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SJDT Representatives’ Visit to Netherlands Childrenshome 2016-2017


St. Joseph’s Development Trust,


Theni District, Pincode: 625203

Tamilnadu, India

Dr. Sebastian, the Executive Director along with three other representatives namely Ms. Josline, Ms. Devi Bala and Ms. Shanmugavalli visited different agencies who contribute benevolently for the institute to serve the needy. The trip started from Paris, France. The journey started almost for five hours in train to reach Netherlands. The journey was indeed pleasant and memorable. The guests were warmly received by Jan, Lia and Bjorn. While going to car parking area they had taken some photos as a remembrance. During this short walk they also witnessed tram which is first time to see such kind in reality. The guests reached Jan and Lia’s house after two hours travel. They had some refreshments and then retired to bed. 

On the following day 01.07.2017, Saturday after finishing their breakfast they all set for some sightseeing. On their way they had met Jan, another sponsor for one of our children. Bjorn already had booked tickets in a tram to travel around Amsterdam. It was first experience for some of them and they were indeed very much excited. They visited Palace which was beautiful and splendid one. Their experience was awesome and ever memorable. After that they also had boating and visited a few other places in there. After enjoying the places they had sumptuous Chinese food for their lunch followed by little shopping there. They had another grand meal at night too.

The next day 02.07.17 Sunday was the day of utmost importance. After having good rest they pulled their spirit together to get ready for the presentation in the evening. Bjorn prepared everything flawlessly actually. Quite good number of sponsors were present in the evening for the gathering during which they could see their children in different albums kept there, starting from CHN’s affiliation to SJDT. They were wonder struck and they expressed and it was the first time for them to visit Jan and Lia and they were in contact through mails and letters. They also clarified their doubts regarding parcels and things that can be sent for their children. Dr. Sebastian explained them to restrain some things like eatable, glass articles, make up things, some more. They were little happy to know these details in person instead of knowing it through mail or letter. This meeting was followed by grand and delicious dinner and the day came to an end.

On 03.07.17 Monday the visitors went to the school where Bjorn works and the meeting was held. The teachers from this school so generous that they gave good sum of amount for creating a modular kitchen in one of our orphanages named Pudhu Punal. And this occasion was right time for the visitors to thank those teachers in person. It was really a good meeting. Then again they had little visit in Netherlands and returned home to have an awesome dinner prepared by Lia. They could enjoy her expertise in preparing food and enjoyed delicious Spaghetti. After refreshing rest at night they left in the morning with lots of memories and love to take in their heart.