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Annual Report for Childrenshome Agency – 2016-2017 Pudhu Udhayam.


St. Joseph’s Development Trust,


Theni District, Pincode: 625203

Tamilnadu, India


This is the thought provoking voice of mentally retarded children at Pudu Udayam. Pudu Udayam is home and school for mentally retarded children. Our prime aim is to make other people to treat these children with respect and recognition at the same time to make these children to stand on their own legs. What was started as a small concern with 25 children now has grown up with 43 children belonging to different districts of Tamilnadu. Every year we care nearly 60 children for their betterment. This is the 13th year of our concern. It was not a journey of roses but we had to bear with all the thorn of difficulties over the years in caring these under privileged and mentally retarded children. What we all aimed at is to give them the childhood blessings that they lacked.

Our Puthu Udayam special school have successfully completed its 13 years of excellence and stepping into its 14th year today. Hard work and kind words of our managing director made this possible. I’m praying to God for the further development of our school and presenting you the annual report of the academic year 2016-17. There are 14 children sponsored in this orphanage.


To enlighten the life of children who have deficiency in knowledge and skills by helping them to overcome their own difficulties and also provide them with good education & industrial training for the goodness of their future.


This school was started in the year 2003 with just 25 children along with 4 employees. It has raised to 45 children, 3 special teachers, 1 physiotherapist, 1 nurse and 2 wardens in 2014-15 academic year. Our brother I. sebastian leading us to the growth of the school Administration, who is the managing director & founder of St. Joseph’s development trust,  Theni District, Periyakulam Taluk, Kenguvaarpatti, started our special school for the mentally retarded. He is doing this in a skilful way.

School’s term function:

Our Puthu Udayam special school starts functioning daily morning at 9.30 a.m. with flag hoisting.

S.No     -          From       To        Activities

1                     9.30       9.45      Prayer

2                     9.45      10.45     Course Training

3                    10.45     11.00     Morning break

4                    12.00                  Course Training

5                    12.00     12.30     Yoga Training

6                    12.30      1.30      Noon Break

7                     1.30       2.00      Lyrics Training

10                   2.00       2.30       Drawing & Colouration Training

11                   2.30       3.00       Story Telling

12                  3.00        3.30       Dance Training

13                   3.30       4.00       Sports

14                   4.05                     School Closing

Hostel Function:

S.No      From            To                Activities

1           6.00 a.m      6.15 a.m      Getting up

2          6.15 a.m       6.30 a.m       Morning Prayer

3          6.30 a.m       7.30 a.m       Cleaning the surroundings.

4          7.30 a.m       8.30 a.m       Self - clean and bathing

5          8.30 a.m       9.00 a.m.      Breakfast

6          4.15 p.m       5.00 p.m       Games

7          5.00 p.m       6.00 p.m       Garden work

8          6.00 p.m       8.00 p.m       Teaching & singing classes

9          8.00 p.m       8.30 p.m        Dinner

10        8.30 p.m.      8.45 p.m.       Prayer

11        9.00 p.m.                           Go to bed

Working Days:

The school is running according to the circular given by our Tamilnadu Government.

Industrial Training:
Puthu Udhayam Special School is giving industrial training to the students. Most important of them were phenoil production & Soap powder production.

Added to that, students were also made to pack Papad packets and place for sales. And flower garlands, golden garlands and pearl garlands were made by the students and sold. The products produced in industrial training were kept on the parents meeting and the parents of students buy them. We are happy to say that next year, we are planning to get orders from companies and going to do this in a big manner.

Staffs Meeting:

In our Pudhu Udayam special school. Every Monday morning, the overview meeting for the employees is held under our Headmaster Mr. M. Pakiyaraj. The overview & planning meeting is held at the end of every month. In this meeting, under the presence of our Managing Director & our Executive member Miss. S. Joslin and all employees counselling & the following month’s activities are planned and executed successfully.

Important Festivals:

Mr. Ganesan, H.R. Fenner Compay Pallapatti hoisted the flag on Independence Day and distributed sweets to the children. The Headmaster hoisted the flag on Republic Day and distributed sweets to the children.
On world Disabled Day, our children participated in the Sports Meet and won many a prizes at Dindigul. Christmas and New Year celebration were held and celebrated to the core. New dresses were given to the children.

Students Admission:

Every year in the month of May, we are going in search of the students to their homes for admission. In June, mentally retarded students of age between 5 and 18 were given admission. 

Parents Meeting:

Parents’ meeting takes place at the second Sundays of every month. In this meeting student’s food, health, growth, industrial training, Medical & Physiotherapy are discussed. The parents are quite happy about the growth of their beloved children. Because parents do know how hard it is to train and mould these children. So parents do play supportive role in every possible way.

Activities of the school:

>Special class
>Dance training
>Colouration training
>Yoga training
>Lyrics training
>Muscle training
>Behavioural conversation training
>Sports training
>Handicraft training
>Creativity development training

Medical camp:

A full time nurse was appointed to take care of the student’s health. Also two times a year medical check-up was given to them. This year on 22.9.2016, Dr. Seprija M.B.B.S. (Ammayanayakkanur) checked up the students and gave tablets. And also on 28.02.2017, Dr. Ilamaran M.B.B.S., checked the students’ health and gave them tablets. Following this, with the help of our nurse, required treatments were given.

Main events of the school:

Independence Day function was celebrated in our school on August 15. Mr. Ganesan (Fenner H.R) Department manager joined us in the function as chief guest.

On January 26, Republic day function, our Headmaster hoisted the flag and gave sweet to the students.

International day of disabled persons (December 3) was celebrated in Dindigul Kottaimariyamman Mandapam. Students performed dance and got prizes from District Collector.

On December 26, Christmas & New Year functions were celebrated in a good manner. On the same day, Silver Jubilee function of the institution was celebrated. Students danced and enjoyed at the event. New dresses were given to them on behalf of the management. 

Sports events:

Sports day in our school was conducted in two days 12.08.2016 & 3.12.2016 under the special teacher Mrs. A. Angel Mary, Running race, Shot put, Throw ball, long jump & other sports events were conducted and Prizes were distributed to the winners.

Literary Function:

Literary function was held on 12.08.2016. This function expresses the pride of Tamilnadu through this events. On this event, student were given chances to show their skills through dancing, singing, poetry, Thirukkural recitation, Darma and yoga. Students showed their talents in this event.


Evaluation plays a vital role in the growth of the children. Once in 3 months our children are evaluated based upon their performance. Evaluation is done on a particular child whether the child picking up the training and progressing as per the yearly plan. During this reporting period two times evaluations were conducted. On 03.04.2017 as the MDPS rules, Mr. Shankar, the Headmaster of Image special school evaluated the students of our school & their developments were identified. Parents were also given information.

Government officials visit:

Health Inspector, Fire Department officers and Police Officers visited our school.

Thanks Note:

We would like to thank I. Sebastian, the Managing Director of our St. Joseph’s development trust where leadership quality made the school very successful. I thank him on behalf of all the employees. And we thank the persons who stood as support for us and who gave us donations. We thank all those good – hearted ones.


We, the staff owe our gratitude to Dr. I. Sebastin who successfully runs the school. Pudu Udayam has been his brain child and his involvement in executing the plans shows how much he toils to give life to mentally retarded children. We do thank all the good souls who support Rev. Dr. I. Sebastin in execution of this work. We would like to thank all the donors who have anchored our programme with human touch.

We do thank all the government officers especially the Director of Development activity for Mentally Retarded Children who has been our back bone in executing our plans successfully.

We do thank God for being with us and guiding us in our mission of changing the lives of Mentally Retarded Children with new hope.

I’m praying god for the goodness of the employees who were working for the development and growth of our school. I’m praying god that they want to be provided with good future.