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Childrenshome Representatives’ and sponsors’ visit to SJDT 2016-2017



St. Joseph’s Development Trust,


Theni District, Pincode: 625203

Tamilnadu, India

It has been many years Jan and Lia keep visiting us every year especially during Christmas season and sometimes some of the sponsors also visit us along with them. During this academic year also Jan and Lia arrived on 18.12.2016 along with their son Bjorn and Irene. They were received by Ms. Joselin with lots of love and warmth. They reached Pudhu Vasantham where they were given grand reception by the children and wardens of the orphanage. After getting settled in their respective rooms they started visit by meeting children in their cottages. Soon after that they had a brief check on different records maintained by the staffs in the hostel required by the government officials and the institute for smooth running of it. After a tea break they went to have a photo session of the sponsored children and followed by lunch. We could assume their travel might have been a long and hectic one and thus they had little rest to energize their spirit. After a cup of tea and some refreshments they all set to witness beautiful exhibition prepared by Pudhu Vasantham children. It was time for the children to get ready to beautify themselves to perform spectacular dances. As usual the children put on an excellent show in the evening which all the viewers so happy. It was followed by sumptuous dinner and rest. 


19.12.16 was another bright and beautiful day indeed. On finishing their breakfast the visitors all set to go to Pudhu Udhayam. The visit was started with prayer which was perfectly arranged by the staffs of the School and the warden, Velmani after which they moved on to visit the class room activities and cottage visit with break in between to have tea and snacks. Once they finished their cottage visit they witnessed yoga postures done by the children of the school. They went for lunch and given time to relax. Of course in the evening they had time to take photos of the sponsored children from Pudhu Udhayam orphanage. Then they all got ready to move to Pudhu Punal orphanage for their next program. It was time for them to visit St. Joseph’s Boys Village after reaching Pudhu Punal. Dr. Sebastian himself accompanied them to that place and explained about the activities and about the boys’ stay there. Once they finished their visit they returned to Pudhu Punal, had their dinner and reposed to bed.

The next day, 20.12.16 Tuesday, was meant to be spent in Pudhu Punal. They checked whole lot of records maintained by staffs here and it was relaxing day too. They were left to have long rest after lunch. As their spirit rejuvenated they started the photo session in the evening at about 4’O clock after which they were free to spend time with the children on their own. They had their dinner at night and went to bed. 

21.12.16 Wednesday is more of picnic day to Madurai. The guests were to the neighboring town called Madurai where they spent time like visiting some historical temples and places and little of shopping too. They returned to orphanage after their dinner in the town itself.

22.12.16: On this day they continued their visit in Pudhu Punal orphanage. They had relaxing morning and rest after lunch. In the evening about 4:30 PM they resumed their work of taking photograph of rest of the sponsor children followed by Panchayat meeting and Group meeting after which they were left free to spend time with the children till dinner. After dinner they went to bed to ease themselves for the next day activities.

On 23.12.16 Friday, Jan and Lia set early to airport in Madurai to receive Lutgart Hanssens and finished their breakfast on the way. They day was set aside to relax and spend time with the new guest as it takes time to get used to the new place and it was first time to be in this place. In the evening the photo session continued for the rest of the children. Then the guests distributed dress for the children to celebrate Christmas Eve in couple of days. After finishing their dinner they retired to bed in Pudhu Punal orphanage. 

24.12.16 Saturday, The guests let to DEET, another institute where children are sponsored by Childrenshome agency, in the morning. They returned in the evening and it was time for them to get ready to go for Christmas Vigil Eucharistic Celebration at RTU. They returned to the hostel after Holy Mass and sang carols joyfully. They had dinner then and went to bed joyfully foreseeing and wonderful Christmas and Silver Jubilee celebration which is going to be held in two days’ time.

25.12.16 Sunday, there was nothing very special on this day except bit of Christmas celebration. The children were all really busy preparing themselves for Silver Jubilee celebration on the following day. The visitors had wonderful relaxing day seeing all the children busy running around to get ready for the next day program. They stayed in Pudhu Punal for that night. 

26.12.16 Monday, Jan and Lia accompanied Irene and Lutgart early in the morning to Madurai Airport as the two were leaving back to their places. Jan and Lia returned for the beautiful and spectacular Silver Jubilee Celebration. It was celebration of thankfulness for all the support rendered to sponsors, agencies, staffs and well-wishers. They were all honored in a way due to them. Children from different orphanages performed beautiful dances and they were delight to watch. It ended with special dinner for all the participants in the noon. In the meanwhile photo session was held for the children of Pudhu Irudhayam. There was a meaningful Eucharistic celebration in the evening to make the celebration more holistic. And the day came to an end with fantastic celebration to mark the start of 25 year of service for the poor and needy girls and women.

On 27.12.16 they visited village children and program with sponsorship department. It was yet another memorable day for them. They had interactions with the children and in the afternoon after lunch they visited staffs of the sponsorship department exclusively to check some of the records maintained for CHN agency. They were impressed by the perfection with which the department works. It was another night in Pudhu Punal. The next day 28.12.16 was meant to travel to Pudhu Irudhayam. After completing breakfast they started their journey to Tranquebar and on their way they had sometimes to visit few places which are historically important and reached Pudhu Irudhayam for their night stay. 

29.12.16 Thursday was more of relaxing and refreshing for them ahead of two hectic days’ program in the villages. They had checked the records maintained by Pudhu Irudhayam staffs in two rounds, the first was before breakfast and the next was after breakfast. Then they were all free to be with children and had some recreation as group at night after dinner. 

30.12.16 and 31.12.16, these two days were set apart to visit different villages where many of the village children are sponsored. As usual this trip was also were exciting both for the guests and children. The visitors were given warm reception in each house and they expressed how grateful and thankful for their support. During their visit to different villages some of the children were given special gifts such as solar lamp and goats.

01.01.17 Sunday was the day to gather all the sponsored children from villages under one roof and meet them. During this program the children were given new dress. They were excited to receive them and thanked their sponsors dearly for their support.

02.01.17 Monday was the day to travel back to Pudhu Punal and the entire day was spent on travel. The next day was the school reopening day for the children after Christmas vacation. Thus the children were busy preparing themselves to go to school after a week of holiday. The guests were free to spend their day on their own. Once the children returned from school in the evening Jan, Lia and Bjorn joined the children for games and spend another night in Pudhu Punal. The following day 04.01.17 Wednesday, Jan and Lia accompanied their son Bjorn to Madurai Airport to send him off back to his home. Jan and Lia returned to Pudhu Punal and spend their rest of the day freely. 05.01.17 Thursday, was also completely free day for the visitors. Some games were conducted for the children in the evening on their return from school. In the evening before supper prizes were distributed for the winners. The day came to an end perfectly. The guests completed their visit successfully and happily and left towards their next destination on 06.01.17 Friday.