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Annual Report for Childrenshome Agency – 2016-2017 Pudhu Iruddayam


St. Joseph’s Development Trust,


Theni District, Pincode: 625203

Tamilnadu, India


The meaning of this home Pudhu Irudhayam is “New Heart”. Yes it functions like a new heart to many children who are deprived of basic facilities to ensure their educational wellbeing. The children get adequate opportunities here to learn and grow in life. This home was founded by   St. Joseph’s Development Trust Director Dr. I. Sebastian with great zeal to provide ample chances and facilities to enhance girl children’s education who are in and around this locality.

This home is led by the Director himself in the forefront with the support of the evaluator Miss Joseline and Chief Warden Miss Shanmugavalli. These people are well assisted by four wardens namely Ganga, Manamalar, Kavery and Raphel Mary. This home has two cooks Muniyandi and Amutha and two helpers Lalitha and Selvi. The home also has two watchmen, one for day and one for night. This home renders beautiful and valuable service to the children who are deprived of their basic studies. The number is increasing every year as there is a great need and this place had accommodated 106 children during the academic year 2016-17. There are 55 children sponsored in this orphanage.

Panchayat Meeting:

This is one of the important programs being organized in the home every week on Fridays. This takes place from 7 PM to 8 PM every week. This program helps the children to analyze the problems faced both in the schools and hostel. The students themselves are the leaders for this program and the problems are reported in the presence of the leaders, wardens and all the other students. Then the leaders discuss among themselves and come with the solution. They administer to the problems and if some mistakes were committed by children they are admonished with small penalty of cleaning some places and etc. This program definitely helps the children to grow in leadership skills and be able to handle tough situations in life. This also paves way to come to know the challenges that the other children face in school and hostel.

Group Meeting:

This is also a weekly program and conducted on every Wednesday in the evening from 7 PM to 8 PM. This meeting is held in their respective cottages. During this meeting the cottage leader checks the cleanliness of the cottage, children and their belongings. The leader takes note of the number of belongings each child has in the beginning of their first day in the hostel. Then every week the leader checks whether they have their number of things correctly and neatly as well. If a child has extra or less the reason is to be explained to the leader and if the reason is not valid the child is reported to the wardens for an explanation. This program aims at to develop sense of being cautious for their belongings and also not to desire for others. This program is very helpful to the students and for the wardens as well to monitor them. During this all the four wardens M. Shanmugavalli, N. Ganga, G. Manamalar and T. Kaveri go for a visit to each cottage to know the situation. If there are any problems arise their experience and age come into play and they solve the problems smoothly. We planned to conduct 40 group meetings for this academic year but successfully completed 35 of them.

School Visit:

This is one of the major activities that proves the real care and dedication of the wardens in the children’s welfare. They take utmost care for the children by visiting the children and teachers in the school itself once in a month. There they discuss with the teachers about each child’s education standard, behavior, morality and in a nutshell their overall development is assessed with the teachers. After collecting the report from the teachers they wardens record them in a notebook. The children who get positive and good opinion from the teachers are appreciated and rewarded and on the other hand the children who need improvement are given special and extra care to get going in their studies, get a change in their activities which eventually leads them to be successful in life. This is planned well in advance during their annual plan itself. The wardens from our home successfully completed twelve visits during the academic year 2016-17.

Quality of Education:

Every year we fix a target to achieve with regard to the percentage of children who pass in their examinations. We evaluate with our target after every examination. The children from our hostel had 88% of success in the quarterly examinations while going down to 60% in the half yearly examinations. However our children had made us all proud as we surpassed our target what we had fixed during our annual plan preparation. We are hopeful to go higher and higher in the coming years. 

Medical Camp:

We conduct “Medical Camp” once in six month and twice in a year. The first camp was held on 15th and 17th July 2016 and it was conducted in two phases as the doctors were really busy those days. This was arranged in Vinayaga Mission Hosptial, Tranquebar. The medical check-up was conducted by Dr. M. Arthi. She measured the height and weight of every child followed by general medical check for all the children. She had given special care for the children who have some problems related to their health. The children could freely express their struggles and problems to her. She also handled the situation well and gave advices to take good care of their health. She also prescribed calcium and vitamin tablets for the children who were week and with low weight. Then she gave a little speech about importance of having nutritious food like vegetables, greens and importance of maintaining good health to be successful in life. It was indeed a wonderful session for the children.

The second camp was held on 18th December and it was conducted by Dr. R. Sankar. He is a dentist. He checked every child so carefully and prescribed appropriate medicines to the children. Apart from that the children who do not know their blood group had their blood group checked they became of their blood type. Both these camps were successful and indeed the children were delighted to have them as it ensures their health.

Literary Association Day Celebration:

We had this celebration on September 10, 2016. This function is part of evaluating the children how they have learned the opportunities they are given with. Competitions such as elocution, poem, drama, singing, drawing and many others are conducted among different cottages based on their school grades. The children eagerly participate and exhibit their learned talents in a common forum. We had invited Sr. Pushpa Latha from St. John Primary School and Fr. Jothy too to be the special and chief guests for the function. They duly judged the participants. Once the contest was over they announced the results, gave away the prizes and congratulated the winners. They also urged the other to put in a lot hard to work to be successors in life.

*Saleth Cottage – First Prize
*Anbu Cottage – Second Prize
*C. M. Mariyal Cottage – Third Prize

This opportunity washes the shy feeling and inferiority complex from the children and they are ready to face the crowd and people outside very boldly. Except a few, almost all the children exhibited their talents really well. 

Contributions to Pudhu Yugam Magazine:

There is a bi-monthly magazine being released by St. Joseph’s Development Trust. Our home also gets an opportunity to write for this magazine once in a year. The wardens urge the children to come up with some nice drawings, poems, riddles, famous saying, short life history of some famous people and their achievements. All the contributions are collected by the wardens and choose the appropriate ones for publishing. The children will eagerly be waiting to see their articles and contributions are printed in the magazine. We planned to present as many as 36 items but could only come up with 29 for this year.


During this academic year 2016-17, we had three picnics excluding annul tour. We went to Poompuhar beach, Vaitheeswaran temple with some our guests and workers on September 15, 2016. It was fun on the beach and devotion and learning at the temple. We also went to beach at Tranquebar on January 15, 2017. Though we had gone there often times every time it gives us different experience and joy within all of us. We visited Kangai Kondaan Chozhapuram Temple at Jeyankondaan on February 5, 2017. During this trip our brother director was also with us and we had a marvelous time indeed.

Dance Practice:

This program is arranged on weekends or during holidays every week. This dance practice is chiefly given by Shanmugavalli, the chief warden along with some senior girls namely R. Bavitra, C. Jeyamary, B. Rajeshwari, R. Sarojini and G. Vijayakumari who are already well versed in different kind of dances. They teach the students dances like Bharatham, Kolaattam, Peacock dance, Karakam, Thappy, Kathakali and Manipuri dance. This practice is actually very helpful for the children to take part in the contests arranged in schools, other places and even among the orphanages of SJDT.

Sports and Games:

Sports and games play a vital role in keeping the children’s health well and make their physique fit. So the children are given adequate time to play in the evening after returning from schools and also extra time in during holidays. They have special games and sports conducted during celebrations like Pongal, Deepavali, Christmas and Children’s Day. The winners will be given prizes by Brother himself. He supports and encourages the children a lot to perform well in every opportunity one gets.

There are some children who did well in sports in schools and their details are given below.

1-A. Josephine Mary – Secured first prize in high jump
2-R. Sarojini – Got second place in Kabadi sport
3-B. Abirami, K. Adaikala Leema and R. Puela Pushpa – Won prizes in running race in conducted in their school
4-V. Jeyalseeli, S. Parveena, Jeyakeerthi, R. Margret Sheela, Vincy Vimala and S. Siva Priya – These kids also won prizes in their Annual Day celebration. 


We had quite a few celebrations during this academic year and we are glad to highlight a few of them in this Annual Report for your perusal.

Birthday of Brother: We celebrated our dear Brother I. Sebastian who is the Director of St. Joseph’s Development Trust on 7th June at Pudhu Irudhayam with the children here. Nanthini Vinnarasi, Sivagama Sundhari and Vincy Vimala joined cutting the cake along with brother as their birthdays also fall in the same month. We all wished them happy birthday joyously on that day.

Independence Day: We celebrate our nation’s Independence Day on 15th August every year and without fail we had the celebration this year too. The Chief Guest for this celebration was Mr. V. Gunasekaran who is the Panchayat President of our place. He came along with member of the Panchayat Board Mr.M. Aiyappan. The chief guest hoisted the National Flag with great patriotism. A few girls had given short speeches about our great national leaders who played eminent role in attaining this freedom for us. Then the Chief Guest also gave away a speech emphasizing the importance of education to come up in life. After completing his speech he distributed sweets to the children.

Deepavali: Deepavali “The festival of Light” was joyfully celebrated by the children here. They were given new dress to put on, cracked fire crackers and enjoyed delicious sweets. They had special programs in the television and they enjoyed watching them all. They were left free to have fun and experience happiness with their friends. 


We do get regular visits from government officials to check the quality of life and facilities the children get. Though we maintain their requirements correctly it is their routine check and duty that they visit our hostel. Apart from them we also get teachers, staff from other orphanages and etc. whenever they visit our hostel we get an opinion from them in a notebook which enables us to grow towards betterment.


Timely help can never be forgotten rather should never be forgotten. Yes it is; your help and timely support can never be erased from our minds and hearts that easily. This is the juncture where the children need love and support as they are walking in a path to mold their destiny and future. They were stuck and had no idea where to go. But you entered in their lives giving chances and opportunities for education and learn what is world all about. Now they are confident enough to face the world. They feel that there is someone to care for them and support them. They have hope that their future is going to bright and prosperous. The whole institute will ever remain grateful for all your help and role you have played in each and every child’s life.