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Status of our different orphanages, 22 juli 2015

Greetings and prayerful wishes to you from Dr. I. Sebastian M.A, M.B.A Executive Director,
St. Joseph's Development Trust, Genguvarpatti, South India.

Once again I am communicating to you with regard to the present status of our different orphanages and the number of children studying in these orphanages. Our number has staggered continuously and this year over all we are supporting 493 children.

The demand for our orphanage is increasing because many orphanages were closed down by the government because of poor facilities and poor quality care.

While we are happy that our orphanage has become an attractive child care home for many local poor people on the other hand the government is aggressively pursuing a tendency of intimidating the orphanages.

They expect us to fulfill ever new legal requirementswhich form a very big nuisance for us. We look forward to your continuous support.

Thanking you. With kind regards I remain.

Yours fraternally in Christ,

Dr. I. Sebastian M.A. MBA
Executive Director.