for our children. We give the children ample time for them both in the morning and evening to do their home works and other education related duties. Apart from this the sisters visit the class teachers and headmistress of the schools where our children study. Through this practice the sisters were able to assess the capacity of every child in their studies. Once they come back to the hostel they sisters are able to give extra care and concern for the weak children. The children are doing their tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade are given extra attention as they are appearing for the government examination. These children are given a lot of times freely for their studies. They also do their night studies after all the other children go to bed. The sisters also motivate them as when possible. The sisters and wardens plan a strategy in such a way that they achieve 75% pass in the quarterly, 80% pass in the half yearly and 100% in the annual examinations and they have achieved this feat.

Health is wealth:
Only if you have a wall, you can draw a drawing which basically implies the meaning that we need to have good health in order to succeed in life. Yes of course and we pay special attention always to all our children. We conduct medical camps twice in a year which is general check up when all the children are checked. Apart from when children fall sick due to various reasons such as climatic change the children are taken to government hospitals for check up. Children’s health is ensured in all spheres possible. The children also maintain their premise well by cleaning every morning. The children are given enough facilities to keep their health. We always provide good health to the children as it is very important for them to excel in life and every day activities.

A real achievement a person can have is to bring cheers and happiness in the lives of someone. You can all surely take that credit as you have played important role in these many children’s lives. You are vital in their life journey and your role can never be downplayed. Your help means a lot to them. They had nowhere to go in search of their future but all promised bright future for them all. They are marching towards to reach that milestone in their lives. We are sure they will definitely be able to reach and you will be of great help for them to achieve their dreams and goals. In some cases even their parents might not have loved them as much as you like them. Such is your love and support for them.