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Annual Report for Childrenshome Agency – 2016-2017 Boys Village


St. Joseph’s Development Trust,


Theni District, Pincode: 625203

Tamilnadu, India


Primary activities of our Institution – Boys Village

At present there are 20 boys in Boys’ Village and they are between from 8 to 15 years old. Almost all the students come from very poor family background. It seems they are very socially, economically and emotionally weak and very poor. Most of the student are either they lost one of the parents or both. It really affects the lives and growth of the individual for the better life. The family members rarely care about the behavior and health of the children at home. The children have not received adequate love, affection and compassion. It will automatically make the boys to develop aversion against their family members and also all their emotions are bottled up within themselves. Most of the boys are not taught or trained any social and moral values at home. There are 16 children sponsored in this orphanage.

Providing life -skills Training Programme:

In the Mid of June, It was very shocking that the children behaved violently or cruelly even for small problems, conflicts, misunderstandings. They were not able to adjust with their own inmates or classmates.  I felt it was the right time to provide guidance and train the boys through activities based program in order to realize their own self-esteem, values, importance of their lives and help them to grow well-balanced as persons. During their imbalance or emotional outburst situations, it naturally affects the health of the boys. They very often got stomach-ache, head-ache and nerve system dysfunction, irritations, etc. I strongly believe that if I do not address these important issues at present, it will be so hard to train their mind, character, attitudes in future. Once we tune the boys at the right time, they will be successful persons and great citizens of our country.

So I invited Mr. Soosai Manikam who is doing MSW to provide a lot of activities to these boys once in three months. The boys really enjoyed and came with accepting attitude of the inmates and it could be done constantly.

Giving education to all the children by sending them to nearby school:

All the boys are admitted in Govt. Hr. Sec. School in G. Kallupatti and they do study from VI to IX standard. It is necessary to train the boys to Listen, Speak, Read, Write which is my primary concern over the boys. I focus on weaker students regularly and helping the students to adopt easiest way to understand the subject content.

Providing counselling and psychological support to all the children:

Thrice a week, I invited Mr. Babu, Psychologist and Mr. Nelson, Counselor from Batlagundu to make case-study and pull out their own emotional burdens slowly. The boys are happy to share about their life, their own physical and emotional issues. They really help the boys to understand basically who they are and what their purposes are at this stage.  The boys are really benefited out this programme.

Spiritual guidance for the boys:

It was very alarming for me and our Brothers about some of the boys’ behaviours’ patter n and abuses of bad words. They were not hesitant to speak and do unacceptable words and behaviours. It would definitely lead the boys to be evil to the Institution and society. They don’t have fear of God and moral obligation. It was strongly suggested by the Psychologist to give spiritual guidance for the boys. Now the boys get once a weak spiritual guidance from Mr.James, a pastor who comes every Friday which really helpful to our boys. Now I could see some basic growth among the boys in their character, behaviour and their studies in the last four months. It was also appreciated by the Brothers, school staff about the remarkable changes of the boys. I could say that the boys will not definitely get any guidance or training programme in future once they leave our campus.

Common Prayer Service:

Along with the spiritual guidance, the Boys themselves organize prayer service regularly on different themes. They prepare well and will pray for all the religion. It makes the boys to have brotherly concern towards all. Brothers and staff help the boys to organize the prayers.

Children’s Day celebration:

we celebrate Children’s day in order to honour our children in India. We celebrated this year Children’s Day on 14 NOV 2016. Prior to that we conducted more than 50 Indoor and out-door games to the boys in order to exhibit their talents and skills.  We invited student Priya, National Level carom Board Champion from Annai Valakanni Matric Hr.Sec. School, Batlagundu who gave very simple motivational speech to the boys and the Boys also interacted with her and inspired by her. Our boys performed different cultural show and got many prizes for their talents and performances. 

Making out of Nothing:

Boys’ village students are motivated to perform or make a new form of object out of the waste or unused or thrown obje cts. Each group sat together and planned well and brought out new and creative objects. Everyone appreciated their efforts and new form of objects and their creativity. Mr. Babu came once a week to teach the boys to prepare Greeting cards and drawing and the boys are slowly developing their skills and few are really good artist. They have been encouraged to draw different occasions.

Conducting Quiz competition:

Every Tuesday, Quiz programme have been organized for the Boys. Boys are informed earlier to prepare on different topics and divided into four groups. It is considered it is one of the admirable and appreciable programme for the boys.

Celebrating Independence Day celebration:

we celebrate our Independent Day. We celebrated our Independence Day on 15 August 2016. We invited Mr.Arunachalam to give speech on the patorism. Our students performed parade and dances.

Providing play materials to all the children:

It is very efficient practice to sweat out through games. We provide opportunity to our boys to play every day. We provide playing materials and they play Foot Ball, Cricket, Volley Ball and Kabadi. Our Boys really cherish and have become great player in the District Matches.

Organising sports Day:

We organize sports meet for our Boys last week of every month. According to the age, the students were divided and organized various events. They participated in Kabadi, Foot-Ball, Ko-Ko and athletes. Few fun games also were organized for all the boys.