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Report of our village children’s Activities Programme

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


It is really fitting to the institute St. Joseph’s Development Trust which brings meaning, happiness and gives life to many children through their sponsorship program to the children in different villages. And it is due and appropriate to acknowledge the support you render which makes possible doing this noble work. We cannot thank you adequately for the great help you have been rendering to our children here. We are glad to submit a short report on the programs carried out and different short of help we render to the children who are in our project. 

Service through Scholarship Program:
The main and foremost thing is that develop children educationally and this is the prime source for the children to get themselves in good position in the future.  We aim at bringing educational progress in the lives of the children. We give scholarships for the children to pay their school/college fees and that is one of the major obstacles to every child to pursue their studies. In addition to that we also distribute uniforms, notebooks and other educational materials which considerably lessen the burden of their parents. Since their major problems are met by us the children could happily learn the academics and perform well in their studies. They bring name and fame to the institute and to you donors more specially.

Care given to protect environment:
The world is being devastated through unexpected natural calamities and it fairly believed to the reasons of our destruction we made to the nature. We really felt that this is our time to repair or make up the mistakes we have done to the nature. We planned a program that would enlighten the mistakes of ours and the actions that would quench the thirst of nature. We arranged a special seminar and the resource person elaborately highlighted the topic. He emphasized it is the role of every individual to protect and save nature. He also explained different ways and means that we think to be small yet how badly it affects the nature. The grown up children could really feel it and solemnly took oath to protect the nature/environment to the best of their conscience.

Sports Event:
There were days, in our culture that the parents would go in search of their kids who went for evening games. They would not return home in time and spent a lot of time in playing. The trend is quite opposite these days. The children are very much obsessed with video games and television. They seldom understand the importance of evening games and having exercise. In a way this also helps the children to open up and come out from their fears of different kinds. The children are divided into teams and they are led by leaders. This opportunity helps those leaders to lead a team and helps them improving their managing skills. 

Day of lifetime achiever:
Life is so competitive in the world and it is really apt to honor those who achieve in spite these competitions. So we planned to have this celebration and executed well. The main objective of this function is to give away prizes, appreciation and applause to those who have achieved top three marks in their tenth and twelfth grade. This is not ridicule others but to motivate the youngster who are yet to reach that stage. Based on these two grades’ marks their future is going to be determined. Their prosperity is decided with these marks. Thus we feel the importance of encouraging these children to come with good results every year. This also makes us feel proud of producing such quality students.

The achievers in 10th grade are:

V. Nisha                     - 479/500

P. Dinesh                    - 471/500

S. Hemalatha              - 468/500

The achievers in 12th grade:

M. Seetha                               - 987/1200

G. Vasahi Priya                      - 981/1200

M. Muthupandi                      - 922/1200.

Family and School Visit:
The staffs of sponsorship department have analyzed children’s growth and they decided to help out children taking extra effort for the well being of the children. Thus they came up with the new program and that is to visit family and school of our children personally. They visit once in a week to different villages and talk to the parents and teachers. This activity helps the staffs to identify different struggles and happy moments the children experience in their lives. This eventually helps the staff to assist children to plan ahead their future and design. Often children have desire but they do not know ways and means of achieving it. So the staffs do a great job in shaping the children towards their prosperous future.

Often times the children are entangled with poverty and depression from both family and school sides. So this visit is a kind of counseling the family and children in person. The children and parents also feel the importance of this program and high value it. In addition the staffs also feel a sense of satisfaction in doing such a wonderful activity. We see the difference in children’s attitude towards their growth after every visit

We are really delighted to submit you this to you which you a glimpse of our activity towards the well being of the children. They see us with sense of gratitude but eventually we look at you with the heart of thankfulness. It is your benevolent heart that helps us to extend this noble service. We thank you immensely and our single word thank you is not sufficient or equivalent to all the help you have been rendering to the growth of these children. We keep looking forward to your kind gesture of help for these little ones. We are very hopeful to eradicate misery and poverty and enlighten these children with education with your marvelous support.

 Thank You