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Report on the Village Sponsorship Programme.

St. Joseph’s Development Trust has set its focus on three districts mainly to support and educate village children through sponsorship program. These districts are filled with lot of coolie workers and poor families and lot of hamlets where even basic facility is lacking even to this very present day. St. Joseph’s Development Trust chooses very carefully in making sure that deserving children and family get the help. This eventually is going to help them to enjoy prosperity and happiness in the coming days and it’s for sure. The main objective of him was to help and support poor women and especially children to learn education and help their families to experience joy and happiness here on earth though they hope in bliss after life. There are 161 children are sponsored by CHN agency in villages in Nagapattinam district.

View about the families’ condition:
As they are from villages their opportunities to earn better is very minimum. Though they strongly desire to come up in life and get sustainability economically ways and means are curtailed for them. Thus many parents are not able to afford to pay for their children’s education and drop them at very early stage of school life. Most of the parents are illiterate but they value the importance of education. Their hearts desire strongly to send their children to school further yet they cannot find a way out for that. They will indeed be grateful if someone is there to help them and lift their children’s life standard by educating them. They are sure that children’s education would definitely get them out of their misery and struggles. They wait for the day to enjoy happiness and experience what joy is all about. Education has been a fruit that cannot be reached for these children.

Intervention of Sponsorship Department:
The role of this department is very vital in executing village sponsorship program. Mr. A. Suresh and his crew plan and execute programs so well that it flows flawlessly. With proper consultation with his team and approval from the Executive Director are main factors for this success. This department arranges different other programs for the children to get them motivated and acquainted with everyday affairs of life. Staffs of this department go in search poor and deserving children. They visit every house and analyze them properly before sending case studies for sponsorship. With effective guidance from the Executive Director helps that they move further great enthusiasm. Everyone in this department put their heart and soul in actualizing many poor children’s dream come true.


Chances to shine:
There are different types of competitions conducted by Sponsorship department for the children. The main motive of these competitions is to help these children from villages to get rid of their stage fear. These children are filled an idea in their minds that they are good for nothing and cannot face the world easily. They have great amount of fear in them to face the children who are from a town or city. We don’t want our children to be timid and reserved. We want them to be courageous and bold enough to face the challenges and obstacles. So we conduct competitions and appreciate the winners. And the same time encourage and motivate all the participants to put in extra effort to become a successful person.

Health importance program:
The sponsorship department arranged for program which helped the children to find out their blood groups. You might wonder whether the children even don’t know their blood type. Yes they do not even know their blood group though it is vital to know it. They are also ignorant of donating blood. The parents themselves think that if someone gives blood the blood level will decrease. Such is the prejudices both the parents and children have who are from villages. Sponsorship department took an initiative to alleviate this mind set from them all. So it organized a blood checkup camp exclusively through which all the students become aware of their blood group. At the end of it a resource person was arranged to enlighten the importance of donating blood. The presenter emphasized in no way donating blood will harm anyone rather fresh and new blood will be produced within few hours. The children and parents gave sigh of relief and pledged to help others with what they have and that is by donating blood.

Awareness on Eco Friendly Earth:
Earth is the best possible place for all living organism to live, love and reproduce. The humans are not so lovable towards the nature and eventually the earth itself. Humans destroy, pollute and abuse it. Our generation begins to experience the consequences of our acts. And the nature has taken its turn to teach us lessons through many calamities across around the globe. If we are not awakened by these signs it would be too late to save human race from the face of earth. So it is decided by sponsorship department to organize a seminar for the children to educate the importance of protecting nature and mother earth. The seminar was so impressive that they began to know the little acts that can harm and prevent earth. At the end of the day each child was given a tree. It was simple reminder for them every day when the look at it and water it, to love the nature and not to pollute it in any manner. They children were joyful that they learned a very important lesson of the time.

Appreciating the achievers:
Often times most of the children are filled with certain negativity or pessimistic ideas that they cannot be successful. They cannot achieve anything in life. They cannot get applause from others. It was time for the children to break their barriers. Sponsorship department designed a program where the children even from village get applause. They enjoy the experience of being appreciated by honoring the children who scored top three marks in 10 and 12 grades as they are public examinations. When these achievers are appreciated and applauded it sows seeds of inspiration for the younger kids to get the same feel when reach that level. It was vivid when we look at the progress report of the children. And some of them admitted quite frankly that through this program they are motivated to perform well in their academics.

House and School Visit:
The staffs from sponsorship department visit once in a month children’s family and their school. In school they meet a child’s class teacher and get his/her opinion about a particular child and their academic performances. Based on teacher’s opinion the staff goes to that child’s home and discusses in the presence of child’s parents. While appreciating the children who do well in their studies they also don’t fail to encourage the children who need more concentration and focus. They also advise children’s parents to pay special attention to their children’s education welfare. Apart from education the staffs motivate the children to dream high and work towards it. The staffs also other psychological problems faced by the parents and children with them. it is almost like a mentor that these staff work tirelessly.


“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

I would deem this is an appropriate quote to end this summary. Yes, of course, we lift our lives with spirit and joy only when we help others to come up. You all have played a significant role in lifting these children’s lives from doom to glory and prosperity. Our mere words can never thank you fully for the great deeds and sacrifices you have made to educate one of these little ones. We love to thank you adequately but your act of love and concern is so supreme that we just have to say thank you. We will ever remain with the thankful heart for all your help and support. As we read in the Bible “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”, the support for educating children is in abundance. So we urge you to keep supporting these children that they learn and attain a good position and there they can experience joy and happiness what they lacked all these years.