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Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” 

“We are not born in rich families but our confidence and progress can never be curtailed. We are on high tune with able guidance and care of everyone who work for our well being and great future.” these are the statements that are given by our children and they are all filled enormous potentials and talents. We are glad to bring to your knowledge such talents and victories of our students from various homes or hostels. We are really proud of these children and they make the flag of SJDT fly high in their respective schools and in district level as well.

Puthu Punal:
Primary Class: There was dance competition regarding catechism and quiz from the Bible also on 05.02.2015 in St. Joseph’s Primary school, Silukuvarpatti for the students of catechism. Our child R. Pathmapriya secured the first prize in dance competition and K. Gangapriya obtained second prize in quiz competition.

Middle and High School: 
Among the higher class students 9th class student G. Mathavi had won II prize in triple long jump and first place in hurdles in district level competitions. Along with her G. Revathi of the same class got third prize in hurdles.

LIC conducted a singing competition among school students of Batlagundu town and many students from different schools participated in it. Our child R. Kaleeshwari own third prize in the competition in the category of VI to VIII standard students.

Pudhu Vasantham:
Primary Class: Our children from Pudhu Vasantham home participated in a group dance competition regarding the Bible theme and the contest was held in R.C. Higher Secondary school, Silukuvarpatti on 05.02.2015. They won third prize in the competition and their names are as follows:

1  P. Kaviya
2  R. Kanagavalli
3  J. Jerina Asin
4  M. Mukitha
5  M. Varshini.

Middle School:
On 05.02.2015 there was a catechism competitions conducted and twelve schools participated in it. it was held in R.C. Higher Secondary School, Silukuvarpatti. Our students from Middle School participated in a group dance and delighted the spectators. They won prize in the contest and the children were really enthused. The participants’ names are:
1  R. Abirami
2  N.Poosai Mani
3  A. Pandeeswari
4  K. Hemalatha
5  K. Vinitha
6  O. Kurinjimalar
7  S. Gomathai
8  A. Reka

K. Hemalatha obtained first place in Moral exam competitions and she was a prize and certificate for her performance in it. Along with these successes our child K. Vinitha got first place in singing competitions. What a moment that was for our children.

High School:
In the same programme our children N. Nagajothi and C. Devi delivered a beautiful dance and they are adjudged to be winner in high school category. They once again held their heads high and continued their reputation. We have many more shining stars in this home as they excelled in their academics and sports also. We are glad to bring them to your notice. They names and excellence are described below. It is an added honour to our children as they received these prizes on the centenary Annual Day celebration of the school.

1  O. Kurinji Malar – I prize  academics in VI standard in her class
2  M. Narmatha – I prize for academics in VI standard in her class
3  K. Hemalatha – I prize for academics in VII standard in her  class
4  Krishnaveni – I prize for moral exam in VII standard
5  Princy Reena – II prize for academics in VI standard in her class
6  A. Pawlin Nisha – I prize for 100 meter running race
7  A. Jenifer Theresa – I prize in Tri-legged race.
8  Chinnamani – I prize in 200 meter running race

Pudhu Udhyam:
World Handicapped or Disability Day: In honour of World Handicapped Day there were programmes like sports and cultural events conducted in Dindigul for all the special school in Dindigul district. Our children from Pudhu Udhayam School also participated in it. All the students who won prizes were congratulated and given prizes by the District Collector. Our children brought many prizes, name and pride to our institution through their competitive spirit and confidence. The details regarding the successful children are given below.

100 meter running race:Ranjith Kumar and S. Karthik won first and second prize respectively in the 100 meter running race for boys. M. Aruna Jothi obtained second place in 100 meter running for girls. 

50 meter running race:In the 50 meter running race for girls K. Christina Bousina got second prize and G. Kumaravel and K. Thirumalai won first and second prize for boys respectively.

Long jump:I. Ranjith Kumar gained first prize in Long Jump event for boys and M. Aruna Jothi got second prize in the same event for girls. 

Ball Throwing and Short Put: I. Subramani was the winner in ball throwing competition and B. Mangalraj obtained second place in short put. In the evening our children performed beautiful dances and brought bliss to the witnessed eyes. Later, our school teacher Mrs. A. Angel Mary was announced as the best teacher and District Collector gave away the certificate. It was really a wonderful and happiness filled occasion as she brought name and fame for our school. 

Pudhu Irudhayam:
World Girl Children Day was celebrated on 24.01.2015 in SOS home Nagapattinam. The programme was led by Dr. V. Vengatraman with prior preparations. He welcomed all children and staff of different homes who have come over there.

The chief guest of the function was Mrs. Saritha, District Superintendent of Police and she lighted the Indian lamp which is part of our tradition. Then she delivered a vital and spell bound talk in which she highlighted how girl children are to protect themselves and their rights. She gave advices and tips to safeguard oneself. All the other speakers also encouraged and motivated the girl children to be highly motivated and confident to face the challenges in the future. Then there were dance programme given by different homes and Pudhu Irudhayam students performed two dances in that function. All those who participated in the dance were given a shield and prizes. In the end tea and snacks were distributed and SOS home’s administrator delivered vote of thanks. Our children were appreciated by everyone because of their excellent participation in whole programme whether it be dance and their attention during speech. It was a nice feel that we are able to shape them really well.

The institute is really proud that we are able to shape the children in all aspects and spheres of life. These achievements are proof for their progress. Everyone in the world would be outplayed if he/she is not competitive. These achievements eventually brings in them confidence and boosts hope to survive in this tough and challenging world. It is very sure that these children capitalize the opportunities they are provided and each children shine and excel in one or many fields. We are sure that these shining stars of our different homes would continue their same spirit in the coming days and keep bringing good name and pride for the institute.