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ANNUAL REPORT -2014 -2015

Pudhu Irudhayam

1. Introduction:
Pudhu Irudhyam (New Heart) orphanage was commenced functioning in the year 2009. It still continues with the same vigor and spirit. The main purpose of opening this home was to provide shelter, food, education and protection to those children who are deserted by the society
and parents. This hostel gives all these children new hope and new life eventually. The aim of this home was never deviated and keeps focusing on its aim of inception. This works under St. Joseph’s Development Trust. This home is competently guided by Bro. I. Sebastian. He is duly supported by Superintendent Ms. Joseline, other wardens and all the other staffs. This orphanage has six cottages and each cottage accommodates 12 children. So there are 68 children are living in this orphanage. All their needs are met and cared. They are given green and clean environment for their betterment. They live happily and with great health. There are 61 Children sponsored by Stichting Childrenshome in this Home

2. Time Table:
It is very important to train the children to manage their time properly. We do know how precious time is. Its significance can be understood through this famous proverb from English “Time is gold”. Thus the children are trained to calculate and spend adequate time for necessary activities. This enables the children to improving themselves to manage their own time. They become responsible for their own well being. As the children grow they do understand the necessity to adopt themselves to a time table. They also feel it to be good. This daily time table also encompasses the children’s welfare activities such as Panchayat meeting, group meeting, exercise, indoor and outdoor games and etc. Their daily time table is given below. Apart from this they do have special and holidays time table which is very flexible based on the needs and programmes of the day.

Time Activities
05:30 AM Getting up
05:30 AM – 05:45 AM Personal cleaning and prayer
05:45 AM – 06:15 AM Cottage cleaning and common cleaning
06:15 AM – 07:00 AM Watering the plants
07:00 AM – 07:30 AM Bathing
07:30 AM – 08:00 AM Preparing to go to school
08:30 AM – 08:30 AM Breakfast
08:30 AM Leaving to school
08:30 AM – 05:45 PM School hours
05:45 Pm – 06:00 PM Changing dress
06:00 PM – 06:30 PM Games
06:30 PM – 07:00 PM Tiffin and bathing
07:00 PM – 08:00 PM Study
08:00 PM – 08:20 PM Prayer
08:20 PM – 09:00 PM Dinner
09:00 PM – 09:30 PM Indoor games
09:30 PM Good night

3. Panchayat Meeting:
This is regular event in a week. This programme takes place every Friday from 07:00 Pm to 08:30 PM. All the students assemble in a place. The leader of each cottage and secretary of the people come in front of all thechildren. Those leaders and secretary sit in front of them and lead this meeting. Every student is given a chance to speak her own feelings of good and bad experienced with others are expressed during this meeting. The children who do their work and duties well are appreciated in front of them all. This recognition is so great and important and everyone long to get that name. The children who commit mistakes are fraternally corrected by the leaders themselves. In case if they are not able to arrive at clear and distinct solution they take the issue to the wardens. The wardens help the children in solving the problems. During this meet both issues of school and hostel are dealt. During this academic year there were 28 meetings were conducted.

4. Group Meeting:
This meeting is held on every Wednesday from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM. During this meeting wardens visit each cottage along with the cottage leaders to ensure the cleanliness of each cottage. This also provides an opportunity to the wardens to visit how neat each child’s belongings, dress, note books and etc are. The children who failed to keep them safe and neat are warned and advised to maintain them well. Since this happens every week the children are very cautious to keep them clean and tidy. In addition this also helps the students to maintain good health as well. There were 35 meetings of such type had taken place from June 2014 to April 2015. This practice is duly recorded, photographed and maintained properly every documents related to that.

5. Medical Camp:
When there was preparation for the academic year, we planned to conduct two medical camps in our hostel during this year in the annual plan. We stuck to the plan very carefully and conducted two medical camps dated 28.06.2014 and 15.11.2014. These camps were conducted by Vinayaka Mission Medical College, Karaikal. Mrs. Saral and her team conducted the camp beautifully. They measured the height and weight for every child. Those details are recorded in their respective medical cards. Some children are given calcium and vitamin tablets. The same team conducted the second medical camp as well. Their service and work was really satisfying. They check the health condition of every child thoroughly. Their prescription and guidelines work perfectly in improving our children’s health condition. All these events are recorded and maintained properly with necessary photographs also.

6. Literary Association:
It was planned very carefully that this event takes place twice a year and emphasized by all the wardens as they deem this programme to be important in children’s growth. But unfortunately we were able to conduct this programme only once during this academic year. The events and programmes were judged by our Executive Director Dr. I. Sebastian, Ms. Mallliga, Pudhu Punal chief warden and
Ms. K. Indhira, Pudhu Vasantham chief warden. During this programme the children perform different cultural activities such as dance, poem, singing, drama and etc under the able leadership of each cottage leader. These programmes were judged by chief guests. The prizes were given away by our Executive Director. This type of event helps the children to grow in their personal talents. Apart from judging and giving prizes the chief guests also gave some tips and words of advices to grow better in the future.

7. Hostel Welfare Meeting:
We make sure to conduct this meeting every month. This meeting is accomplished in the presence of District Child Protection Officer Mr. V. Venketraman and other officials namely Mrs. Malliga, Mrs. Saral, School teachers and wardens. Since this group encompasses different department this meeting helps the group to discuss variety of issues recording children who reside in here. The main motive of this meeting is to ensure sufficient protection, care, love and facilities for the children who live in here. This group evaluates these aspects and gives necessary to corrections to the wardens to look into. Thus this event is a fruitful one for the welfare of the students.

8. School Visit:
The wardens go to the school where our children do their studies twice a month. During this visit the wardens meet both the children and class teacher to get the proper report of each child. The teacher gives her/his opinion regarding studies, behavior, inter personal relationship and talents of each child. This helps the wardens to compare and be vigilant in the hostel. The wardens and teachers advise the students to behave well to those who are not. At the same time they appreciate those who are good at studies and etc. the wardens had actually planned to have a visit 11 times during this academic year
and successfully accomplished and even gone beyond of having this visit for 25 times.

9. Students’ Performance in the academics:
Examinations Total number of students passed percentage Quarterly 53/68 78% Half Yearly 54/68 79%

10. Celebrations:
There are few celebrations that we never fail to celebrate. Those celebrations are very vital in the growth of the children. It brings in them enormous joy and happiness to their hearts. They celebrate and their spirit is rejuvenated. There are four major celebrations apart from Christmas and New Year celebrations. They are Independence Day, Deepavali Day, Pongal and 10.1. Independence Day:
We celebrated our Independence Day on 15.08.2014 in a grand manner. Our village Panchayat President was the chief guest of the function. He hoisted the flag. He also delivered a very good speech that enthused and enkindled the patriotism. The students pledged that they would do their duty as citizens of India. It was a beautiful and meaningful celebration as well.

10.2. Deepavali:
This celebration was on 02.11.2014. This festival is called festival of ‘Light’. We commemorate the death of a giant called Naragasuran who was a great danger and panic for people. He was killed by one of the avatars of God. This festival symbolizes the end of darkness and sadness and dawns light and joy in the life of people. This festival’s name really fits as all of us celebrated this festival joyfully.

10.3. Pongal Festival:
This gala is also called “Thamilar Thirunaal” as the Tamil people celebrate this festival with utmost
sentiment. This is a harvest festival and lasts for four days. This celebration begins by getting rid of the old things called Bhogi on the first day. The second day is a thanksgiving celebration to gods and goddesses for the good harvest. On the third day the people thank cattle for all their support for the good yield and prosperity the family enjoys. The final day all the relatives and friends take a break from their routine work and go out for a kind of picnic. Our children would always long for these four days as they experience real celebration.

10.4. Republic Day:
We celebrated Republic Day on 26.01.2015 and it has been celebrated every year without fail. The national flag was hoisted by Mr. V. Vishwanathan in the presence village Panchayat board members, children and wardens. We all saluted the flag and honored it. One of our students, R. Pavithra delivered a beautiful and meaningful message on the importance of Republic Day and its celebration. She was appreciated by the chief guest himself. We were all proud of her and our nation as well. Then the chief warden of Pudhu Irudhaym Ms. Anusiya thanked and honoured the chief guest with a
shawl. The children were given sweets and celebrated the rest of the day.

11. Conclusion:
This home depicts an apt home for the children who have no idea what it is. It gives them love, care protection and also corrects. All these are done in view of their welfare and progress. We are glad to tell that these objectives are well understood by the children themselves that they cooperate and do their duties willfully. Everyone present here experience peace and serenity. Not only the people here but also the atmosphere and environment are so appropriate in guaranteeing the same to children over there. We believe strongly to extend such needed and important service to many more children for many long years.

Pudhu Yugam

1. Introduction:
The inception of this hostel dates back to the year 1997. It has functioning so well in bringing new energy and creating new world to the orphans, downtrodden and children who are left abandoned. This provides the children care, protection, food, dress, shelter, rights and basic needs. They are grown in an atmosphere like a family. They never feel that are far away or abandoned anymore. The qualities such as love, piety, discipline and values are instilled in them. This ensures them to be good human being in the society in the future. The children are carefully motivated and guided by the warden and all the other staff. There are 21 children sponsored by Stichting Childrenshome in this home.

2. Children’s Admission:
The children are admitted irrespective of caste, religion and region. Whoever is in need of support, care and love from the institute is admitted in this institute. They are admitted after social enquiry and family visit made by the staff in charge.
3. Class vise students’ List:
Standard - Number of Children - Name of the school -Total
III - 1 Gandhiji Middle School, Dindigul
IV -1 - 1
V -2- 2
VI - 5- 5
VII - 6 -6
VIII-  2 -2
IX - 3
Gandhiji Hr. Sec. School, Dindigul and
Nehruji Municipal school, Dindigul
X -4 -4
XI -3- 3
XII -2 -2
ITI- 5- St. Lasalle ITI and Government ITI 5
Total 34 - 3

4.1. Daily Time Table:

Time Events
05:45 AM Rising
05:45 AM – 06:15 AM Personal and campus cleaning
06:15 AM – 06:45 AM Morning meditation
06:45 AM – 07:15 AM Getting Ready for school
07:15 AM – 07:45 AM Study
07:45 AM – 08:15 AM Breakfast
08:15 AM Prayer and leaving to school

04:15PM Return from school
04:15 PM – 04:45 PM House cleaning
04:45 PM – 05:00 PM Tiffin
05:00 PM – 05:50 PM Games
05:50 PM – 06:15 PM Bathing
06:15 PM – 07:50 PM Study
07:50 PM – 08:10 PM Prayer
08:10 PM – 08:40 PM Dinner
08:40 PM – 09:15 Indoor Games
09:15 PM Prayer and good night (09:15 Pm to10:30 PM –
study for the children who are above VI grade).

4.2. Sunday Time Table:
Time Events
06:30 AM Rising
06:30 AM – 07:00 AM Personal and campus cleaning
07:00 AM – 07:40 AM Bathing and getting ready for Mass
07:40 AM – 09:45 AM Mass
09:45 AM – 10:15 AM Breakfast
10:15 AM – 11:00 AM Meeting
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Dress washing and cleaning the boxes
12:30 PM – 01: 30 PM Panchayat and Group meetings
01:30 PM – 02:30 PM Lunch
02:30 PM – 03:30 PM Rest
03:30 PM – 04:00 PM Personal and house cleaning
04:00 PM – 05:00 PM Training (leadership, drawing, singing)
05:00 PM – 06:00 PM Games
06:00 PM – 06:30 PM Bathing
06:30 PM – 08:30 PM Watching Television
08:30 PM – 09:15 Dinner
09:15 PM – 09:45 PM Meeting
09:45 Pm Going to bed

5. Food, Clothing and Shelter:
There is time table followed even for food by considering the nutrition level needed for children. In
this food time table healthy food are included and they are provided promptly to the children not making themexperience hunger. They are also provided with clean children. The children who are living in this orphanage are given adequate dresses based on their needs. They are also given new dresses on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Deepavali and Pongal. The children are also given their uniforms and other necessary wears in right time. The residence is located in a place where nature is fully present. The children could experience peace and serenity in here. They breathe good and pure air. They have their needs met. They are given sufficient facility as far as their toilets, bath rooms, living rooms and study hall are concerned. All these rooms are properly maintained and done
necessary modifications and renovations when it is needed.

6. Health of the Children:
The institute proves its care and concern for the children by organizing medical camps twice year without fail. The management finds doctors for conducting medical camp. During the camp every child is checked thoroughly. The children who have deficiency in their health are treated by taking them to Government Hospitals. Their medication and treatment are followed up by the warden himself at regular interval till his health is restored. The warden also regularlyexamines the students regarding their hair cut and nail cutting. Their height and weightare checked every month and keep record of their progress.

7. Counseling:
It is usual that the children get upset and disturbed mentally even for small issues. Their age is so tender that they could be affected very easily. Such students are identified duly by keeping a careful watch over them. Then they are given proper counseling by experts. Their wounds and hurt feelings are identified and soothed by comforting words of the counselor. This practice helps the students to refocus and get back to their normal tempo. The children and staff feel that this programme is really useful to the students. The children also gratefully acknowledge the usefulness of this practice.

8. Children’s Education:
The students who reside in this hostel are learning their education in the neighbouring government schools. A van is arranged to pick them up for school and drop them back to the hostel. Their crucial needs for education such as notebooks, pens, pencils, subject guides and other materials are provided at right time to ensure that there is no obstacle in growing their knowledge. The students are endowed with conducive atmosphere and facilities to learn the lessons well. The children who seem to be weak in their academics are arranged a special tuition for them in order to help them perform better in studies.

9. School Visit:
The staff in charge takes every step possible to meet the children in the schools itself twice a month with their espective class teachers. The main objective this visit is to monitor and know the children’s performance at school. The staff enquires the teachers and headmasters about the discipline, studies, inter personal relationship, leadership quality and all the dimensions possible. This practice is kept very constant as the children need this supervision at regular interval for their well being and growth.

10. Indoor Games:
Everyday night after dinner the children are given sometimes to have indoor games. During this hour the kids are allowed to play chess, carom board, building set,dice game, mechanic set and many other games. The necessary things and articles are bought in the beginning of the year and they are safe guarded carefully to make sure they last till the end of the year. During holidays the children do have competitions for these as well. By conducting competitions we are able to identify the talents of each child and motivate them accordingly. This also helps the students to relate with one another and
develops good relationship with others.

11. Outdoor Games:
The children are given ample time to have physical exercise and outdoor games as soon as they return from their schools. The sports include such as foot ball, cricket and Kho-Kho. During holidays the children are organized into groups and conducted sports and games. The winners are provided prizes and gifts. During the Christmas camp the children take part in special sports competitions in a common place for all our orphanages.

12. Panchayat Meeting:
This practice mainly focuses on developing leadership quality of children. It also leads to solving problems that arise among the children. The children put forth their needs and problems in the presence of the leader appointed. They discuss about their daily activities, behavior and discipline. This takes place twice a month. The children and the staff find this activity very useful in ensuring smooth running of the hostel.

13. Specia Programmes:
1. On 25.07.2014, there was staff training programme conducted in Madurai Chendur Hotel. The session was on the child rights and protecting them sexual abuse.
2. On 15.09.2014 and 17.09.2014 there was staff training programme from the government side at Dindigul district collectorate. The main topic was about empowering youngsters and make them equipped in many aspects.
3. Mr. Wagn visited our house on 01.11.2014.
4. On 23.12.2014 we had a visit by Jan and Lia from Stichting Childrenshome agency.
5. We attended Christmas camp from 25.12.2014 to 27.12.2014 at Pudhu Punal orphanage.

14. Literary Association Celebration:
This programme is conducted once in two months to know the different talents that are hidden in
children. This event focuses on drawing, singing, dancing, essay writing, general knowledge, elocution
and many others. These help the students to perform better in the school as well for the Christmas
celebration. When there is an integrated programmed for all the orphanages our children will shine and get many prizes as well.

15. Conclusion:
All the programmes and structures of this orphanage encompass the holistic growth of every child who lives in here. All the staffs play their role so perfectly and care for the children utmost. The children also feel and experience a conducive atmosphere to develop themselves physically fit and mentally stable. The children never feel abandoned and deserted as long as they live in this home. Such is love and care provided to these little children. In return they children also own the institute and bring name and fame to the institute by excelling and achieving things. This institute desires long to continue such
support to many more children as there are many needy children. All our support to these
needy children would bring better world.


“Children are the valuable resources for better world and for better tomorrow”- Jawaharlal Nehru.
The Christmas camp for SJDT’s orphan children was launched in Pudupunal Campus from 24th December 2014 to 26th December 2014 covering our four orphanages.

Volunteers were mobilized from our local schools who were trained to carry out these camp activities effectively, reaching all our children in SJDT. Children were motivated to come to these camp with lot of enthusiasm and to explore their talents. The Christmas camp was mainly a fun way of learning for the children where different methods were adopted to explore their talents. We aspire each child to develop Sports Quotient along with IQ and EQ and try to breed individuals who are physically, mentally and spiritually fit and not just E-mortals. Every child is encouraged to take part in various Sporting activities and competitions at this Christmas camp. Truly it is said, “A healthy mind exists in a healthy body”. It is true that holistic development of the children significantly contributes to the personal and community development. As every child is creative, innovative and adventurous in their own filed, St. Joseph’s Development Trust created an opportunity for the children to explore their uniqueness through this Christmas camp 2014. The sporting life is great at St. Joseph Development.

Orphanages covered 4
Children covered 403
Staff attended 20
Volunteers attended 10
Activities carried out 27

Providing opportunity to bring out their talents, potentials and gifts First Day (24-12-2014)
Christmas in December 2014 was perfect! Our eagerly anticipated orphan children from Pudu Irudhayam, Puduvasanthem and Pudu yugam arrived to the grounds of Camp in Pudu punal on 24th December 2014 before noon. When the door opened on the van that brought them from different orphanages, wide eyes and ear-to-ear smiles stepped onto the green grass and beautiful trees in Pudupunal campus. All Children were gasping with the natural beauty of the Christmas Camp. Some children rushed to meet their friends, others raced to the playground pavilion. Pudupunal staff members welcomed all the children with Christmas Joy.

It was wonderful to experience them adding the beautiful sound of laughter to the sounds of the animals and the gentle breeze. In the afternoon children started decorating the stage. They erected Christmas trees and decorated it with color papers. They also hanged colorful stars and gifts around it and illuminated them. Children of PuduIrudhyam designed the crib with sheep and shepherds, old Joseph, young Virgin Mary, Child Jesus nestling in his cradle of hay, angels floating in the star-studded sky and the Three Wise Men on the fringe ofhorizon. They also hanged colorful stars and gifts around it and illuminated them. A very important part of our Christmas time was dedicated to “gifts”. The children of the four orphanages were asked to assemble on the main ground at 6.30 pm. Each received awonderful Christmas dress All of them were opened at the same time with great joy. They went to their cottage to wear Christmas dress. After few minutes all the children assembled again in the main ground with new and wonderful dress. Then they were taken to the church by bus. Fr.Paulsamy offered a special Christmas Mass and prayed for all the children. It was a joyful day for all children to see baby Jesus in the crib.

After the Christmas mass all the children were busy in wishing each other. Carol singing, get-togethers and the exchanging of gifts enhanced the Christmas spirit in RTU campus. All the children arrived back to Pudupunal campus at 9.00 pm with Christmas spirit. Brother prepared all the children for the special Christmas prayers. Children sang the carol to greet the New born baby Jesus. Then our sponsor Jan and Lia and some adopt parents from Childrenshome family were invited to place the child Jesus on the crib while children singing Christmas songs with joy. Mary from Pudu Irudhayam read a Christmas message from the Bible. Children from Puduvasanthem sang a beautiful Christmas songs and prayed for each others. Children from Puduv asanthem decorated the Christmas cake with beautiful flowers and kept on the stage. Santa Claus arrived to the ground and danced with the children. He also gave lots of sweets to the children. Mr.Jan and Lia, David and Jan and Dr. I. Sebastian cut Christmas cake and they distributed to the children. The night was enlivened with dances. Around 11.30 pm delicious dishes of chicken were prepared and served to the children. After night meals all the children went to sleep at 12.30 am. The wardens and the staff had a meeting to discuss about the next day sports arrangement. The details of the event were discussed and the responsibilities were shared among them.

Second Day (25-12-14)
“ Children are our Most valuable Natural Resources” – Herbert Hoover. On the Christmas day Thursday 25th December 2014, all children woke up at 5.30 am and freshen up for the events. All the staff members took their children to St. Joseph Boy’s village playground and assembled at 7.00am with lively smile and jubilant spirit. Dr.I.Sebastian and visitors arrived to the spot and they were welcomed by the children. Mr. Kannan, Physical education teacher from Pallapatti and Mr. Ramesh, Physical education teacher from Vadipatti were presented there to organize this Christmas camp sport meet.

The sports event began with a prayer song sung by the children of PuduIrudhayam. Dr.I.Sebastian presented a talk before starting the sports and encouraged all the children to explore their talents freely. Then the events were conducted by class wise. Mr. Packiaraj and Hemalatha were given responsibility of organizing sports for the 1st Standard children. Four children from each orphanage were asked to participate in 3 competitions. For these children run race, murukku bites and potato collection competitions were organized separately in ground. For the 2nd and 3rd standard children 4 competitions such as running race, potato collection, caring lemon in the spoon and murukku bites were organized. Saleth and Marthel were the incharge of these children. Mr.Ramesh organized this
competition. For the 4th and 5th standard children 4 competitions such as running race, potato
collection, caring lemon in the spoon and murukku bites were organized. Ganga and Dharani were the in charge of these children. Mrs Jaya, physical education teacher from RTU organized this competition.
For the 6th standard children 4 competitions such as 100 meter running race, skipping, filling up the water in the bottle and breaking of balloon. Shanmugavalli and Mariyal were the in charge of these children. Mr. Kannan physical education teacher from Pallapatti and other teachers organized this competition. For the 7th and 8th standard children, 4 competitions such as 100 meter running race, skipping, filling up the water in the bottle and long jump. Saleth and Marthal were the in charge
of these children. Mr. Ramesh, physical education teacher from Vadipatti school and other teachers organized this competition. For the 9th and 10th standard children 4 competitions such as 100 meter running race, skipping, filling up the water in the bottle and breaking of balloon. Malika, Indra and
Anushya were the in charge of these children and organized these competitions. For the 11th and 12th standard children, 4 competitions such as 200 meter running race, three legs running, long jump and shot-put. Malika, Indra and Anushya were the in charge of these children and organized these competitions. Sport meet came to an end by 11.00 am. All the children and visitors were very happy to see the children actively participating in the competition.

After the competition all the children arrived to Pudupunal campus and had breakfast. Again the children gathered at 12.00 pm to accomplish the remaining events such as elocution, singing, dancing and thappaattam. For Grade I and II an oral recitation was held. The event took an hour. There was also an elocution and singing contest held as per the age and stage. Mr.Babu, Mr. Muthusamy, Miss. Suganya conducted elocution competitions and singing competitions. Winners of these competitions were noted down and handed over to brother. This event came to an end at 1.30 pm. Delicious food were served to all the children at 2.00pm. These programme directly impacted the confidence level of thchildren.

A contest of spectacular dancing wizards:
Dance competition was started at 6.00pm. Thappattam dance was the first one performed by our children by honoring the guest with our traditional way of welcoming. They also honored the guest with Santhanam and kumkum and welcomed them to the main ground. The main topic for the Thappattam was “ Village Festival”. Children of Pudupunal performed this dance through Oyilattam, Poikalkuthiraiyattam, Puliyattam, Karakattam and Mayilattam. All the guests and children enjoyed watching these different types of dances. They also used Urumi, Thavil and drums for their performance. The children ofPudu Irudhayam gave dance performance on the topic” Paddy cultivation”. They exhibited over all actions carried out during the paddy cultivation through their dance
performance. The children of Puduvasanthem gave dance performance by using cinema song and exhibited their talents. Dance with pots, dance with sticks and dance with basket were best performance given by our children on the stage. Miss. Suganya from RTU and Miss.Punitha from RC school in Battagundu were there to give marks for their performance. Dr.I. Sebastian M.A,
M.B.A presented the Christmas message to the children and distributed gifts to chief guests. Finally Pudupunal child Angela gave vote of thanks and Christmas function came to an end at 11.30pm. Mutton briyani was prepared by the special cook and it was served to all the children.

Third day (26-12-14)
On the third day of the Christmas camp, all the children got up at 7.00am and completed their cleaning work. Breakfast was served to the children at 8.00 am in the main ground. Prize distribution function was arranged at 9.00pm. All the children gathered in the ground with lot of expectations to receive the prizes. The winners were announced by Dr.I. Sebastian M.A, M.B.A as per the list and received the prizes with great joy. Children of Pudupunal got Gold shield and children of PuduIrudhayam got silver shield. The following table below indicates the number of students and staff participants(male &

S.No Institution Students Staff Total
1 Pudupunal 189 -4 -193
2 PuduIrudhayam 64 -3 -67
3 Puduvasanthem 112 -5 -117
4 Puduyugam 38 -1 -39
Total 403 13 416

The following children are the champions of their respective institutions who won more prizes and
hearts. They are able because they think they are able. Despite their miserable and unspeakable family situations they proved beyond doubts they can achieve many things if they are encouraged and empowered.

Thank you for helping us to create effective bridges that brings poor children closer to Him. We raise these children as confident, strong, aware, and responsible young people. A life with the diagnosis requires a lot of strength and courage to walk in our world, still full of prejudice and fear. We have done our best at providing psychological and physical health for our children. Thank you.” Needless to say, camp was a tremendous success.Thank you for all your prayers, thank you for all your faithful giving, and thank you for all your God-given dedication to serve the children. All the children celebrated theiruniqueness on the Christmas camp and they explored their true potential with joyous
Christmas celebration.

Motivation to Mould

Every living organism is expected to undergo changes according to the signs of the times and if some fail to do so they are bound to perish or else they will not be regarded. We humans are the supreme in creation and we need to change and equip ourselves better in order to meet the challenges and to improve our efficiency. People who work for the welfare of the others need to have more of these and it is duly understood by our Executive Director and had arranged for two days of enrichment session for all the staff of different homes and CCCYC staff who are very much involved with the children who build the future society. The staff’s roles in their lives are eminent and the staffs have to play it perfectly. If they fail to do the future of these little children’s lives are sure to shatter. It is aptly decided and executed by our Bro. Sebastian and this program promises considerable changes in training the children of our homes in the coming years. Whatever is learned is to be practiced and actualized in their daily lives. We are very hopeful that it bears fruit. The crux of the event is described below as per the events happened in each day. 

The training or session was started with lighting of the lamp which implies the bringing of God’s presence in the midst of people gathered there followed by a reading from the Holy Bible. The participants recited the pledge of the institute and sang the institute’s song as well. Then Mr. Augustine, the care taker of Pudhu Yugam hostel had introduced the speaker and trainer of two days session. The speaker is Rev. Fr. Stephen and he is from an institute called IDEAS. After the introduction the speaker himself introduced the motives and objectives of these two days session. He motivated the participants by highlighting the importance of possessing the leadership skills in order to animate and mould
the students who are under their care. He told the participants to know the hindrances that on their way to relate and nurture the kids who are given to them. It is like a doctor interrogates the patient before starting any treatment for disease. It is two way process and communication. Both need to be listening and receptive to arrive at a certain conclusion that will be useful for both parties.
He also told that there are certain techniques to celebrate the life and this celebrative mode to be on always and promised that these two days are going to be of great help for them to learn and acquire these techniques. It was explained through few games conducted by him and every staff enthusiastically participated in it. There was time given to the participants to think of a person who has inspired them most but the person should have been known to them personally. They should have met them in their lives. He asked the participants to analyze the reasons for their liking. After a while he pointed out that when we think of such person we immediately think of their positive side though they
had their own weaknesses in their lives. Then the staffs were asked to look into their lives as well. What are the positives and negatives one has in him/her. No one needs to have inferiority complex regarding their ability to do something, colour complex and so on rather has to develop the attitude to learn, grow and shine.

Self Esteem:
“Self esteem is the ability to feel good about oneself inside regardless of life events and messages being received from others.” This was another highlight point of the first day session. Sometimes our self analysis is found to be wrong because we compromise or justify the negatives we have in ourselves. So, self esteem is matter of having a good feel and accepting oneself as he/she is. The presenter also differentiated the slight misjudgment one could have between pride and self esteem and people are to be very cautious not to be caught in the former one. He also explained this topic “self esteem” by narrating an incident that had taken place in his life. Once he tried to contribute some money to a handicapped person as they are regarded beggars and incapable to anything but this handicapped person refused the alms and confidently replied I could earn my livelihood with his head straight.

The speaker urged the participants also to have such confidence in their lives and have positive outlook in all difficult situations. He also emphasized that we consciously need to choose what we want to be every day and keep working on it with enthusiasm and rigorous spirit. He went on elaborating how one’s vision should with an example. It is not just an egg we see but there is a life a chick in it and such should be our attitude and vision with whomever we deal with and it applies to ourselves as well. He finished the morning session with a great saying and that is “someday you just have to create your own sun shine.” Then the staff departed for the lunch and resumed after a while. In the afternoon Mr. Mahendhran was the resource person to handle and lead the group of our staff. After a short introduction about the presenter the session was started. He began the presentation with a balloon game. He instructs the participants that everyone will be given a balloon and the balloons are to be tied around their waist. They also will be given a needle each.

Once the game starts they can play and presenter just says “whoever remains with balloon when I say stop you will be given a prize.” He said, “Set go” and the game started and after few minutes he asked them to stop. Hewitnessed that none of them had balloon on their waist. He asked them where their balloons are. The staffs remain still and the speaker raised his voice and broke the silence saying “Did I ask you to break others’ balloon?” He repeats the instruction that “who ever remains with balloon when I say stop you will be given a prize.” It does not matter at all even if all of them remain with balloons. This is simple example that proves that our minds are filled with competition and winning. If I wish to survive I could crush and oppress any number of people and bring any number of havocs in their lives.

The staffs themselves decided a new rule that there should be one winner alone and everyone wants to be the first. They never decided to be equal as the others but wished to win the competition. This can happen even when we compare others with others and vice versa. This should never take place among youngsters as this could cause great amount damage in their lives. He also instructed that there should be a tendency to accept the life as it comes daily from the tender age. The children need to be loved, cared and appreciated. This eventually creates in them the attitude to be successful. This will produce good thinking habit and action ultimately. He then played a small video clip about the life of Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic who does not have his four limps yet he survives. He does his best to do his daily duties and seldom waits for others help. He has become very popular and successful in his life. When a person who is able to achieve in spite such huge set back how great things we could do?

Then the staffs were motivatedand there was a great enthusiasm and confidence in them to achieve and a kind of positive spirit was instilled in them. He also emphasized that the children who are disobedient are the good children. It is the matter of explaining them properly about the issue, problem or benefit. Often the people who are taking care of the children fail to approach differently but stick on to one method which ends up in failure and the children are blamed. The children expect examples and not words. They need the people who live out their words in their own lives. So the wardens are not just wardens but role models for many children who are under their care. The participants nodded their heads and it was a clear sign they were determined to be examples. The first day came to end with the distribution of tea and snacks and bit of discussion about the session with their own folk.

This beautiful and fresh day was again begun with feeling God’s presence in the midst, prayer song, institute pledge and reading from the Bible. Then Fr. Stephen Muthu who dealt the morning session in the previous day had recapitulated what he had given previous day. Then some of the staffs were asked their feed backs and understandings of the yesterday’s session. Almost all the staffs eager took part in this session and shared their learning. The presenter himself was very much pleased about their sharing.All the above mentioned three things are learned from various source and some them and vital sources are school, media, social background, cultural background and educational

So when we start absorbing things, ideas from these sources it is very much
necessary that we learn positive attitudes, self image, self confidence and self esteem
productively. The presenter explained this with some examples of success people were able to
achieve and become successful in their lives. He clearly mentioned the habits of the children are not developed over night rather it is constant process. It is to be started from the early age and needs to be consistent in teaching them these habits. When we train them to learn a habit it very much important they are taught with love and affection but never with violence and hurting words. If you try to train them through hard and fast rules and you can be sure that you leave a scar that would ever remain in their heart and hurt them forever. So prudence is one of the main characteristics the wardens need to have while they deal with the children. Then the speaker moved on to talk about value formation. Everyone is expected to form in oneself moral values, ethical values and spiritual values. Only when these values are formed in the children they will be able to shine among the outsiders and they can be easily identified positively. They can radiate the positive waves learned from their role models in the hostel. Thisachievement alone can bring satisfaction to our heart and not salary. He inspired the staffs saying that they are all given a noble job of creating a society in the future as they deal with lots of children every day. So he cautioned them all to be diligent in shaping these children. 

In the evening our Executive Director had come and thanked the speakers for their
valuable presence and output sessions. He was very much pleased with the stuff they delivered
and he came to know them from the interactions he had with the staffs. He highlighted a few of
them once again to the staffs and urged them to keep those points in their lives ever to make their
job joy giving and satisfying. Then he thanked every staff for their spirit filled and active
participation during these two days. He also wanted to hear from the staff again about the
programme and they all unanimously gave a satisfying nod and it gave him a pleasing

It is very common that often people are thrilled and excited for a while about something
happened in their lives but as days pass by they tend to forget. It is not going to be one of the
same as far this session is considered because such was the strong reaction we could sense it
from the staff. They expressed, “These two days gave us the sufficient spirit in each of to keep
going with the same enthusiasm and put our learning into practice in our daily lives. If we feel
down we could revive the spirit and keep going again.” These words gave us assurance that these
two days session will not go in vain. This motivation and enrichment session is going to be great
help to the participants to deal with the children carefully and make them excel in the future.
This excellence will bring the everlasting fame to institute and sense of success and satisfaction
to the people played a vital role in moulding them.