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The children  in SJDT’s orphanages are provided lot of opportunities to nurture their inherent talents and to come up in life with flying colors. Once in six months the literary association meeting is conducted in the orphanages and the children participate in different competitions and try to develop their talents. Children’s development is the main aim of St. Joseph’s Development Trust and they are nourished well with special skills as they grow in their respective orphanages namely Puduvasanthem, Pudupunal and PuduIrudhayam. Their personal talents and skill are well developed through literary association programme and brighten their future. On the birthday of Dr. I. Sebastian M.A, M.B.A. literary association programmes were organized for all our children in these orphanages in the month of July 2014.

Pudhu Vansantham children’s home caters to the educational needs of girls between the age group of six to seventeen. The children rural areas particularly orphans, destitute children are given priority in the   admission. This academic year there are 112 children are studying  in the home. The inmates are attending schools in the neighbouring villages namely Pallapatty, Silkkuvarpatty.

This academic year the first literary association  meeting was conducted on 2nd July 2014. Dr. I. Sebastian M.A, M.B.A, the executive director presided over the programme. Dr. Jebrija Mary M.B.B.S,Doctor in primary health centre in Ammainayakkanur and Mr. Pandiyan the physical education teacher at R.C Higher Secondary school in Silkuvarpatty and the wardens of pudupunal  home were the judges for the competition.

The girls performed group dances, poem reading and group singing from all seven cottages.  All the seven cottage girls danced very well, sang group songs very melodiously, read poems meaningfully. Their performances were very appreciable. The girls exhibited their talents really very well. The judges were very meticulous in awarding marks for each performance.

The results were announced by the executive director. In the dance competition Bent Rasmussen cottage children got first prize. In the poem –reading competition Bro.Thomas cottage  children got first prize. In the singing competition Carl Jogan cottage children got first prize.

The executive director appreciated very much  all the children who participated in different  competitions, and awarded  prizes to the toppers. He also encouraged all the children  to make use of the opportunity and develop their talents. All the home children were given new school bag by the executive director. Finally the vote of thanks was proposed by Miss. Amali,the house mother.  

The children’s home namely Pudupunal established by SJDT is a home for the destitute, parents less or abandoned girl children.  It is located in Genguvarpatti village in Theni District. At present there are 167 girl children living in 14 cottages. We are giving them what they have lost or never had to which we feel every child has a right, namely, an atmosphere of family life in warm and happy surroundings. A foster mother looks after 6 to 7 girl children in each cottage. The cottage mother is attending the children’s basic needs, their physiological requirements (food and drink, sleep, physical contact), their need for security (stability, protection, order, defined limits), and their needs in terms of identification and love (relationships, affection, contacts), respect (strength, abilities, independence, and liberty) and self realisation (self-fulfilment).

During this academic year in 2014 the first literary association meeting was conducted on 9th July 2014. Mrs.Inigo and Suba, teachers from St. Soosaiyappar primary school presided over this literary association programme. Miss Shanmugavalli, staff of PuduIrudhayam, Marthal, Indira, Amali and Dharani staff members from Puduvasanthem were the judges for the competitions. Miss. Joselin and Devi Bala, staff of Pudupunal were there to witness the children’s talents exhibited by literary association. Children from 12 cottages took part in the dance, poem, singing and elocution competitions. Salth team members from Jantie Kluider cottage got first prize for the best dance performance as danced with balloons. Children from Stefan cottage got second prize for the dance performance.  For singing Stefan cottage children got first prize as they sang about the current world situations.  Children from Sathish Samuel cottage got second prize as they sang about the danger of drinking alcohol. Stafen cottage children got first prize for best speech. Tharangambadi cottage children got second prize.  For poem Stefan cottage children got first prize and Anne Theresa cottage  got second prizes.

Puthu Irudhayam ( Enable for life) has been functioning well since 2009. It gives life and hope for the orphan, semi-orphan, abandoned, destitute, neglected and poor girl children. This home is situated in Thiruvidaikazhi in Tranquebar Block in Nagapattinam district, Tamilnadu. At present 83 children are sheltered and taken care in this home. This home is run by St.Joseph’s Development Trust. Rev.Dr.I.Sebastian is the founder and director of this home. Among 83, 38 children are going to St. John school in Tranquebar and 45 children are going to St. Theresa school in Tranqeubar.  6 cottages are there in Pudu Irudhayam and in each cottage 15 children are staying under the care of the warden.

Literary association for the year 2014 was organized grandly on  18th Friday, July 2014 at PuduIrudhayam. Dr. I. Sebastian M.A. M.B.A announced the date of the literary association a week ago. 14 children from 5 cottages encouraged to participate in this literary association.

Literary association programme was started at 6.30 p.m by welcoming the chief guest Rev. Fr. Mariadoss, parish priest of Tranquebar  with traditional drum beating by PuduIrudhayam children. Along with Rev. Fr. Mariadoss, sisters from St. John’s school  and representatives from the local parish were invited for this literary association. Pudupunal coordinator M.Mallika, Puduvasanthem coordinator Indra did the evaluation for dance, poem, elocution and fancy dress competition. Rev. Fr. Mariadoss appreciated all the participants for their better performance. Mallika, coordinator of Pudupunal also announced that all the children are very good and better than the children of Pudupunal. They visited each cottage and evaluated the programme and presented prize to the winners. Hanne cottage got first prize. C.M Mariyal cottage got second prize and the third prize was given to Salath cottage.  S. Deepasankari from Hanne cottage gave a very good speech on the better status of the women in the society. She also gave a special speech on the girl’s education. M.Janifer received first prize in the dance competition.  For writing best poem, R. Bhavithra and Janifer received first prizes.  S. Kalaimani got first prize for  singing. G.Arulmozhi performed well in the fancy dress competition and got first prizes. Rev.Fr. Mariadoss encouraged all the children to develop their own personal skills and talents and to become a talented person in the society. This literary association really helped our children to develop their extra-curricular talents and at the same time increased their confident level. This has resulted in our children’s performances in school level extra-curricular competitions. Our children took part in school annual sports and other competitions conducted this year and many of them  secured prizes.

Yours fraternally in Xt                                                     

Dr. I. Sebastian, M.A, M.B.A, P. hd.,

Executive Director