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St. Joseph’s Development Trust

ANNUAL REPORT -2014 -2015


Submitted By
Rev. Dr. Bro. I. Sebastian FSC
Executive Director
St. Joseph’s Development Trust
Genguvarpatti - Theni District
Tamilnadu- South India


It is no wonder that people who do have hearts of goodness and helping attitude will
thrive and cherish. Of course it is very true with St. Joseph’s Development Trust. Yes SJDT’s
role in the welfare of many downtrodden children is inevitable with the support of you dear
sponsors. The fruit of our service is nothing but witnessing our children being in a progressed
condition and shining high in their lives. The institute intends and succeeds in spreading this
noble and keep doing it for long run. It always envisages the overall growth of every child. The
care and protection given in the orphanages is extremely great. The children could experience a
filial affinity in this institute. As a result of such care the children are motivated and given
adequate training in succeeding life. The children are also trained in such a way to cope up
different sort of situations. Their excellence in education is also given due importance. In this
annual report 2014-2015, it is described different programmes and activities that were followed
in our different homes for the betterment of our children during this academic year. We hope you
would find interesting to read and know the events that had taken place in here.

Pudhu Punal:

1. Introduction:
“Pudhu Punal”, this word’s meaning is “New Water”. Water is very highly
regarded in the Bible and in common world also. It cleanses, purifies and is symbol of
life and energy. The name and this children’s home also are well thought and established
in the year 2007. It has been striving with great rigour and enthusiasm from its very start.
It brings life to the abandoned and deserted girl children. The motive of this children’s
home is to feed, shelter and provide them new future from their past life. In the recent times the institute read the signs and needs of the time that it needs to include boys also. It accepted
that new challenge also and has been taking care of both boys and girls in. It is competently lead by the Institute’s Founder and Executive Director Dr. Bro. I. Sebastian. He is very much supported by
Ms. Joseline, Superintendent of Pudhu Punal children’s home, Ms. Devi Bala, hostel in-charge, wardens and other co-workers. Each of their roles is very much important and vital. They all feel it deeply and work carefully in ensuring bright future for the children who reside here. Important events and happeningsare described below.
There are 147 children are sponsored by Childrenshome in this orphanage

2. Time Table:
It is very hard to find an adult who knows how to manage his/her own time during day. They just waste the precious time they have during their adulthood. It happens so because they are not trained to do so during their childhood. It is also quite needed for any organization or institution to function better. It helps avoid misunderstandings and in smooth management. This time table includes their daily activities from their getting up in the morning till they say good night to their friends. It encompasses all events like, rising up, bathing, getting ready for school, breakfast, return from school, tea and snacks,playing, study, prayer, dinner and sleep.                                                           

This helps each child to become more responsible for their own lives. There are some special time tables for tenth and twelfth standard children as they need to score very good marks to determine their future. The children also follow different time table during their holidays and on Sundays. During
these days the children are given bit extra time to personality development sessions and

2.1. School Day Time Table:
Time Events

05:30 AM Rising
05:30 AM – 05:45 AM Prayer
05:45 AM – 06:45 Am Cleaning the places, watering and taking care of pets.
06:45 AM – 07:15 AM Personal cleaning and bathing
07:15 AM – 07:45 AM Getting ready for school
07:45 AM – 08:15 AM Breakfast
08:15 AM – 09:00 AM Prayer and leaving to school. They go in two batches

04:30 PM – 05:30 PM Children return in two batches
05:30 PM – 06:00 PM Personal cleaning and tiffin
06:00 PM – 08:00 PM Study
08:00 PM – 08:30 PM Prayers
08:30 PM – 09:00 PM Supper
09:00 PM – 09:30 PM Indoor games
09:30 PM – 09:45 PM Prayer and good night
09:45 PM – 10:30 PM II study (VI – X standard students).

2.2. Holidays time table:
Time Events

06:30 AM Rising up
06:30 AM – 06:45 AM Morning Prayer
06:45 AM – 07:30 AM Gardening and watering
07:30 AM – 09:30 AM Special works
09:30 AM – 10:00 AM Personal cleaning
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Breakfast
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Washing clothes
12:00 PM – 01:00 PM Bathing
01:00 PM – 02:00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM – 04:00 PM Rest
04:00 PM – 04:30 PM Folding dress/ Evening work
04:30 PM – 05:30 PM Saturday: Games, Sunday: Getting ready for Mass
05:30 PM – 06:00 PM Saturday: Tiffin, Sunday: Going for Mass
06:00 PM – 08:00 PM Saturday: Study, Sunday: watching Television
08:00 PM – 08:30 PM Evening prayer
08:30 PM – 09:00 PM Supper
09:00 PM – 09:30 PM Indoor games
09:30 PM – 09:45 PM Night prayer and good night.

3. Number of students and class vise details:
One hundred and eighty two children resided in this children’s home during this academic year. These children were sent to three different educational institutions and they are St. Joseph’s Primary school, Holy Cross Girls’ Higher Secondary School and Government Balwadi.

The first two institutions are located in Batlagundu while the last is situated at Sreeram Nagar. The children are taken in vans and autos in different trips to school and Balwadi. This gives them conducive atmosphere to learn without worries. If they happen to use public transport they might be really disturbed due to crowd in the busses. Thus the children are very much pleased to have such facility which enables them to learn better. The table below explains the children’s details according to their class.

S.No. School’s Name Boys Girls Total
1 St. Joseph’s Primary School, Batlagundu 43-54 -97
2 Holy Cross Girls’ Hr. Sec. School, Batlagundu- 73 73
3 Government Balwadi, Sreeram Nagar 1 -11 -12
4 Total 44- 138 -182

4. Panchayat Meeting:
The motive of this meeting is to train the students themselves to lead a group or meeting. This happens every Friday from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM. During this meeting each cottage is set apart in place. The children will share their merits and demerits they had experienced during that week. The cottage leader herself advises and finds a solution for the problems. Of course the leaders get the help of the wardens at times when it is necessary to solve the problems. This gives a chance to the
children to learn from the experience. In this meeting the children discuss about the cleanliness of the cottage and surrounding, children’s performance in academics, their personal welfare and other issues
related to the common good. They appreciate and encourage children who perform well in these aspects. They also never fail to stern the children who need improvement to shine in their lives.

It is very vivid in the schools. There is a lot of difference from other children leading a group and how our children lead a group. The appreciation they receive at school for their leadership enthuses them to learn it well.

5. Cottage meeting:
This meeting takes place every week on Tuesday. This is held from 07:00 PM to 08:00PM. This takes place in their respective cottages. The leader of the cottage leads the meet and supervised by the concerned wardens. The leader checks each child’s box, school bag and other belongings. They check whether the child keeps her things safe and neat. The leader also never fails to appreciate the children
who are keeping things in good condition. Some children have the habit of stealing. Those children are found and corrected for their better future. They are reprimanded and taken necessary steps to mould them. This helps naturally as we see great improvement in children’s behavior and characters. Since such corrections are made in very early stage it is easy to shape them towards great future. During this meet the leader cleanliness of the cottage aswell.

6. School Visit:
This visit takes place twice in a month. This helps the wardens to know about their children’s performance in education, behavior in the school, mark list and their relationship with other students in the school. Based on the feedback given by the teachers the wardens advise and correct them once the children return from the school.This practice helps the warden to check and monitor the children periodically in their growth. The children also would consciously behave to keep good reputation of the
institute’s name is the school as well. This practice brings in them great discipline. Everyone has great and good opinion about this practice and it will be ever continued in the coming years because we all strive and look forward for the growth of the children.We would also introduce many more such practices in order to shape the children in right direction.

7. Medical Camp:
During the academic year 2014 – 2015 medical camp was conducted three times. They were held on 20.09.2014, 28.02.2015 and 07.03.2015. There were about 183 children were examined and prescribed medication for these children. The team thatchecked the health of the children was consisted of Doctor, Nurse and Health Inspector.

Every child was checked personally and explained about their health condition. If any health problem is mentioned in child’s health card thosechildren are cared very well and provided the medication they were in need off. Dr. Jeprisa Mary and Dr. Priya give us the consultation with regard to the children’s health and condition. We treat the children based on their guidelines and advice. So far the children
have not faced any major sickness as they are examined often and treated at the earliest.

8. Literary Association:
This event takes place twice in a year. The competitions are conducted according to the cottages in which the children live in. the students participated in poem writing, singing, social awareness programs, drama, dance and many other programs. All these help the children to learn an extra talent
which will be of great help to the children in the future. The other motive of this function is to cultivate a mind in the students that they will be able to face the challenges and stage fear. This also helps the students to strike a balance both in victory and failure. They begin to learn from failure and move towards success every day. Lecture on these previous values might not bring the result we desire but these functions really teach them to the lesson we urge the children to learn.

9. Sports Events:
This sports competition is held two times in a year. During this the children exhibit their talents and
potentials in their sports. Special guests are invited for this function. The children who win the competitions will be given prizes, medals and those children will have a photo with chief guests and our Bro. I. Sebastian, The Executive Director. This particular event helps the emerging children also
to perform well and be sportive in their lives in the coming years. All the children usually look forward to this day as it paves an opportunity to prove their caliber. Moreover these children will also look very hopeful to excel in schools after obtaining some prizes in our place. Every event that is held in here leads to string of results for them in the society.

10. Festivals:
There is always increment in enjoyment and celebration joy on festival days. There are few festivals every year children don’t miss to celebrate. It makes them feel no more abandoned and deserted. They feel that they celebrated with their brothers and sisters in their own home. Our home
children joined Pudhu Irudhayam children in celebrating Deepavali festival. It is joy doubled for the children from Pudhu Punal and Pudhu Irudhayam as well. They fired crackers and celebrated it joyfully.

11. Students in School:
We are really glad to inform you all that our students are often appointed to be leaders in the class rooms and groups. This happens because our students are excelling in managing children and maintaining good discipline. They are able to excel in that quality as they are given adequate training and programs in the homes primarily. They are given ample opportunities to develop such ability and quality in the orphanage itself. They are very proud to be leaders and be examples for many in the school.

12. Wardens’ Advice meeting:
This meeting takes place every Sunday before the children go to their bed at night. During meeting the wardens take turns to every week to tell the students some good and disciplinary advices for their better life through stories and parables. The chief warden makes note of the mistakes of the students and fraternally correct them in this meet. Thus helps the students to realize their mistakes and take resolution not to repeat such mistakes in the future. The wardens feel this practice to be very useful for the students. The wardens also have an important role of preparing themselves in order to explain the students through anecdotes and stories. They take time and effort to prepare and present
themselves well in front of the students.

13. Class vise students list:
Standard -Boys- Girls -Total
I -11 -11 -22
II -12 -8 -20
III -4 -9 -13
IV -7 -11 -18
V -9 -16 -25
VI - 24 -24
VII - 12 -12
VIII - 13- 13
IX - 9- 9
X - 10 -10
XI - 2- 2
Balwadi -1 -13 -14
Total -44 -138 -182

14. Dance Practice:
The institute is ever keen in training and keeping the children equipped all in every possible spheres. So there was necessary step taken to arrange a teacher to train the children in dancing. The children would learn a dance per month and it totals 12 dances per year. That is our target. It includes Thappaatam, Bharatham, Karagam, puppet dance, shadow dance, Manipuri, Rasathani, fake leg dances, Oyilattam and many more types of dances are taught to the children. They are also given orientation and practices to different musical instruments as well. These chances enhance them to be competitive in the cultural activities conducted in their respective schools. They win lot of prizes also.

15. Shining Stars of our Home:
15.1. Primary Class:
There was dance competition regarding catechism and quiz from the Bible also on 05.02.2015 in St. Joseph’s Primary school, Silukuvarpatti for the students of catechism. Our child R. Pathmapriya secured the first prize in dance competition and K. Gangapriya obtained second prize in quiz competition.

15.2. Middle and High School:
Among the higher class students 9th class student G. Mathavi had won II prize in triple long jump and first place in hurdles in district level competitions. Along with her G. Revathi of the same class got third prize in hurdles. LIC conducted a singing competition among school students of Batlagundu town
and many students from different schools participated in it. Our child R. Kaleeshwari own third prize in the competition in the category of VI to VIII standard students.

16. Picnic:
It is wonderful and joy giving to deviate from the routine work and schedule for a while to rejuvenate the spirit. It would bring enthusiasm in our work and every activity. The necessity of such programme was aptly felt by our Brother arranged picnics now and then. The children were taken to different tourist places such as Tranquebar, Velankanni, Madurai, Kanniyakumari, Tuticorin, Dindigul, Chennai and Vadipatti. The children were also given some money to purchase things for themselves. The children were taken to exhibitions and amusement parks. There the students enjoyed very much. the children had gone for movie twice as group in this year to theater. They were accompanied by
brother himself and along with other wardens.

17. Flag hoisting:
There were two important days on which our national flag was hoisted and honored. They are Independence Day and Republic Day. On the Independence Day (15.08.2014) the chief guest was
Mrs. C. Priya, medical officer of primary health center. She accepted our invitation and made the programme a meaningful one. She hoisted the flag and delivered a beautiful speech on patriotism
and importance of youngsters and children and make India proud among other countries. On 26.01.2015 Mr. U.Vadivelan, the administration manager of our institute was the special guest. He raised the flag in honour of the day and presented a beautiful and touching speech.

18. Government Official’s Visit:
There were different visits from the government side for check up and verification.
They all found our system to be perfect and pleased very much. The visits are explained below.

1. On 27.06.14 The Head of CWC Mr. Selvaraj and member Henry Richard visited our home.
2. On behalf of Tamilnadu Fire Service Department the district officer from Theni visited our hostel’s
facilities and precautionary measurements on 26.09.14.
3. Mr. Ravichandren, the health inspector visited our place on 10.10.14 on behalf of sanitary department.
4. Mr. Ravichandren again visited our place on 21.11.14 and 05.12.14 to distribute tablets and medicines to the students who were affected with chickenpox.
5. Mr. Sivakumar and Mr. Ranjith visited our hostel on 26.11.14 form DCPO department.
6. Mr. Ravichandran, the health inspector visited along with two other staff our hostel on 14.02.14 to study whether there are any possibilities of dengue mosquito breeding.
7. There was an awareness programmed conducted in our place on 07.03.15 regarding dengue fever and swine flu. The officials instructed the student to be clean and the importance of keeping the hands neat before eating. The special guests were Primary health officer, health inspector, NMS, VHN and municipalityofficer.

19. Hostel Welfare Meeting:
Usually this meeting takes place thrice in a year in each home. During this academic year this meeting was held thrice on 28.07.14, 05.12.14 and 12.05.15 in Pudhu Punal hostel. CWC members, DCPO officers, JJB members, Doctors, Headmasters and Headmistresses, wardens, counselor, assistant wardens and two students participate in this particular meeting. At the very outset they propose the agenda they want to discuss. Then they discuss about them elaborately and arrive at certain conclusions in the end. This type of programme proves how transparent the
institute is and includes everyone in its development. The officials also feel one with us as their role in our development is essential and they are respected.

20. District Child Protection Unit:
District child protection officers visit our home in the beginning of the academic year to verify the list of new comers to our hostel. Then they upload the details in the internet. They also get ready the list of student who left the institute during previous academic year. This particular list is submitted to Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and then their names are deleted from the internet. Among the students’ details information such as caste, religion, address, person who brings the child to hostel, father and mother details (whether they are alive or dead) and guardian’s detail along with their proper
certificates. All these certificates are to be submitted to CWC and then get the approval of
the same.

21. Visit of People from other Nations:
1. A group of people from Australia, Sydney visited our place on 28.09.14.
2. We had a wonderful visit by Mr. Wagn (ICWS) on 30.10.14.
3. Jan and Lia as usual visited our place during Christmas celebration held in our
place and they were with us from 21.12.14 to 02.01.15. They are from Stichting Childrenshome
4. Mr. Baptiste once again visited us with a group of sponsor parents and volunteers from France on 13.02.15 for opening ceremony of a building.

22. Conclusion:
All these words would give you the glimpse of how our children are being cultivated and nurtured in our home. This institute always aims at the overall development of a child. The love and care of the wardens and all the other are so profound that nothing bad could happen to these children beyond their love. The childrengrow and progress towards being better and skilled children eventually being proper human. The atmosphere in here is so perfect that the students learn to lead and obey study
and excel. The people who are in here pave way to the students that are conducive to live and love. The whole picture of this hostel confirms us all that a great and bright future is assured for all the kids who leave out of this after completing their studies.

Pudhu Vasantham

1. Introduction:
The word Pudhu Vasantham means “New Spring”. Yes indeed this word fits perfectly to this
hostel as it brings the season of spring in many children’s lives. This was originated in the year
2000 with motivated spirit of Bro. I. Sebastian. Its enthusiasm was never diminished and still functions with the same vigor and spirit. The aim and objective of this home is to provide education, protection, food and ensuring new life to the abandoned girl children of our society. This institute helps the children learn capacities and talents and helps them a good position in the society. The founder himself remains the chief and guide for this home even now as he is the competent person to lead the children ably. Ms. Joseline serves as superintendent and Ms. Devi Bala functions as the in charge of this home. Along with these people there areother staffs such wardens, cooks, watch men and other workers who all enable this home function well and keep growing and glowing among the public of locality. The children are placed in seven different cottages. All their needs and well being is well taken care of
thus they are very much happy and joyful in this hostel.
There are 52 children sponsored by Stichting Childrenshome in this home.

2. Time Table:
Many of the youngsters in our society don’t feel the importance of managing one’s time. They spend time lavishly on unnecessary activities as if they have a lot it. They, of course, feel bit late that they had missed it. We don’t want our children also regret in the same way. Thus we train them to manage their own time and so we have time tabledrawn. The children are very happy about it. The time table is given below.

2.1. School Day Time Table:
Time Events
05:30 AM Rising
05:30 AM – 05:45 AM Prayer
05:45 AM – 06:20 Am Cleaning the places, watering and taking care of pets.
06:20 AM – 06:40 AM Personal cleaning
06:40 AM – 07:10 AM Common work
07:10 AM – 07:30 AM Getting Ready for school
07:30 AM – 08:00 AM Breakfast and cleaning the place where the children
had their meal.
08:00 AM – 08:30 AM Prayer and leaving to school

04:30 PM – 05:30 PM Games/sports
05:30 PM – 06:00 PM Personal cleaning and tiffin
06:00 PM – 08:00 PM Study
08:00 PM – 08:30 PM Prayers
08:30 PM – 09:00 PM Supper
09:00 PM – 09:30 PM Indoor games
09:30 PM – 09:45 PM Prayer and good night

3. Children’s List Grade vise:
Class-Total number of students- School’s Name
I -2 R.C. Primary School, Kullalakundu
II- 4
III -5
IV -7
V- 7
VI -19- St. Joseph’s Middle School, Silukuvarpatti
VII- 18
VIII -19
IX- 8

R. C. Higher Secondary School, Silukuvarpatti
X -14
X-II- 9
Total 112

4. School Visit:
The children from Pudhu Vasantham learn their education in three different schools in neighbouring villages. Every activity that takes place in this home is always aimed at development and welfare of the children. The wardens visit the schools once in a month to know and check the children’s performance in education. 

This idea would help the wardens to take special care and focus to the children who are in education. The wardens also consult respective class teachers and headmasters and headmistress. They
give detail idea of each child with regard to their academic performance, discipline, inter personal relationship, talents and many other aspects. This also helps the wardens to identify the hidden talents of each child and motivate them in a particular track to excel in the same. This practice is deemed very important by the wardens themselves and they keep doing it with dedication and commitment.

5. Celebrating Patriotism:
There are two occasions very especially in a year to remember the great heroes of our nation and express our patriotism. Those two days are our country’s Independence Day and Republic Day.
We celebrated our nation’s 67th Independence Day on 15.08.2014. This function was held in the
campus of Pudhu Udhayam along the students and inmates of the hostel. The function was started at 09:30 AM. Bro. Sebastian was the chief guest and many other joined the programme. The participants were 112 children Pudhu Vasantham hostel, 47 children from Pudhu Udhayam hostel, staff and well wishers. The flag was hoisted by the chief guest and delivered beautiful message that touched everyone’s heart who were present there. In the end the leaders of each cottage took pledge on that auspicious occasion. Both hostels gave a feast to the eyes through their dances and cultural activities. The celebration came to an end by distributing sweets to the all the children and staff.

The 64th Republic Day celebration was held on 26.01.2015 at Pudhu Udhayam splendidly. Ms. Marthal, from Pudhu Vasantham hostel, wasinvited to be the special guest to hoist the flag and deliver the
speech on highlighting Republic Day and enlightening the children. She focused her talk on avoiding vice and being good. We could even cross an ocean with getting wet in ocean’s water but it is not possible to live the life without experiencing hardship and tears. She also stressed that everyone needs to be consistent in his/her work in order to reach the desired result. She did justice to her invitation and it was good celebration. There were 108 children from Pudhu Vasantham and 47 children from Pudhu Udhayam took part in this function. The cottage leaders took pledge that they will imbibe all these advice in their life.

6. Literary Association Function:
This function was commemorated on 17.07.14 and it was a grand success. Dr. Jebaraja was the chief guest for the programme. There were other staffs also who were present on that day in our place their names are Malliga, Saleth, Jenifer, Shanmugavalli and Mariyal. Dance, singing, elocution, poem and fashion dress were the cultural events performed by different cottage children of our home. The
students eagerly participated in the programme and the winners were honoured with prizes and gifts. The gifts were given away by Bro. Sebastian.

7. Medical Camp:
There were two medical camps conducted in our hostel. They were taken place on 18.09.2014 and
16.03.2015. There is a great in saying in Tamil language and that says, “the greatest assert of a person is a life without any sickness or disease. So the importance of good health of children is aptly understood by the authorities of our home and conducted medical camps periodically. During this camp, efficient doctors from outside are invited to check our children thoroughly. They diagnose the different sickness the children are suffering from. They also prescribe the right medicines for development of the child. The wardens are advised to give adequate care to these needy children. The wardens also do and execute the instructions of the doctors carefully.

8. Visit of Different Agencies:
During this academic year we had visits from three different agencies. They are
ICWS, Enfants and Stichting Childrenshome.

1. ICWS: There was a visit from this agency on 01.11.14 by Mr. Wagn Winkel. Our children welcomed him whole heartedly with drums and dance. The guest and the hosts were really pleased. Then the visitor was taken for an exhibition of the handicraft things that were made by our children. In the evening there was a grand cultural programme given by Pudhu Vasantham and Pudhu Udhayam children.

2. Enfants: Mr. Baptiste from France visited our home on 10.08.14 representing Enfants agency. The children of our home welcomed the guest warmly with “Paraiyaattam”. During his visit he checked different records we maintain for the welfare and details of the children. In the evening there was a beautiful cultural programme performed by Pudhu Vasantham and Pudhu Udhayam children.

3. Stichting Childrenshome: We also had wonderful visitors Jan and Lia from Childrenshome agency. They stayed with us for two days on 16.12.14 and 17.12.14. They also checked as many records as possible. They found them all to be very much helpful for the well being of the children. They spent two beautiful and memorable two days with us. The children were all pleased to have them in here.

9. Panchayat Meeting:
This programmed takes place on every Friday from 06:00 PM – 07:30 PM. This programme is one of
basic programmes the orphanage has to evaluate and rectify the mistakes of children. The children are given chances to fraternally correct or point out the mistakes of others. Many times students don’t realize that what they do are mistake and hurt others. In this forum the captains of the cottages themselves arrive at certain solution. This also provides ample chances the other person to explain her opinion and views. After mutual discussions only the leaders arrive at any conclusion.

10. Group Meeting:
On every Tuesday this meeting and checking takes place. The cottage leader is the chief person who executes this meeting. Of course the wardens do assist and monitor them.The leaders themselves take the children of their respective cottages. They check whether every child keeps her belongs, box and clothes neat tidy. They verify whether they have lost any of their things and have anything extra. If there is something extra which doesn’t to a particular child she is interrogated and identified the
process of its arrival to her box or place. This practice helps every student to be true and honest. They also don’t develop the tendency to covert others’ belongings. The leadersalso get matured in tackling a problem and facing a difficult situation in life.

11. Shining Stars of our homes:
11.1. Primary Class:
Our children from Pudhu Vasantham home participated in a group dance competition regarding the Bible theme and the contest was held in R.C. Higher Secondary school, Silukuvarpatti on 05.02.2015. They won third prize in the competition and their names are as follows:
1. P. Kaviya
2. R. Kanagavalli
3. J. Jerina Asin
4. M. Mukitha
5. M. Varshini

11.2. Middle School:
On 05.02.2015 there was a catechism competitions conducted and twelve schools participated in it. It was held in R.C. Higher Secondary School, Silukuvarpatti. Our students from Middle School participated in a group dance and delighted the spectators. They won prize in the contest and the children were really enthused. The participants’names are:

1. R. Abirami
2. N.Poosai Mani
3. A. Pandeeswari
4. K. Hemalatha
5. K. Vinitha
6. O. Kurinjimalar
7. S. Gomathai
8. A. Reka

K. Hemalatha obtained first place in Moral exam competitions and she was a prize and certificate for
her performance in it. Along with these successes our child K. Vinitha got first place in singing competitions. What a moment that was for our children.

11.3. High School:
In the same programme our children N. Nagajothi and C. Devi delivered a beautiful dance and they are adjudged to be winner in high school category. They once again held their heads high and continued their reputation. We have many more shining stars in this home as they excelled in their academics and sports also. We are glad to bring them to your notice. They names and excellence are
described below. It is an added honour to our children as they received these prizes on the centenary Annual Day celebration of the school.

1. O. Kurinji Malar – I prize academics in VI standard in her class
2. M. Narmatha – I prize for academics in VI standard in her class
3. K. Hemalatha – I prize for academics in VII standard in her class
4. Krishnaveni – I prize for moral exam in VII standard
5. Princy Reena – II prize for academics in VI standard in her class
6. A. Pawlin Nisha – I prize for 100 meter running race
7. A. Jenifer Theresa – I prize in Tri-legged race.
8. Chinnamani – I prize in 200 meter running race

12. Conclusion:
Every child who lives in this institute is as precious as eyes of a person because eyes are light to the body. These children are the light and energy to our orphanage and we would never get our light diminished. All of us create an atmosphere that is suitable for the children to grow and cherish in health, talents, discipline. Our aim is always a holistic growth. We are sure that we provide the same and all the explanation provided would prove you the same. We keep striving for betterment everyday and make this placeand children better day by day.

Pudu Udayam

1. Introduction:

‘We are pleased to be God’s children
What all we need is care and concern
We may be mentally retarded
Yet we are God’s creation and his children’.

This is the thought provoking voice of mentally retarded children at Pudu Udayam. Pudu Udayam is home and school for mentally retarded children. Our prime aim is to make other people to treat these children with respect and recognition at the same time to make these children to stand on their own legs. What was started as a small concern with 25 children now has grown up to with 43 children belonging to different districts of Tamil Nadu. Every year we care nearly 60 children for their betterment. This is the 12th year of our concern. It was not a journey of roses but we had to bear with all the thorns of difficulties over the years in caring these under privileged and mentally retarded children. People who have experience with such children would know how hard it is. Unless one loves doing it is really difficult. What we all aimed at is to give them the childhood blessings that they lacked. Of course we are proud to say that have succeeded in that over 12 years of our journey. The credit of running this challenging and heart breaking journey goes to our Execute Director and the good souls who have anchored him to continue his Marathon journey for the betterment of mentally retarded children. Total number of children benefited from this Home and School programme during this
reporting year is 44. Among them 25 are boys 19 are girls. Having well equipped class rooms, the school is proud of training these mentally retarded children with well focused education. In order to give you the full view of activities for the year 2014-15 we present this Annual Report.
There are 11 Children sponsored by Stichting Childrenshome in this home

2. Aim and Objectives:
The aim and objective of this orphanage is to make the mentally retarded children as eligible persons to live in this society with equal respect and dignity. We are all here to impart them to these children. It strives hard to provide them all the means and help, so as to make them mentally and physically matured and capable.

3. The growth of School:
As we stated earlier what was started as a small school with 25 children in 2003
now is grown a big tree sheltering 44 mentally retarded children. There are 3 special teachers along with a Physiotherapist, a Nurse, two Wardens and one Aaya. All the credit goes to our Administrator who is known for new brain waves, runs the home successfully with help of good hearted souls and well wishers for the betterment of mentally retarded children for their glorified and meaningful future. There are 25 boys and 19 Girls in this school. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls.

4. Review Meeting:
Review meeting is conducted once a month for the staff by Director Rev. Dr. I. Sebastian, M.A., M.B.A., and after the discussion and sharing, plan for the next month is prepared as per the yearly plan. Every month review meetings has helped the staff to understand the need of the students at close quarters. On reaching every need of these children, programmes are planned in such way to meet out the needs of these students successfully. This review meeting is held once a month under the presence of our executive director for the successful running of the school.

5. Administration
It is one of the wings of SJDT and situated at Genguvarpatti. The founder and director Rev. Dr. I. Sebastin, M.B.A., M.A., is the Administrator who toils day and night for the development of children who are differently abled in every sense. The successful running of this home is possible and feasible only by Dr. I. Sebastian.

6. Admission:
Children returned to school in the month of June 2014 after their summer holidays and admission was ended by June 2015. Children between the ages of 5 to 14 are enrolled in this school. During this reporting period 44 children were admitted and they are being sheltered in our hostel till now.

7. Class Division:
Basing on children’s mental and physical capacity, they are divided into four categories. They are as follows:
1. Pre Primary
2. Primary
3. Secondary
4. Vocational Category.

Children with mild mentally retarded symptoms are categorized in the vocational category and they are taught and trained to make Phenyoil, candle and many other handicraft works. There are 9 children in this category and they are above 15 year age. Besides this, they are also taught other regular syllabus. Children with moderate mentally retarded symptoms are trained to write drawing,
count, learn timings, days of the week, month, identify coin and rupees etc. They are trained to sing and dance. Yoga classes proved positive out come. There are totally 15 children in this category. Children with severe symptoms are taught and trained in the basics of daily living like brushing their teeth, combing hair, wearing dress etc. There are totally 20 children in this category. Once the children are enrolled in our school, severity of the disease is identified and they are separated into different categories and goals are framed for each child. This division helps the teachers in showing special attention towards each child dependingupon his/her needs.

8. Staff Details:
Ms. Joselin is the over all in charge of this home and school. There are t 9 staffs totally toiling for the betterment of these children. Each staff has his/her own yearly action plan to be achieved within a year. This yearly action plan is divided into monthly plan. Each month, the executed activities are recorded and discussed in the staff meeting which is conducted on every Monday in the presence of
Head Master. All the credit goes to our staffs who execute the action plan according to
the goal set for the month.

9. Regular Activities of Children:
Different time table is followed in the school and home. The time table which is followed in the school has been prepared to give ample opportunities to develop the children both physically and mentally. The children are motivated to follow the time table very strictly. Here below we give you the details of the regular activities that arecarried out in the school and home.

10. Time Table at Home
S.No. From To Activities
1. 6:00 A.M. 6.15 A.M. Getting up
2. 6:15 A.M. 6.30 A.M. Morning Prayer
3. 6:30 A.M 7:30 A.M. Cleaning the surroundings.
4. 7:30 A.M. 8:30 A.M. Self clean and bathing
5. 8:30 A.M. 9:00 A.M Breakfast
6. 4:15 P.M 5:00 P.M Games
7. 5:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. Garden work
8. 6:00 P.M. 8:00 P.M Teaching & Singing classes
9. 8:00 P.M. 8:30 P.M. Dinner
10. 8:30 P.M. 8:45 P.M. Prayer
11. 9:00 P.M. Go to Bed

11. Time Table of School
S.No. From To Activities
1. 9:30 A.M. 9.45 Assembly and Flag hoisting
2. 9:45 A.M. 9.50 Institutional Pledge and Prayer
3. 9:50 A.M 10:45 A.M. First Session
4. 10:45 A.M. 11:00 A.M. Break
5. 11:00 A.M. 12:00 A.M Second Session
6. 12:00 P.M 12:30 P.M Yoga class
7. 12:30 P.M. 1:30 P.M. Lunch
8. 1:30 P.M. 2:00 P.M ADLS practice
9. 2:00 P.M. 2:30 P.M. Singing Class
10. 2:30 P.M. 3:00 P.M. Painting Class
11. 3:00 P.M. 4:00 P.M. Games
12. 4:00 P.M. 4.05 PM Closing Prayer

12. Parents’ participation:
Every 4th Saturday parents’ meeting is held. In this meeting, children’s food, hygiene, studies, vocational training, medical and physiotherapy are discussed and remedies are made if needed. The parents are quite happy at the growth of their beloved children because parents do know how hard it is to train and mould these children. So parents do play supportive role in every possible way.

13. Children’s Lesson
1. Special education training
2. Dance
3. drawing and painting
4. Yoga training
5. Physical training
6. Conduct training
7. Games
The above said features are properly executed with special attention.

14. Medical Camp:
There is a nurse permanently appointed to treat minor illness and to prevent severe diseases. Twice a
month special treatment is given to the students by a professional doctor. Medical Camps are being
arranged and diseases are properly dealt with concerned nurses and doctors at Batlagundu.
Those children who get fits often are taken to Government Hospital at Batlagundu on every Friday and
proper treatment is given. Our children generally have good health and cherish good food. Hence they are fit and healthy. The children who are severely affected are givenspecial attention and treated well in the hospital.

15. Excursion/Tour
Every year all the students are taken to any one of the tourist locations in Tamilnadu. This year we visited Vaigai Dam, Kumbakarai falls and Sothuparrai Dam. All the children enjoyed and cherished the tour with all other children.

16. Important festivals:
Mr. N.Selvaraj, B.Sc., B.L., of Vadipatti hoisted the flag on independence Day and distributed
sweets to the children.
The Headmaster hoisted the flag on
Repablic Day and distributed sweets to the children.
On World Disabled Day, our children participated in the Sports Meet and won many a prizes at Dindigul.
Christmas and New Year celebration were held and celebrated to the core.New dresses were given to the children.

17. Officers Visit:
District disabled development officer, DCPO, Tashildar, RI, Health Inspector, Fire Department, VAO and CWC members visited our school and expressed satisfaction over our work during this academic year. All their certificates are the proof of our work and our and care for the children.

18. World Handicapped or Disability Day:
In honour of World Handicapped Day there were programmes like sports and cultural events conducted in Dindigul for all the special school in Dindigul district. Our children from Pudhu Udhayam School also participated in it. All the students who won prizes were congratulated and given prizes by the District Collector. Our children brought  many prizes, name and pride to our institution through their competitive spirit and confidence. The details regarding the successful children are given below.

18.1. 100 meter running race:
Ranjith Kumar and S. Karthik won first and second prize respectively in the 100 meter running race for boys. M. Aruna Jothi obtained second place in 100 meter running for

18.2. 50 meter running race:
In the 50 meter running race for girls K. Christina Bousina got second prize and G. Kumaravel and K.
Thirumalai won first and second prize for boysrespectively.

18.3. Long jump:
I. Ranjith Kumar gained first prize in Long Jump event for boys and M. Aruna Jothi got second prize in the same event for girls.

18.4. Ball Throwing and Short Put:
I. Subramani was the winner in ball throwing competition and B. Mangalraj obtained second place in
short put. 

In the evening our children performed beautiful dances and brought bliss to the witnessed eyes. Later,
our school teacher Mrs. A. Angel Mary was announced as the best teacher and District Collector gave away the certificate. It was really a wonderful and happiness filled occasion as she brought name and fame for our school.

19. Evaluation:
Evaluation plays a vital role in the growth of the children. Once in 3 months our children are evaluated based upon their performance. Evaluation is done on a particular child whether the child is picking up the training and progressing as per the yearly plan. During this reporting period two times evaluations were conducted. On 18.09.2014 as per the MDPS rules, Batlagundu SSA staff R. Nagarani evaluated the students’ progress. On 10.01.2015 special educational college teacher Mr. Sangar came for the evaluation. At the end of the evaluation they have suggested new goals and plan for each child based
upon the progress made by them. From these two evaluations, it is confirmed that children are really benefited a lot and the supervisors appreciated the hard work of the Staff.

20. Literary Association:
We had this event taken place on 15.08.2014. This programme was honoured by Mr. Selvaraj B.Sc., B.L. who is the President of Advocates Union of Madurai District.The children gave feast to those who present for this function. Their dance, singing and drama performances were amazing. The chief guest himself wonders whether children of this sort could perform like these children. The management was indeed delighted to hear such comments from the viewers.

21. Annual Day:
We have been celebrating our Annual Day every year without fail. During this academic year this event was held on 27.03.2015. This 12th Annual Day function took place in the presence of Handicapped Welfare Officer. It was a grand success. This programme was so successful precisely because of the support and coordination of boththe children and staff. Each of them played their role so perfect that the programme was flawless. 

22. Panchayat Meeting:
We have this practice on every Friday from 07:00 PM t0 08:30 PM. The children are assembled according to their cottage and they share about their appreciation and needs and wants. This meeting is conducted the students themselves. They prove to the world that they can also manage themselves without the support of others for certain extent. They arrive at conclusion and solution for the problems. They also learn to lead group to their level best.

23. Group Meeting:
This meeting is conducted on every Thursday from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM. The students play important in this programme. The students themselves check and clean their cottages. They verify whether they have their belongings right and neat or have any extra that belongs to others. If someone is found to have the habit of stealing they are corrected gently and they are regularly watched. This event also does the work of appreciating the children who keep their place and boxes neat and tidy.

24. Remembering the good souls:
The staffs of Pudhu Udhayam owe our gratitude to Dr. I. Sebastian who successfully runs the school. Pudu Udayam has been his brain child and his involvement in executing the plans shows how much he toils to give life to mentally retarded children. We do thank all the good souls who support Dr. I. Sebastian in execution of this work. We would like to thank all the donors who have anchored our programme with human touch. We do thank all the government officers especially the Director of Development activity for Mentally Retarded Children who has been our back bone in executing our
plans successfully. We do thank God for being with us and guiding us in our mission of changing the
lives of Mentally Retarded Children with new hope.

25. Conclusion:
Nothing is hard when our hearts are enthused by love for others. So the staffs and everyone here is filled with great love for their duty and for one another. Thus we experience only joy and happiness amidst hardships. The objectives and aims of this institute is duly carried out in making the children experience love, care, protection, shelter and experience dignity and human rights in the society. The children are motivated to feel they are no less any other people in the world. The word “differently
abled” fits exactly to these children. The children are made to acknowledge and understand their self worth. In a nutshell this place gives them to feel that they are God’s creation and they are precious in his sight.