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Annual Report for Childrenshome Agency – 2016-2017 Pudhu Vasantham.


St. Joseph’s Development Trust,


Theni District, Pincode: 625203

Tamilnadu, India


            “Everyone does not have the helping hands.

            It is much greater to educate a child than feeding thousands.”

Pudhu Vasantham orphanage does this noble work with great vigor with great support your helping hands who generously help to educate the children who are deprived of their basic education to come up in life. This home is operated under St. Joseph’s Development Trust. This home is situated at Murugathooranpatti nearer to Nilakottai, Dindigul District. This place is really beautiful and filled with great nature and sceneries except during summer season. The air is clean and nature is lush.

This was the first home of its kind instituted by Dr. I. Sebastian who is the Founder and Director of St. Joseph’s Development Trust. This was started on 15th July, 2000. It has successfully completed 17 years of service for the needy children. The children who were benefitted through this home are innumerable. All these success were possible only because of your support and loving heart you have towards these little ones. We are happy to present the Annual Report of our home for the academic year 2016-17. There are 38 children sponsored in this orphanage.

Aim and Objective:
The main objective of SJDT is to empower women and girl children. It was very obvious that women and girl children were really suppressed and their basic rights such as right to education were denied. So the Director of the institute thought radically to educate girl children knowing that is the only source that would empower them and would free them from clutches of men. He wanted the women and girl children be given equal rights and freedom like men. His idea took a shape in the form of Pudhu Vasantham which is an exclusive hostel for girl children for their educational betterment who are poor, desolated and abandoned. He took complete happiness in opening a platform for educating girl children. The home is still functioning with same vigor and enthusiasm. 

Students’ Selection:
This home welcomes all irrespective of religion, caste and region. The only criterion to get into this orphanage is that the child is to be from poor, disturbed background or completely abandoned by her parents and relatives. The children get admission from first standard till twelfth grade actually. The admission of the children takes place during month of May every year because that is summer vacation period and soon after which the schools start. The children reside in Pudhu Vasantham and sent to two different schools based on their grades. This home also finds the extra talent of children and helps those to grow in them to their fullest capacities.

School Visit:
The wardens visit the schools in which the children learn their education once in a month. The purpose of their visit is to meet concerned class teachers and know about every child’s performance academically and in their behaviors in the school. This opinion of teachers and written as a report and filed in each child’s profile file. The wardens don’t stop with that. They appreciate the children who excel at school while encouraging and correcting the children who need guidance to do well at school. The teachers could witness gradual growth in the children who were pointed out to be improved. The teachers also feel how good and important that the wardens meet them at regular intervals and play a big role in the wellbeing of the children who are confided to their care.

P. Jamuna who is one of the wardens goes to St. Joseph’s Middle School to meet the children who learn from 1st grade to grade five. P. Pandeeswari, another warden, meets the children who are between 6th grade to 8th grade. K. Indira goes to Government Higher Secondary School to meet the children who are learning from grade 9 to grade 12. The wardens discuss among them about the issues and help each other to guide the needy children.

Medical Camp:
Dr. Ilamaran and A. Angel Mary, who is a nurse, had come to our hostel Pudhu Vasantham and conducted medical camp. They measured the height, weight and compared these details with their age to calculate the health of the children. Apart from these basic processes they also had little deeper checkup for the girls like skin problems and dealt with their personal physical problems too. They prescribed vitamin tablets for the children who are under weight and prescribed relevant medicines for the children who had other problems. Then they assembled all the children together in a hall had elaborate session how to maintain good health in different seasons of climatic conditions. They also explained the importance of keeping good health as it is the basic thing to learn and have great focus in life and towards our goal. The children also clarified their doubts with regard to their personal issues and common problems faced by girls. The doctor was patient enough to clarify their doubts clearly and the ended with great session of enlightenment. 

Dance Practice:
The children who are well versed in different kinds of dance train the other children during weekends and other holidays. The children practice variety of dances such as Kolaattam, Karakaattam, Oyilattam and traditional dances of different states like Bharatham, Kuchipudi, Kathakali and Odissy. The Director of the Institute Dr. I. Sebastian encourages these children in as many ways as possible to grow up in life. His main aim and motive is to train these kids to be empowered in all spheres possible. Of course many of the children grasp this main objective so carefully in their lives and get them trained in as many areas as possible before leaving the campus for their higher studies. Once they are exposed to outside world when they are doing higher studies they can really face the world with so much confidence and self-esteem and they are respected by other students.

Group Meeting:
This gathering called group meeting is held on every Tuesday from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM in each cottage animated by the cottage leaders and supervised by all the wardens of the hostel. The main purpose of this meeting is to check whether every child has their belongings like books, notes, dresses and toiletries correctly with exact number with the previous week’s check list. If something is missing the child is to have an explanation and if she has extra the child is to have reason for it as well. This practice ensures that the children will not have other’s belongings as this practice is conducted in front of the leader herself and there is every possibility of getting caught. It instills in them self-discipline and responsibility as well. The wardens also feel importance of this practice.

Panchayat Meeting:
A small prayer is recited before starting this event followed by the pledge of the Institute. This practice takes place on every Friday from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. This meeting deals with the problems faced by the children in the hostel and in the school too. The cottage leaders are seated in front and one of them is selected as President and another as secretary while others are known as leaders. The children get up and either admits their mistake or points out what others had done which considered being a mistake. The president analyses the situation in consultation with the leaders. Then she comes out with piece of advice or solution. If it is to be found a big mistake the president gives some punishment as absolution for their mistakes. It really minimizes the mistakes and brings overall growth in all the children. The meeting ends with a small final prayer.

Classes on Delasalle:
This Saint from France has influenced very many hearts as his “Faith and Zeal” for the poor students were great. It was this same spirit was enkindled in the heart of Our Director Dr. I. Sebastian and had ever dreamed of educating the poor girl children to improve their standard of life. His dream came true indeed through Pudhu Vasantham. One could evidently understand how important that the children who reside in here get to know his story as it would be really an inspiration to anyone who hears. When they learn about him the students get the spirit of helping others and feel sympathetic. To describe in nut shell, the children become more humane in their lives. This chaotic society needs such people indeed and this class on St. Delasalle aims at producing such people for the future.

Importance of Food:
The children who are admitted in here are not from rich and well to do family. They are from very poor background and some could hardly have three meals a day. So the management is so caring in giving nutritious food for all these children. In consultation with Director and Ms. Joseline the wardens prepare a weekly menu list to be followed. Their plan is so perfect that students get all the nutrients needed for their good physical growth. Apart from that the children are given snacks in the evening before they go for games. They are also given special snacks and meals on special occasions such as Deepavali, Pongal, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Republic Day, Independence Day and etc.


Time Table:
It is very evident that youngsters are easily carried out by whims and fancies without focusing on their aims and ambitions. They seldom have to time to recall and have a time to reflect on their career or future. They don’t feel the importance of time and how valuable it is. We don’t the same thing happen to our children as well. So before beginning of the academic year the wardens sit to prepare Annual Plan. During this session they discuss the time table for the forthcoming academic year also. The time table focuses on giving adequate time for everything and makes sure overall growth of the children. The time table has time for self-cleaning, campus cleaning, studies, sports, recreation, relaxation, rest, food, prayers, and to develop many other talents. This is also helpful for the wardens to bring the children together and manage them better. Enormously the children get the benefits of disciplining oneself. Both the students and wardens appreciate having a schedule for the day.

Classes on the Institute:
 “An act of help should create ripple effect. That is the main purpose of helping.” This program or class in held once in a month and dealt by wardens. The children are not here only to get benefit and go away from here. Rather they learn the real sacrifice of so many people to ensure good life for them. It also explains them the hard path SJDT had traveled so far. It instills in them a tendency to help others as much as they could. It might not be with money alone but with time, words and any other means of help they could render. This is the ultimate aim of these sessions. It also helps them to own the place and love every opportunity they get. Apart from that they also learn the history of the Institute elaborately. At end of the year there will be a test to know how well the children have grasped. The children who have scored top three marks will be rewarded.

Independence Day: It was a good celebration and held in Pudhu Udhayam School for Differently Abled Children. The function was on 15th August 2016. The Headmaster of the School hoisted the flag and gave the message of the day. Then some our children gave a marvelous speech about freedom fighters and freedom struggle. Though they hear this message and speeches every time, they are not bored rather every time their patriotism is getting vibrant and energized. In the end the children recited the pledge of our nation and ended the celebration by sharing sweets with the children of Pudhu Udhayam.

Republic Day:The children from Pudhu Vasantham joined Pudhu Udhayam children for Republic Day celebration too on 26th January 2017. Mr. Packiaraj, the Headmaster of Pudhu Udhayam School hoisted the flag on this occasion too. Then a few students had spoken about the rights and freedom we enjoy in our country. The development our nation has reached since independence and after becoming republic. The children had memorable and happy Republic Day celebration. Of course they had sweets as an expression of joy and happiness.

Case Study:
K. Priya and K. Kaviya are sisters. Their village’s name is Maavuthanpatti which is a hamlet. They both are from poor background. Their parents had hard times to educate them further. To the worst the parents could not give even good food for them. When the wardens went for village visit as part of admission process the parents came to know about Pudhu Vasantham hostel. They explained their condition and at the same time their interest and wish to see their daughters in a good position in few years’ time. Of course the wardens had returned to hostel and consulted with the Ms. Joseline who looks after Pudhu Vasantham hostel primarily. The wardens and she felt their situations and were willing to admit them in here Now the children have no worries about what to eat, wear and their future is ensured after coming here. These kids could experience what happiness is all about. They get what they lacked back in home. When their parents come to meet their children they expressed their satisfaction over what is provided to them. They feel that their children are in safe hands. They are sure that their dream will come true. 

A real achievement a person can have is to bring cheers and happiness in the lives of someone. You can all surely take that credit as you have played important role in these many children’s lives. You are vital in their life journey and your role can never be downplayed. Your help means a lot to them. They had nowhere to go in search of their future but all promised bright future for them all. They are marching towards to reach that milestone in their lives. We are sure they will definitely be able to reach and you will be of great help for them to achieve their dreams and goals. In some cases even their parents might not have loved them as much as you like them. Such is your love and support for them.