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Boys Village

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 
John Bunyan

The name itself denotes that this place is exclusively meant for boys. Children between age group of 8 -15 are accommodated in this premise and provides them opportunities to learn education, good habits and characters. This is place is a source for the children to develop their extracurricular activities as well. Along the children in Boys’ Village 29 of them are sponsored by CHN Agency. We are happy to share annual report of the activities carried out for these children in the academic year 2017-18. Most of the children in Boys’ Village are from economically poor background. Some of them have lost their both parents and some of them are single parents. In this situation they have not received enough love and affection in their lives and moreover even their basic necessities were not fulfilled by their parents. This institute is able to provide adequate support and love for these children to ensure that they are given chances to pave way for their bright future. As the above mentioned quote you have done something for these little and needy children who in no way can repay you for your benevolent support.

Prayer life of the children:
As most of the children are from different backgrounds and districts the first event that brings them together is prayer. They start almost every event with a prayer such as study, before meal, before going to school and before going to bed. Prayer helps them in many ways especially to focus their minds towards morally oriented life. It is also essential for the children to have focused mind in their studies and in daily activities. The parents are the witness as they share their experience with the children after coming to this institute. They share that they see drastic positive changes in their sons’ lives. We take pride, in a way, to tell you that we create quality children and citizen in this place.

Importance of Cleanliness and health:
The boys here are well aware of the importance of keeping the surroundings and themselves clean and tidy. Once the children get up from the bed and finish their prayers they start cleaning their premise and cottage. This is every day routine as it is important for them to keep the place where they live clean. The children also have enough water and amenities to bathe themselves both in the morning and evening. The children are happy to have such facilities what they lacked even in their own families or what their parents failed to provide. The atmosphere is conducive for the children to keep their health and mind fit.

Progress in Education:
The ultimate aim for all the children present here is to be in a good position in the future with the help of their educational qualification. We always aim at providing best possibilities for them to have chances to study well. Morning time is best for students to learn their studies. So we once the children get up from their beds they are given time to refresh themselves and then they go straight to study before doing their cleaning works. It is not that they do their studies on their own but supervised concerned in-charge person. It is not only in the morning the boys take time in the evening also after games to do their studies and homework. The warden helps the children in clarifying doubts as much as he could. The younger kids seek the help of the older ones to their help in solving problems and doubts regarding their studies.

Sports – growing in fitness:
The children are trained both in indoor and outdoor games. They play indoor games such as carom and chess while they have opportunities to play football, kabadi and kho-kho among outdoor games. Through indoor game like chess helps the children to improve the capacity to think, analyze and it is an event to have well composed personality. The outdoor games pave way for the children to develop their physical fitness and health. When they have ample chances to have proper exercises through these sports they feel refreshed in the evening. This practice is a channel for them to get rid of their stress and tension they face in the school. They feel relaxed before they start their studies in the evening. During holidays they have extra time to play and have fun with their friends.

Guiding to emotional equilibrium:
Mr. Babu, Psychologist and Mr. Nelson, Counselor from Batlagundu visit the children at regular intervals to help our children to lead towards emotional and mental equilibrium. As most of them are in adolescence period they face a lot of emotional and mental imbalances. They get to interact with different personalities and media which stimulate such imbalances. Though we have wardens and religious brothers to guide them they may not feel free to share with them. So we bring experts in this field to our place so that the children feel comfortable to share and express their problems and feelings. People who come for sessions indeed help our children to face the problems as it is and overcome it. The children have benefitted a lot through this program.

Celebrations in our place:
We celebrate both regional and national feast and celebrations. The first celebration in the academic year is Independence Day which falls in the month of August. A special guest is invited to our institute and hoists our national flag. The special guest delivers speeches about nation and the leaders who worked hard to attain this independence. We also celebrate children’s day in month of November. This is a very special celebration for our children as it gives memorable and wonderful times for the children every year. The children are also given chance to celebrate regional celebrations such as Deepavali, Pongal and other celebrations like Christmas, New Year and Easter. We give special sweets and it is always grand celebration for the children in our place.

What we have shared here is a glimpse of the experience the boys have here. We are able to provide such facilities and opportunities for them because of your support. It is always nice to see someone improving in life. We keep witnessing such progress in our boys’ lives. We are indeed delighted to have this chance to share with you the annual report of our institute Boys’ Village. We look forward to have this connection even stronger in the coming years. We dream and hope to have this relationship for many more years to come in the future.