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                            Annual Report –Stitching Children’s Home

                                   St. Joseph’s Development Trust,
                                                  Theni, District, 
                                            Tamil Nadu, South India.

It is really happy for all of us to present you this annual report to you as it enables you to go through and have some idea on the events or happenings in different orphanages the children are being sponsored by stitchting children’s home. We extend our heartfelt thanks to every one of you who support these needy children to become a well educated and disciplined citizen in their future. We hope very strongly that you are pleased with the service we render to these little ones with your great love and financial support. We are sure and very hopeful to extend the same sort of service or even better in the years to come

Children supported in the village= 103
Children supported in Pudhu Punal home=105
Children supported in Pudhu Vasantham Home=67
Children supported in Pudhu Irudhayam Home = 67
Children supported in Pudhu Udhayam Home=15
Children supported in Boys’ Village Home= 19
Total number of children being sponsored by Stitchting Children’s Home Agency = 376

Pudhu Vasantham Annual Report “Of learning lessons and learning to adapt to it”

Opening a school is equal to closing many prisons. This orphanage Pudhu Vasantham is managed by St. Joseph’s Development Trust is located near Nilakottai in Murugathooranpatti village. The place is surrounded by a lot trees and beautiful environment. There is a lot of free space which paves way to get a lot of air and it very clean and fresh. This home has got decently good infrastructure for the comfortable stay for the children.
The Founder and the Executive Director of the trust Dr. I. Sebastian’s hard work and real interest for the children and their well being found a perfect shape as he started this home in the year 2000 on 15th July. It was the first orphanage he started for the girl children and named it Pudhu Vasantham.

Praying for the well being of everyone
Objective of this home: 
This home was started for the purpose of downtrodden, depressed and backward community girl children for their improvement and awareness. They need to emerge as strengthened, strong and powerful women in the future. Dr. I. Sebastian felt that the girl children’s rights are forbidden and they are not given equal rights in learning opportunities and other chances. He earnestly feels that like boys the girls also have to reach higher stage in life and excel in all department of their interest. For this purpose the home Pudhu Vasantham was started.

Process of children’s admission:
This home Pudhu Vasantham seldom gives any importance to caste, religion or creed but gives due importance to the family background from the child hails. The children who come from poor family condition, who are semi orphans or complete orphans are admitted in this home. During the month of May the children’s admission is held as it is the academic year end in our place. The children who stay in this home are sent to two different schools namely in villages Pallapatty and Silukuvarpatty. Apart from their education the children are given ample chances to learn and improve their extracurricular activities such as literature, dance, sports and handicraft and many other things.

School visit: 
The wardens who play the role of a parent for these children visit the schools once in a month to make sure the children progress in their education and behave well in the school. The wardens go there and meet the teachers and the principals respectively and get their opinion regarding every child. There are three wardens in this home. The children who are in primary school are visited by Ms. Jamuna and collects the report from the teachers while Ms. Indhira goes and visits middle school students who are studying in St. Joseph’s Middle school. Ms. Thareni goes to Government Higher Secondary school and collects the reports about each of our child. The main focus of this visit is to identify the weak students and the students who need reprimands for the behavior. This gives an idea to the wardens and helps the assist the students to grow them in the knowledge and in behavior as well.

Medical camp: 
The medical camp was conducted by Dr. Jebarisha Mary who is from Government Primary Health center and she was assisted by our nurse and staff Ms. Marthal. During this camp the height and weight were measured. Then the students explained the physical problems that they had been experiencing. After the check up the children were prescribed necessary tablets and tonics. Then the doctor also presented a class on the vitamins contained each vegetable. She also explained the importance of eating vegetables and taking care of their health. The major problems identified the doctor were cold, skin allergy, jaundice and pimples. The children who had some major problems, their blood samples were tested and treated for the problems. Some children had menstruation problem and they were given advice on how to avoid such problems and given necessary tablets. Dr. Meenakshi from Shakthi Eye Hospital also was present and conducted eye tests for the children.

Dance Practice: 
The children here are given dance practices when they have holidays. They pick up the steps so easily that they all perform so well often. They learn dances such as Kolattam, Karakaattam, Oyilaatam, Bharatham and many other folk dances explaining a theme in their performances. All this success and perfection is attained only through constant practice and drill. Almost all the children have great eagerness to learn the dance and get applause from the viewers. Big thanks have to be expressed to Bro. I. Sebastian who plays a major role in encouraging the children and giving them adequate chances to learn these talents.

Group Meeting:This meeting is held on every Tuesday evening from 07:30 PM to 08:30 PM. During this meeting the children are supervised by their respective cottage leaders. A stock of each child’s belongings are recorded earlier and it is checked all their belongings are available and their cloths are clean and tidy such as clothes, books, bag, suitcase, plates and etc. If a child has missed anything she is given a chance to go and search it at the earliest. Once the cottage leaders finished checking the wardens also cross check whether the leaders are correct and they are not partial. The major learning of this practice is to keep one’s own belongings safe and be responsible for themselves. This meeting ends up with a prayer.

Panchayat Meeting: 
Every meeting of this sort starts with a small prayer and institution’s pledge. This practice is conducted on every Friday from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM. During this meeting the problems experienced in the orphanage as well as in the school are discussed in the presence of the wardens. But the meeting is organized by the cottage leaders and the wardens are like spectators. The cottage leaders themselves admonish the students who do mistakes both in the school and in the hostel. Then they also give them punishment as penalty for their mistakes. This meeting helps each student to know the mistakes of oneself and rectify it. The beauty of this practice is the leaders’ mistakes are also pointed out and the other leaders give the concerned leader some punishment. Apart from that the wardens also express their concern and observation over the past one week and discuss with the students possible ways of avoiding them in the future. The meeting ends with a short prayer note. This helps the children not to waste time and do their responsibility neatly.

Importance of food items for children:
The children are provided with fresh vegetables and fruits in this orphanage. In the evening, once they return from the school they are given different types of gram and fruits as their snacks. Moreover there is a precise time table followed here which makes sure that the children get sufficient nutrition and make them healthy. This time table provides a balanced diet to the children present here. It includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The children are happy with the food provided to them. The staffs here take every step possible to ensure good health and growth of the children.

Classes on St. Delasalle:
This class is conducted once in every month. During this class the children are educated on the life, history, his achievements and his sacrifices for the welfare of the poor children. The children in the hostel are motivated to have sympathy for the needy and help others as much as they could. At times the life events of St. Delasalle are played in television and the children get the impression to help others who are in need. Moreover the children learn about life history, education, character, pedagogy of teaching and many more. The children are emphasized to behave well as Delasalle himself.

Time Table: It is so important to have time table for these children to bring discipline among them. The children become more responsible for their own lives and for the common good as well as learn to follow. The children from different backgrounds live in here and it is hard to bring uniformity among them. Thus this time table is scheduled so the children are gathered and everyone of them follow the same program as any other child. This time table brings about a comprehensive growth for every child as it focuses on a holistic enhancement of children. The children are adequately given time to do their studies and it also provides time for them to relax, enjoy and entertain themselves. Two different time tables are followed in this home. The week days time table focuses on educational well being of the children while the holidays time table extensively gives room for the children to enjoy, relax, have fun and feel happy. This time table is approved by the Executive Director after being scrutinized and taking into consideration of every sphere of children well being.

Classes on “Our Institutions”:

Our institution St. Joseph’s Development Trust has been working hard for the welfare of the deprived, poor and marginalized children. The children who come in would not realize the importance of the place and how this home came into existence. The place is so impressive now but the way it has travelled to arrive this situation was a long journey of struggle. Unless the children are taught to know the real situation of the home they could seldom own it from their heart. Thus the children are oriented about the institute once in a week. At regular intervals some tests are conducted to make sure the children learn well. The children who score good marks in the test are appreciated and congratulated with appropriate prizes.

Just like everyone on earth we love celebrations. We have two types of celebrations namely celebrations of patriotism and our traditions. Independence Day and Republic Day are the two major celebrations concerning our nation and we celebrate them with great reverence. They also take pledge on these days very specially. The children are given classes on these days about the national leaders who played important roles in making our nation a free country. We also celebrate other festivals such as Deepavali, Christmas, New Year, Pongal, Easter and etc. A chief guest presides over the function highlighting the importance and the background for those celebrations. The children get to know the concept of these celebrations and take part in them livelily. The children imbibe in them the qualities desired by one everyone to learn from these celebrations. These celebrations not only bring them happiness but make them more humane.

Conclusion: This home is a place for many children to achieve their aim and target as this place shapes, motivates and helps children to grow educationally, physically and in all possible dimensions. The children express their overall happiness for being in this home. They are overwhelmed with joy as they could have access to many basic needs which they lacked back in their homes. They could experience the vast changes in their lives for themselves. They are filled thankfulness for the support they are being extended. It is true that there are many such children who want our support. We wish we could extend to all of them but this could be possible only by you dear sponsors. We strongly hope and believe to get the same support we have received over the years in the years coming as well.

Pudhu Irudhayam Children’s Home

Pudhu Irudhayam meaning “New Heart” is a place for the orphan and semi orphan children. This was started by St. Joseph’s Development Trust, a non-governmental organization aiming at the well being, standard life style, and educational development of the poor, marginalized and orphan children especially for girl children. Such children are admitted in this home and given very good education and help them rehabilitated in the society with good respect. This orphanage has able management as it primarily monitored and guided by Bro. I. Sebastian, the Executive Director of St. Joseph’s Development Trust. This home also has Ms. Joseline as superintendent along with adequate number of wardens, coworkers, watchmen and other helping staffs. This orphanage has seven cottages and in each fifteen children been accommodated. This home provides basic necessities of children here such as food, shelter, clothing and more essentially education. So the children here are very happy, healthy and joyful.

Time Table:
We do realize how important in one’s life to have schedule for oneself and follow it for betterment. Yes indeed this home too has time table which enables the children to become more disciplined and have goal for themselves each day. Two sets of time table are followed in here. They are meant for working days and holidays. The working day time table has more and ample opportunities for the children to do their homework given in the school and polish them academically. The second time table has a lot of free times for the children to have relaxation and grow themselves in other extracurricular activities. During holidays the children have classes on dancing, singing, drawing and etc. So the children have comprehensive growth in this home and they are much pleased to follow this time table. They also foresee a prosperous future by following time tables in their lives at this young stage.

Panchayat Meeting:
This practice is held on every Friday in the evening from 7:00 PM to 08:00 PM. During this meeting the children are assembled in the presence of cottage leaders and the wardens. The children come up with problems faced or caused in the hostel and in the school. The president of the home discusses with the cottage leaders and arrives at a solution. Then she declares the solution and of course the person who did mistakes is given some punishments to feel sorry for their mistakes and not to commit anymore in the future. This helps the children to develop themselves in leadership skills and to solve their own problems with the help of the children themselves.

Group Meeting: 
The children follow this practice on every Wednesday from7:00 PM to 08:00 PM every week. The children have this meeting in their own cottages. The leaders of the cottages check whether children have their belongings safe and neat. The leaders keep record of the belongings in a note book every week. So the leader takes the note and verifies whether each child has their things safe. If a child misses her things she has to go in search of things or has to tell valid reason for missing it. Of course the leader also checks the cleanliness part of the belongings. The children are to keep things neat and tidy. If they are not clean the leader makes sure the children keep things neat. The main objective of this practice is to help the children learn to protect their things and cleanliness. It also helps the children to be healthy.

Medical camps:
During the last academic year there were two medical camps were conducted. The first one was conducted in July 17, 2015 and the next one was on April 13, 2016. These two camps were conducted by doctors and team from Vinayaka Missions Hospital, Karaikal. All the girls’ weight, height was measured and then had general check up as well. The children who were underweight were given calcium and vitamin tablets to improve their weight and health. Some children were given cough tonic as well which is a common infection among the children here. The children who had not known their blood groups were checked found their blood type. They were so happy to know about their blood group as they were ignorant about it earlier. The children express their satisfaction over this event and they are able to maintain good health in general.

Literary Association Meeting:
This is the event conducted in our hostel twice in a year to evaluate and know how well the children have grown in their extracurricular activities. The children compete with other children of different cottages. The children participate in elocution, memorizing, drama, dance, poem, singing, fancy dress and many other events. After competing, overall final result is announced and the winning cottage is duly rewarded by the Executive Director. Special chief guests are invited from outside who do the judging part of this day. This also helps the students to get rid of their shyness and stage fear and also develop their talents. This gives them chance to excel among other students in the school.

School Visit: 
The wardens make this visit twice in a month. The wardens meet the class teachers of the children and they discuss with them the performance of children academically, discipline and their mark details. The children are good and excellent are appreciated after coming back from the school to hostel. The students who need correction and attention are found out through this visit. Of course it is a chance for the wardens to get to know the students better in the schools. The children who need extra care are given adequate attention and love. So it paves way for the children to do better and change their attitudes, behavior and performance at school.

Dance practice:
During holidays dance practice is conducted. The chief warden Ms. Shanmugavalli trains the children in dancing along with a senior girl Esther Princy for the new and young girls. Dances like bharatham, kolattam, mayilattam, thappu, kathakali, Manipuri dance and many others are taught in this orphanage. They just not only learn but also perform their learning on festival or any other special occasions. They perform dances in competitions conducted in school or in public dance contests and win prizes as well. It brings a sense of satisfaction for the wardens and the students make the flag of Pudhu Irudhayam fly high.

Sports competitions:
The children are organized together for conducting games during holidays or festivals such as Deepavali, Pongal, Republic Day and Independence Day. Of course, there will always be a grand sports events being conducted for Christmas for all the orphanages. During these events the Executive Director tries to be present or else the winners are awarded by him personally. He also appreciates children to take up at least any one sport in their lives. It may not be for winning medals or certificates but even to keep one healthy and fit. The children are often motivated by the words of our brother and they try to be as much active as they could.

Birthday Celebration of our Brother Executive Director:
On June 7, our Brother celebrated his most beautiful day of the year in Pudhu Irudhayam. That is his birthday and he celebrated along with two other children namely Nanthini Vinnarasi and Sundari. Their birthdays also fall on the same day. So the cake was ordered and three of them cut the cake together in our premise.

Independence Day Celebration:
Our Independence Day is on 15th August. We happily celebrated this day remembering the great sacrifices our national leaders offered in their lives for the welfare of the nation. It is always a meaningful celebration for every citizen of this nation. Our local village Panchayat leader was the special guest of this function. He came to our campus and hoisted the flag with delight and honor. Then he also gave an inspiring speech about our national leaders. He emphasized how the present generation neglects the importance freedom struggle and their sacrifice. He urged them to learn more about freedom struggle and their sacrifices for the welfare of the nation and imbibe them in everyone’s life.

Deepavali Celebration: 
This is another major festival celebrated in Tamil culture. They get up early in the morning and take oil bath. It is to depict to wash away the evil, darkness and bring freshness and light. This celebration is in remembrance of the death of a giant who tortured the human being called Naragasuran. Thus the people in here put on new dress, make sweets and different types of local snack items and share with neighbors.

This is the annual report we like to present before you for the academic year 2015-16. It is very essential for us to make you updated with the events take place in our home or orphanage. We highly regard and value the support you have been rendering to us. You need to know how well we care for the children who are admitted in our place. We guess you might be pleased with the service we offer for the children who are neglected, abandoned, and poor and need our support. We definitely feel that these children are very promising as we witness a lot growth, optimism and spirit to achieve. Their level keeps increasing every year. We hope to administer the needs of these children in the coming years with your big and enormous support.

Pudhu Yugam Orphanage

Pudhu Yugam children’s orphanage was started in the year 1997 having St. Joseph’s Development Trust, Genguvarpatti, Theni as its prime control or head. This orphanage is situated in Palani Road, K.K. Nagar, Dindigul. The children who have not experienced the parental love adequately or never experienced and the children who are not able to get their basic needs due to their poverty are brought under this shelter. Here the kids experience both parental love and get the needed things for their happy living and education. The children are shown great love as they need it most and given a feeling that they are secured and they are in safe hands. Along with their education excellence their talents are identified and encouraged to grow in them. All possible efforts are taken and the children are motivated to have enlarged vision and join the society as better citizens with perfect attitudes and characters. Apart from all these, this orphanage is being guided by the God’s grace and guidance.

Admission Process:
Every year admission starts in the month of April and lasts till May. The children who really deserve the support are carefully chosen after a process of collecting details of the children and their family background and admitted in the hostel. The boys who are between 6 – 12 years old only are admitted in this particular orphanage. They are given adequate chances to learn academically and their life lessons also so that they lead and live a healthy and prosperous life in the future in the outside world.

Individual and Group Counseling: 
The children who are admitted in this hostel are of from different family backgrounds. Listening to some of their stories, we promise, would definitely bring tears from our eyes. In spite such difficulties and traumas they want to get educated and become successful in their future. We try and know their difficulties and give counseling to such needy children both individually and at times as a group. This counseling session is conducted periodically without fail because this practice plays a vital role in forming them for their future life. They are given a chance to get rid of their past worried and wounds and become bold enough to be competitive like other children in the school and outside world. We could feel it that change in our hostel itself before they leave this place.

Prayer and Yoga Practice: 
The boys who are in this hostel are trained to control their minds, may not be like rishis and yogis, but to certain level through prayer and yoga practices. Some special teachers are invited occasionally to train the children here to get themselves the tips for yoga and meditation. It also helps the students to develop their devotion to God. The children here spend half an hour both in the morning and evening in prayer and yoga. The children are taught prayers and hymns and they live as family together. Different yoga techniques are given to the children here to keep their mind, heart and body healthy.

The children are admitted in the schools that are near to our place and they are taken in vehicle to school. There they get very good and standard education. Apart from that our children are given special care appointing teachers to care for them. The children are taken care of well and love our children especially as they lack love in their life. So the children enjoy complete love as in the hostel in the school as well along with very education and teachings.

Indoor and outdoor games:
The children here are given adequate time for indoor and outdoor games. It gives them ample chances to prove and improve their talents in sports. As soon as the children arrive from school they go to the ground and have their evening games. Then of course in the night after their dinner they have recreation for half an hour during which they play indoor games. These two specific timings are included in the time for the children so that they have time to relax and get rid of their tension what they accumulate in a day. The children from our home take part in school and district level cricket and Kabadi matches and win prizes as well. This makes them feel recognized and honored and it eventually brings good name for our institution.

Time Table:
As in all our orphanages we too follow two different time tables. One is meant for week and working days and the other is meant for holidays. The week day time table has a lot of time for them to do their studies as they get a lot of home works in the school. But the time table during holiday gives extra time for the children to relax, play and wash their clothes and rest. So these both time tables are carefully designed keeping in mind the overall development of the children. The boys here also express their satisfaction over the time table and they perform well in life and studies.

Medical Camp:
The children in Pudhu Yugam have medical camps twice in a year in the campus itself. Special doctors are invited from outside and the camp is conducted. They also prescribe the needed medicines and other things. The wardens make sure they are followed up in the coming days. In some cases the doctors advise the wardens to take the children to neighboring government hospital for some special cases. The wardens attend to it promptly and the children are given perfect medical assistance.

School Visit:
The wardens go to the school to know more about the children twice in a month. The main motive of this practice is to know how well the children perform in academics at school and what sort of relationship they maintain with other students. The wardens listen to the words of the teachers carefully in the presence of the students themselves. Then after coming to the hostel the wardens lovingly correct the children who need some. Of course it is a great help for these children who need corrections and appreciations constantly. The children also feel the importance of this practice and show great improvement in their character and academics. We value this practice very much.

Panchayat Meeting:
This practice is held twice in a month with the aim of improving children’s behavior in the hostel. The main objective of this is to help the students to identify their own mistake the leaders of the students give them some corrections to feel sorry for their mistakes. The leaders and secretaries are chosen by the students themselves. This practice eventually washes out grudges of everyone and once this meeting ends they have new and fresh relationships. Thus this meeting is very vital and important to ensure overall growth of the children.

Celebrations are very vital to bring joy and cheers in the face of the children. Indeed we have quite some celebrations every year in this home. The major celebrations are Deepavali, Christmas, New Year, Pongal, Independence Day and Republic Day. 
Deepavali was celebrated in the presence of Superintendent of Police, Dindigul District in their campus. The children were distributed sweets and fruits. The chief guest himself gave new dresses to children and they were very delighted. 
Christmas and New Year was celebrated with all the other orphanage children in Pudhu Punal. The children were really happy to see other orphanage children and share their joy and happiness. The children participated in drawing, dance, elocution, singing and many other sports competitions as well. The children had awesome experience and celebration during this celebration. 
Pongal festival was held in our campus itself and the children were given sugarcane and sweets. On that many sports event such as football, kabadi, carom and many others were conducted for the children. The winners were awarded with apt prizes. 
We also celebrated our national celebrations such Independence Day and Republic Day. These two celebrations were held in the District court in the presence of judges and lawyers. This was a meaningful celebration as the chief guests had given beautiful speech. The children were impressed to know about the sacrifices our national leaders offered for the well being of the nation.

We are happy to present you this short annual report for you as it is essential from our part to let you know what had been done in the previous year in our campus. You of course will love to know it as your contribution is very big support to keep this orphanage going. Your contribution gives life to these needy and deserving children in our orphanage. Thus we always love to keep you updated with events and happenings of our orphanage. We hope to meet you with one such report in the coming years as well. We thank you gratefully for all your support and we regard it duly ever.

Pudhu Udhayam (A Home for Mentally Retarded Children)

Pudhu Udhayam is a home and special school for mentally retarded children. This was started in the year 2002 with 10 children. The main aim of this home is to help the mentally retarded children with shelter, food, clothing and special school programme and enable them learn the basics of life, be part of the society with due respect and recognition and capacitate them to live their lives independently. Trained and specialized staffs are appointed in this home to administer the school activities. Separate class room facilities with needed equipments, dormitories facilities are available in this home. Besides ADLs and other teachings are also offered to the children who are in this home with any other vocational skills. During this reporting period 43 children stayed in this home and benefitted through this special school programme. 
We could see real development in the children those who undergo training in our special school. We are proud to say that 4 children who studied in our special home are now admitted in regular school at Silukuvarpatty. The staffs in Pudhu Udhayam and the parents are very happy and proud of this achievement. These children are also behaving well in their regular school and performing well in their studies.

Aim and objective of institution: 
The main aim and objective of this institution is to make the mentally retarded children also as eligible persons to live in this society with equal respect and dignity. This home aims to bring out the best of mentally retarded children by providing them all the means and help so to make them and physically matured and capable.
Activities of the school: 

Children were admitted in this home during this reporting year. In general children between the ages of 5 to 14 are admitted in this home. Admission is generally ends by the month of June but some special cases are admitted after the month of June as well.

Class Division:
All the children who are admitted in this home do not have same capacity and skill. Their learning skill varies from child to child an so depending upon their percentage of disability they are divided into three categories and trainings are offered accordingly. At the time of admission with the help of specialized staff children’s severity of disability is identified and they are categorized into three different groups. Depending upon the activity of the children they are classified into mild, moderate and severe cases. Among the 39 children 20 come under mild category, 9 children are in moderate category and 10 children come under severe category. Classes are arranged as per the category so as to have intensified sessions, trainings and follow ups. Among the 20 mild children 8 children are undergoing vocational skill training. This categorization of children depending upon severity of the disease helps us fixing goals for each child and executing needed trainings.
Well qualified and specialized staffs are appointed in this home to train and cater the needs of the children. Ms. Joseline is the overall in charge of this home. Mr. M. Packiaraj is the Headmaster of this school and has completed MA, B.Ed. , M.Phil in special education. Mrs. Angel Mary is the teacher and she has completed her M.Sc., B.Ed. Mrs. Rajeshwari is the teacher and she has completed M.Sc., B.Ed in special education too. Mrs. Karthikadevi is the physiotherapist and Mrs. Velmani is the warden and she has completed BA. All our staffs are given regular trainings to capacitate their skills and abilities. There is regular monthly meeting for the staff where the activities is shared and discussed and plan for the next month is arrived at. There is also yearly plan for each staff which is reviewed at regular intervals by our Executive Director.

Regular Activities of the children:
There are different time tables are followed in this home and school. The necessary activities are included in the time schedule so as to give the children holistic development. On holidays children spent time in games and recreations and they also do some house works. It is important for them to have such time table which enables the staffs to collect and lead the children easily. It also helps the children to have a plan for their day and move on with that.

Physiotherapy training:
Physiotherapy training is one of the regular activities of the school. Among 39 children 8 children undergo regular physiotherapy treatment. This training is conducted on daily basis from 9:45 AM to 12:00 PM. Specialized staff conducts this training session and gives practices for the children. These 8 children in this home undergo physiotherapy and show great result in comparison to each day. The following exercises are given for the children during physiotherapy treatment.
1. Passive Movement
2. Finger Exercise 
3. Baiancing Exercise
4. Gait Training 
5. Box Walking
6. Coordination
7. Stretching Exercise
8. Weight Bearing Exercise

Once in three months our children are evaluated based on their performance. Through this evaluation we could record the progress made by the child with in the particular period of time and also it helps us to analyze whether a child is picking up the teachings and shows progress as per the yearly plan or the individual rehabilitative plan that was changed at the time of his/her admission. During this reporting period two times evaluation was conducted. Miss Boongodi from Anbagam special school for the mentally retarded children, Madurai came for all the two evaluation. At the end of the evaluation she has suggested new goals and plan for each child based on the progress made by them. The first evaluation was done in October 2015. They evaluator said that the staffs have performed 92% of what is taught during the period and appreciated the works of the staffs. The evaluator suggested certain techniques to be followed in the coming months. The second evaluation could not be conducted as per the plan since a staff left the job due to her family condition. And so it was postponed. On 8th April 2016 another evaluation was conducted for the children.

Republic Day was celebrated in this home on 26th January 2016. Mr. Packiaraj, Pudhu Udhayam School Headmaster was the honour of the day. Mrs. Angel Mary gave the welcoming address. On the same day literary association was also celebrated and different competitions were conducted for the children. Then the winners were distributed with prizes by the chief guest. Besides this, our Executive Director’s birthday was also celebrated in this home. Our children along with Pudhu Vasantham children performed cultural programs. On this day children were provided with good food, new clothes and sweets. Our home children also celebrated Christmas, New Year, Pongal, Easter, St. Delasalle Day, Deepavali anc Children’s Day along with Pudhu Vasantham children. On these days the children were given with homemade sweets and sumptuous meals and different entertainment programs were conducted for the children as well.

Parents’ Meeting:
On every first Saturday of the month parents’ meeting is held. During the meeting parents are informed about the progress made by their sons and daughters. Parents are also informed about the various activities of the home. During the meeting parents are also given awareness on child development. Parents are also motivated to take care of the children and follow the regular school activities during the holidays when they take the children to their homes. More than 90% of the parents participated in the parents’ meeting regularly held during the reporting year.
Special attention is given to the health aspect of the home children. Regular medical camp checkup and periodical medical camps are conducted so as to know the health status of the children. Regular medical checkups are doe for our home children in Government Hospitals at Ammainayakkanur ad Leonard Hospital, Batlagundu. Tablets and tonics are received from these hospitals regularly and the children who fall sick are taken to these hospitals. Twice a year medical camps are conducted for our children. During this reporting year two medical camps are organized for our children in Ammainayakanur Government Hospital. Dr. J. Jebrija Mary performed the medical checkups along with her nurse team. Doctor expressed that in general our children have good health and stamina. They are happy over the health status of our home children.

Sports Day:
Our home children also trained in sports and games. Every year they participate in state and district level competitions and win prizes and accolades for our organization. This academic year also on 3rd December, in commemoration of World Disability Day sports and cultural competitions were held for the differently abled in the presence of Collector, Dindigul District. We are very proud to share with you that our children participated in the competitions and won in many sports and activities. Our children also received prizes from the hands of Collector. Our children also participated in the sports competitions that were held at district level special children and won many prizes. Our school level competitions were held for our children on 15th August 2015 and 26th January 2016. Prizes were distributed to all those who won the games.

Government officials’ Visit:
Mr. S. Mathivanan, welfare DRDO, Dindigul District visits our school every month and gives us guidelines. Staff’s attendance register, students’ attendance register, children’s progress chart, health cards, cleanliness of the children and the way staff hand classes etc are checked and based on the findings gives us corrections and guidelines for betterment.

Festival and celebrations:
All the national and state level festivals are celebrated in a grand manner in our home. Besides that our founder’s birthday, St. Delasalle’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Easter etc are celebrated. Cultural and sports competitions were organized. Special gathering programs were also organized during these days. Most of the time the children join the children in Pudhu Vasantham which is located in the same campus. During this reporting year our director’s birthday was celebrated on 7th June 2015. On this day brother distributed free uniforms to our children.

We are very happy to give you this annual report and this gives us sense of satisfaction whenever we prepare our annual report as it helps us to reflect over how much we have worked for helping the differently abled children to become self reliant. Our aim is to help the mentally challenged child to stand on his/her own legs and lead a dignified life. In the past years we have helped so many children to stand on their own and we are really proud of our service. We will also continue this service so that it reaches to many more needy children. In the meantime we also thank all the good hearts who support us in this noble mission and request you to continue to join hands us so that we can help many more in need.
Renewed Pudhu Punal – Innovative Pudhu Punal Introduction:
This Pudhu Punal orphanage was started in 2007 and has functioning so well to its fullest capacity. This home for the destitute and marginalized children was inaugurated on 7th June 2007. The sole aim of this institute is to provide education and protection for boys and girls from abandoned, marginalized and deprived children of the society and making them rise on their feet in the future through education.
The function of this orphanage is so smooth and vibrant through able guidelines of St. Joseph’s Development Trust Executive Director Dr. I. Sebasian, supervisor Ms. Joseline and guardian Ms. Devi Bala. The role of the wardens, cooks and other supportive staff can never be underplayed. Each of their roles is unique and important and no once replace their rule. The home is so well equipped with sufficient infrastructure and efficient staff which are the necessary factors for better growth of an orphanage. So the children in here are so happy, healthy and lively in spirit.

Admission of the children:
Like a caterpillar the children come to join the joint family called Pudhu Punal regardless of caste and religion. Many children are accepted into our orphanage based on the needs of the children. The children are mostly from hamlets near Kodaikanal and these children either don’t have facility to go to school or don’t have proper food, clothes and accommodation back in their houses. There are lot of villages namely Kilavarai, Kavuchikombu, Polur, Paraipatti and many more near Kodaikanal undeveloped and lack basic facilities. The children need to travel three to four kilometers to take a bus either for schooling or for any other transport. The children who are from such background are helped to get education and become successful in their lives by our orphanage. We admitted more than 35 children from these villages and give them basic needs and protect them. During this academic year 173 children were present in this orphanage.

The wardens travel a lot to identify the deserving children to different rural villages. Every place is unique the problem faced by them are different. When they happy to travel in hill stations there won’t be proper transportation facility. There will be only single path and they have to walk miles together to reach out the families and convince them of the need for education for their children. Sometimes it takes an hour to reach the target place from the bus station. Likewise the wardens take troublesome journey and tiring adventures to identify the deserving children and bring them to this

Pudhu Punal home

Children residing in Pudhu Puna home are provided with healthy and nutritious food. A separate food time table is prepared based on the liking of the children and also considering the health of the children. Once in a week mutton is cooked for the children. Moreover in the evening the children are given cereals and grams which give them good health. On every Sunday the children are provided special snacks in the evening. In addition water purifier is fixed in this home to ensure that the children drink safe water. Water is very important to protect children from sickness and other health issues.

The school uniform for these children is given from the institute itself. In addition to this based on the needs of the children dress necessity of the children fulfilled and the children get special dress gifts for Christmas celebration.

The residence infrastructure is so good and the children enjoy beautiful atmosphere here. The children themselves express their satisfaction over the advantages they enjoy in here. This orphanage has adequate buildings for the children to live, toilets, kitchen, study hall and other necessary facilities as such. The children enjoy an overall good condition in here and they are very happy to be here and enjoy all the facilities they missed back in their homes. This satisfaction and happiness eventually helps them to focus on their targets and goal.

Specialty of Pudhu Punal:
The concern person in here felt the importance of installation of water purifier and the water needed to be purified before drinking. All possible steps were taken and now the home has a water purifier. The children are very much pleased to have this facility and feel the importance of it. They handle it so carefully. More solar lamp facility is arranged for the children so that they could do their studies in spite of experiencing power cut.

Group Meeting:
“Cleanliness is the source of joy”
This meeting is to emphasize on the cleanliness of oneself and their belongings. Every cottage has a leader and the leader does the lead role in this meeting. This is conducted once in a week and four times in a month. The leader holds track of things owned by each student in a cottage. Every week the leader takes ledger and checks whether everything is available and neat. This is done for every individual child. The children who keeps themselves and their belongings clean are awarded by brother Executive Director appropriately. In the earlier days some girls were known for stealing but over the period of time those children were given proper guidance and counseling not to do that. But now these children are completely changed and could lead a cottage presently. Such is the fruit of this practice and the children are so much happy to have this practice because this makes them more responsible for their own property and for others as well.

Panchayat Meeting: 
This meeting is also conducted once in a week and four times in a month. This takes place in the evening from 07:00 PM – 08:30 PM. This meeting helps the students to learn the leadership skills. The leaders of 11 cottages lead the meeting. They solve their own problems. The children find their problems. In this process the children who get complaints often are given special care and advised very specially by the wardens. The children of such type fee their mistakes and learn from them. At some point of time the children become so matured and learnt those mischievous children themselves become the leaders after a while. Such children are appreciated and given prizes by the Executive Director.

Advice Meeting:
This meeting is arranged by the wardens on every Sunday from 9:00 Am – 09:30 Am. The main objective of this meeting is to listen to the needs, problems and worries of the children and advise them according to each of their problems. The wardens feel the necessity of this meeting as it enables the children to grow and being corrected from their mistakes.

Meeting regarding cleanliness: 
On every Saturday the wardens gather children and give them in words the importance of keeping oneself and the surroundings clean. They also explain how untidiness cause suffering and problems physically and eventually touches their psyche as well. The wardens give special advices to the cottage leaders as they are grown up and able to lead a cottage and accompany the youngsters. Apart from the wardens Executive Director too explain about the importance of this. The visitors are requested to write their opinion and cleanliness of the orphanage after their visit. Based on their opinion they wardens take steps to keep the place clean and tidy.

School visit: 
The children from Pudhu Punal are learning in two different schools namely St. Joseph’s Primary School and Holy Cross Girls’ Higher Secondary School situated in Batlagundu town. These two schools have adequate facilities for our children. 110 children learnt in St. Joseph’s Primary School and 60 children learnt in Holy Cross Girls’ Higher Secondary School. The children are provided with free note books, chapels and free lunch scheme. They receive all the facilities needed. The main objective of this visit of the wardens to the school is to know more about each child regarding their behaviors and performance in academics. The wardens meet each individual child with their subject teachers and get their opinion. This activity proves the children that the wardens and the management care for them. The wardens also help the children in the hostel to get rid of their bad habits and excel in their education. The wardens also request the headmistresses to give ample opportunities for the children to show their extracurricular activities. We are proud to say that most of the prizes are won by our students in both these schools.

Classes on St. Lasalle and the Institute:
Not only children are acquainted with academics taught in the school but also are given sufficient inputs in the hostel also. The children are given two types of class regularly and they are classes on St. De Lasalle and on our institute. It is very much important to know our roots. Thus it is imbibed in the time table to have classes every month. The children learn the hard way the institute has travelled to obtain this position over the years. Thus eventually makes them feel grateful for all the blessings they enjoy. The classes on St. Lasalle help them to realize the importance of education and at the same time help them feel sympathy towards the needy and poor.

Medical Camp:
This camp is conducted twice in a year. A doctor, either a government doctor or a private doctor is arranged to conduct this camp. The doctor comes in person to the hostel and checks each child individually. The doctor hears and diagnoses the problem of the children and prescribes them appropriate medicine which would heal the problem. Then the doctor calls the wardens together and exclusively and gives them advises on how to deal sickly students. The doctor also emphasizes on the importance of preventive measures before suffering from some common sickness.

Literary Association:
This event takes place twice in a year. The children perform cultural activities such as dance, skit, drama, fancy dress, elocution, essay, poem, drawing and many more according to their cottages. The winners are rewarded. Earlier to the event the children are adequately oriented or given classes on how to dance and do other activities. Moreover the children are given ample chances to learn different cultural events and this celebration is a chance to prove their capacity how well they have learnt.

We Indians are often spiritual and it is really important for us to know how to pray. Thus we give the children chances to learn different types of prayers. This also proves them that they need to be thankful to God for what they are gifted with. The children are given sufficient orientation on the usefulness of prayer in one’s own life. It helps them to focus on their target and calm down. They worship God both in the morning and evening. They are also taught how to pray in common worship places and celebrations. They are also tested how well they know the prayers by heart by organizing writing tests. The winners are rewarded properly for their success.

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