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17 oktober - Kindly read the below guidelines for the sponsor.

Dear Sponsors,

Greeting wished from Dr. I. Sebastian, Executive Director of St. Joseph Development Trust, Genguvarpatti.

Let me sincerely extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for coming forward to sponsor our children and support their education. In fact the support you provide reaches to the most needy and marginalized children. Without your support many of these children will be school dropout and malnourished and subsequently with bleak future. But now with your support we are able provide education to a member of a family who for generations were illiterates. We hope these children who receive education through your support will in turn support their own children to get education. The support you provide is not just for one child but rather education for generations to come. With this appreciation of your great generous support I also give below some guidelines regarding the sponsor relations.

1. Regarding letters and gifts:
We accept sponsor sending letter to sponsor children. The sponsor also can send gifts to the child. Please don't send eatables. We can give the letters translated to the children and send their thanks letter back to you.

2. Regarding Visit:
If a sponsor want to visit a child you are most welcome. But get a date confirmed from us as some time children are on home holidays or write their exams. If a sponsor want to stay with us we can provide accommodation for a maximum of three days.

3. Sponsor contact with child:
We don't accept that sponsor directly write to the child. Our earlier experience with such contact was endless request for financial help and at times ask for building houses, buying vehicles etc. Once this happens then the sponsor write very sad letters to us accusing the child and us. So we strictly forbid sponsors to have direct contact with the child. Any financial help the sponsor want to give should be done through Stichting Childrenshome.

4. With drawl of sponsorship:
We sincerely wish that the child who join our programme continue their studies uninterrupted. But the government has given a strict order to us that for any reason the parents or the guardians want to take the child out of our programmes we should oblige. So on this basis if a child is withdrawn from the programme we will write "With drawl" letter and inform you. I kindly request you to understand.

Let me conclude this letter hoping you will understand the above mentioned guidelines. I once again thank you for all your support and alone all what you mean to us.

Yours Fraternally
Bro. I .Sebastian
Executive Director SJDT