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A Short Report on Salt Program Conducted by Sponsorship Department SJDT


There was yet another creative and useful program conducted for senior girls by our sponsorship department, SJDT. The children who are doing their eleventh grade and above were gathered under one roof on 12.12.2015 and 13.12.2015. There were about 100 participants in this program. The program’s name is SALT (Safety measurement And Leadership skill Training). There is a great saying in Tamil and the meaning of it is “any food is as good as nothing if there is not salt”. So the department felt this name would suit for the program as it is very vital and going to be much useful in the life the children. That was a two days program and there were many programs held in those days. The details of these programs are explained below.

The first day was organized for the children completely by the sponsorship department. At the very outset there was a prayer session led by the staff of the department. Once the children are gathered they are divided into ten small groups. The children are asked to know each other in the group as they were from different villages. That was an ice breaking session and it helped them a lot to overcome shyness and paved way to move freely with other children.

Then they were asked to choose a leader for themselves and it was a practice for them to choose the best leader who can lead the group. Then there was a topic given for the children to debate. The students were so enthusiastic and extended their full support in that debate. They voluntarily came forward and expressed their view and moreover asserted their views with convincing points.

In the afternoon the children are trained to make some handicraft things like ear rings and other house decorating things. The children and warden from Pudhu Vasantham orphanage trained these village girls to make things for themselves. This could help them save money and at the same time it gives them a boost that they have learned a new skill. In the second session of the noon the children are motivated to have positive thinking and approach in their thoughts and towards every incident in their lives. In the evening the children were provided some snacks to refresh themselves and left for their own homes. 

The children started arriving at our place from 9’ O clock onwards. Everyone reached the hall by 09:30 AM. The children were very much delighted and looked forward all the program of the day as they were adequately orientated earlier going to each village. They had reached our place with enough preparation like notebooks and pens so that they could take note of everything that was to take place on that day. Once they are all set the staff from sponsorship department once again briefed the day’s program and its usefulness. This preparation instilled in them more enthusiasm for learning better.

Safety Measurement Session from Fire service Department:

Mr. Manoharan, The Station Officer from Periyakulam Fire Service Department was the chief guest and moderator of that session. During that session he elaborated perfectly the dos and don’ts during a fire accident. He explained all these aspects with apt examples as he had sufficient experience in this field. Children were like spellbound toys as the topic was very much interesting, valuable and something connected with their day to day activity. They paid utmost attention and at the end of the sessions the children clarified all the doubts regarding safe guarding themselves during a fire accident and avoiding fire accident. That was an excellent session over all.

Brain Gym:

After lunch the children were assembled once again in the hall for the afternoon session. It was on “Brain Gym”. The session was handled by Rev. Bro. Heldon FSC who has enormous knowledge and practice in the field. The children were really happy to be oriented in this field as they were not aware of this practice earlier. The techniques are very simple and unique yet the effect is vast. He conducted the session combining both theories and practice. So it was a good program as they came to know it in knowledge and could feel it in their body through practice. The children were all very much pleased to have the session and moreover the way the class was dealt was fantastic. That was the feedback given by the children. No one could have handled the session better than Rev. Bro. Heldon FSC, himself.

Executive Director’s Support:

Our Executive Director’s role in actualizing this two days program needs to be placed specially in this document. It was his idea and enthusiasm that brought perfect completion and meaning to the program. He was very particular to be present in the afternoon session of the second day. Once the session was over he contributed his valuable comments and observations. He urged every student to make use of the learning learnt those two days in their lives. He was very much appreciative of the sponsorship department for arranging the program so meticulously.

Children’s Feedback:

Just words alone cannot express how delightful, happy and grateful the children were. Everyone was willing to express their thankfulness and we choose a few of them to express. They detailed that though they were given enough information in advance they did not expect such a program. They articulated that those two days program was very much benefitting for their lives. They could use them to make their lives better apart from their usual curriculum in the schools or colleges. The children were full of praise to organization, the Executive Director, sponsorship department and all those resource persons who made those two days wonderful and moreover useful.


We are very much glad to achieve another feat through this program. The plan, effort and cooperation from every possible faculty were so perfect that the program yielded the desired results in the hearts of the children. Noting could replace such satisfaction. We are overwhelmed to hear such compliments from the children and at the same time it impulses to be more creative in the days to come. We are all for those children and their welfare. So we hope to do put same effort, perfection and preparation in the days to come as well.