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A center where boys after completion of 5th standard in Pudhu Punal join

Boys’ Village is set among the foot hills of Palani Mountains on the west 6 kms, 55 kms away from Madurai.

History ofSt.Joseph’s Boys’ Village:
St. Joseph’s Boys Village was started in 1974 by the De La Salle Brothers with a view to providing a homely atmosphere to the orphans, destitute poor, abandoned youth, boys in need and most at risk. It provides free food, clothing, shelter, security, education and other help to improve their social and cultural status. It inculcates self-esteem, qualities of tolerance, personal responsibility, willingness to help and healthy work attitude so that they can grow up as worthy citizens of mother India.

More than 1000 destitute and orphans children would have benefited from our program in the last years. This institute has become life-cherishing and life changing home for many students.


  • Accompanying them in life’s journey.
  • Supporting their academic life with teaching and coaching.
  • Inculcating values, principles and attitudes to transform their lives and enable them to become good citizens and future leaders of society.
  • Develop emotional stability with professional counseling.
  • Health awareness and medical assistance where needed.
  • Promote rights and develop hope for the future.

Major activities:

  1. Providing aid to the orphan boys children of age of 8 to 15 years.
  2. Providing food, shelter and cloth to all the children.
  3. Giving education to all the children by sending them to nearby school.
  4. Providing extra -curricular like dancing, singing and handcrafts to all the children
  5. Providing counseling and psychological support to all the children.
  6. Providing space for personal development to all the children.

The Institution has enrolled 40 boys of which 21 boys are from Pudhu Punal new students. They are admitted in Government Higher Secondary school which is nearby our Institution. 

And they attend the classes from VI to X classes. They have started to acclimatize in the Institution and the school as well. We have arranged a tutor for the boys to improve their WRLS (Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking) skills. We fulfill their basic needs and It has become life cherishing home for all. Apart from the school activities, we have arranged provide different skill training program and seminar on various topics which enable them to become competent person and   learn basic moral values.
Every Tuesday, quiz program have been organized for the boys. Boys are informed earlier to prepare on different topics and divided into four groups. It is considered it is one of the admirable and appreciable programs for the boys.


“The more loving you to the young, the greater will be the effects of God’s grace” – St. De La Salle

No of Boys: 40                                                                                            Class: from V to X


  • Accompanying them in life’s journey.
  • Supporting their academic life with teaching and coaching.
  • Inculcating values, principles and attitudes to transform their lives
  • Develop emotional stability with professional counseling.
  • Providing opportunities to have skill development.

Target Group:

  • Orphans, destitute and abandoned boys.
  • Poorest of the poor
  • Siblings of mentally affected people

Action Plan:

  • Br. Administrator talks and listens to the individual periodically to know more and helping him to grow in all aspects of life. Br. Administrator is having weekly meeting with Mr. Selvam, warden in order to work together for the wellbeing of the boys.
  • A tuition teacher is arranged to look into the studies of the boys and help them to acquireWRLS skills.
  • A Psychologist will be invited to have interaction with the boys and help them to grow emotionally through different approaches.
  • Spiritual exercises will definitively help the boys to have great devotion to the omnipotent.
  • Morning Talk and Sunday reflection on different topics will help them to understand the reality of our own life and become aware of oneself.
  • Sports meet, regular physical exercises and extra-curricular activities will refresh and develop healthy competency among the boys.
  • Skill Develop training is arranged on every Sunday for few months.
  • Panchayat (Children’ parliament) meeting takes place every Sunday which makes everyone to find goodness among the boys and have carefrontation if they have happened to make mistakes. It also helps everyone to develop leadership skills by organizing such meeting by themselves. 
  • Yoga exercises in the morning enable every individual to purify their soul and body.
  • Develop interest to read the newspaper regularly and inculcate interest to read the books on every Saturday. 
  • Quiz has been organized every Tuesday to improve the general knowledge and develop competent spirit among the boys. The world important days are remembered and explained the purpose to the boys.
  • The boys are encouraged to participate in all the sports and cultural event in the school and provide provisions to play indoor games frequently. 

Prayer schedule for the Boys

Day of the week                Theme

Monday                            Left to the Individual Brother of the week

Tuesday                           Cottage prayer – Praise & worship

Wednesday                       St. De La Salle

Thursday                          Left to the Individual Brother of the week

Friday                              No Prayer ( cottage meeting

Saturday                          Rosary in the grotto


Morning Talk for the Boys:

Day of the week                     In -Charge
Monday                                 Br. Joseph Raj
Tuesday                                Br. Doss
Wednesday                            Br. Jeyakumar
Thursday                               Br. Doss
Friday                                   Br. Joseph Raj
Saturday                               One of the Boys

Sunday Reflection:
Week                            In-Charge                   Time

I week of the Month        Br.Doss                       12.30 p.m
II week of the month      Br.Jeyakumar              12.30 p.m
III week of the month     Br.Joseph Raj              12.30 p.m
IV week of the month     Mr.Selvam                   12.30 p.m

Important Days in a year for the Boys:
II  Saturday of every month                     Parents/ Guardian’ visit
III Saturday of every month                     Sports’ meet
IV Saturday of every month                     Talents’ show
25 Sep 2016                                            Exhibition Day
12 Nov 2016                                            Children’ Day
23 Dec 2016                                            Christmas Eve celebration
28 Jan 2017                                             Annual Day

Time Table

Time                               Event

05.30 A.M                       Getting up and Morning prayer

06.00 A.M                       Morning house cleaning and Bath

06.30 A.M                       Morning study

07.15 A.M                       Cottage cleaning

07.30 A.M                       Break Fast

08.00 A.M                       Morning Talk and Leaving for school

05.00 P.M                       Return from the school and General house cleaning

05.30 P.M                       Games

06.15 P.M                       Bath                          

06.45 P.M                       Evening Study

07.45 P.M                       Evening praise

08.15 P.M                       Supper and Recreation

09.00 P.M                       Time for Home work

09.30 P.M                       Night prayer and Rest