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Tamil Nadu government's recent directives to orphanages.



Social welfare department and Nutritious Programme Department – children’s welfare is circulating the guidelines and  order for the safety and security of  the girl children  staying away from home, adolescent girls and women, children’s homes, girls hostels, working women’s hostels.


Social Welfare Department and Nutritious Programme Department( SW -5)

Government order No. 31                                                  Date: 26.6.2014


Chief Minister’s orders – circular dated 26.06.2014


Government order:

Commonly girls staying away from home, adolescent girls and women are staying in  children’s homes, girls hostels, working women’s hostel. These institutions are Government and non government institutions, charitable trust, movements, religious institutions, schools, colleges, training institutions, technical institutions, institutions/ industries and run by private and individual. To ensure the  safety and security of  the girl children  staying away from home, adolescent girls and women, children’s homes, girls hostels and working women’s hostels, meeting was organized on 26.6.2014 under the leadership of Chief Minister of TamilNadu.

2.  As per the decisions taken in the meetings, the following new guidelines with the orders are published.

I. Guidelines  

Commonly girl children staying away from home, adolescent girls and women are staying  in  children’s homes, girls hostels, working women’s hostel. These institutions are Government and non government institutions, charitable trust, movements, religious institutions, schools, colleges, training institutions, technical institutions, institutions/ industries and run by private and individual.  The institutions who run the girl children, adolescent  and women’s hostels/homes are subjected to the guidelines found below immediately .

  1. The Hostel/Children’s home should be housed at buildings which fulfill all the prescribed conditions Infrastructure requirements for running of Hostels and children’s Home should be approved by government authorities on security and the infrastructure.
  2. There should be separate buildings for housing women, and separate hostels for girls and boys.
  3. If, because of unavoidable reasons, different accommodation is not available, separate rooms for boys and girls is mandatory.
  4. Women warden /women caretaker should be appointed in the hostels where adolescent girls  and working women are the inmates.
  5. There should be a warden for every 50 students.
  6. For the security and welfare of the inmates, warden should be appointed  on the need based and there should be round-the-clock security.
  7. In case the hostels have multiple entries, all of them should be manned by security guards.
  8. All homes and hostels with more than 50 inmates should install Closed Circuit Television Camera/ Digital Video Recorders (DVR).
  9. Warden / the security should not be absent without getting prior permission and not making alternate arrangement.  If they are absent, management authority should ensure  appointment of another responsible person on that day. Warden or assistant warden should be present in the hostel all the time.
  10. Unless there is urgent reason, security guards should not be allowed inside the hostels of the children, girls and women. These guards should remain in rooms given to them near the entry .
  11. Locations should be around four walls. In ways to in and out, the doors to be set with latch.
  12. Residents at the hostel, to the time they leave the hostel, return to the hostel timings should be recorded in daily attendance register by the hostel warden. They will be surveying residents at the hostel before going to sleep.
  13. To meet the inmates, only their parents or approved guardians should be allowed.  
  14. The visitors are allowed to meet inmates within the time frame only in the hall under the supervision of the warden.
  15. Outsiders entering the building must be completely banned.
  16. The visitors coming to meet young girl children and adolescent girls should be monitored by the hostel warden.
  17. If young girl, boys and adolescent girls go home on holidays they should be sent either with their parents or approved guardians. Under any circumstances they should not be allowed to leave the hostel alone or with unknown person.
  18. The warden / security should not allow the visitors to enter the hostel.
  19. Visitors Register must be maintained by hostel warden.
  20. Visitor ‘s  name, address, relationship and purpose for the meeting the inmates should be  recorded  in the Register and signed by the visitors. It must be countersigned by anyone of the staff who works there.
  21. ID with photo must be provided to the hostel warden and the security
  22. ID with Photo card must be provided to the parents and approved guardians.
  23. The phone number and address of the warden and the security must be displayed prominently at the main entrance  of the hostel.

II. . Protocols for the warden and guardian Standards.

  1. To avoid appointment of persons with criminal background as wardens and security staff, a certificate of their conduct from the local police station is mandatory.
  2. In order to avoid appointing the persons affected by leprosy, the medical reports of the applicants should be certified by Local Government hospital authorities. The mental stability and balance of those persons should also be assessed.        .
  3.  Hostels run by Non Governmental organizations  should  ensure reasonable emoluments to their staff. Such emoluments should not be less than the salary fixed by the District Administration from time to time.   

III. The guidelines to be  monitored by the district administration :.

  1. The district administration should take all steps to ensure  the Registration of the hostels/homes/shelters of young  female and male children, adolescent girls and working women in the collectorate.
  2. A list containing the details of Hostels/Homes/Shelters should be entrusted to the Superintendent of Police (SP) for inspection and monitoring. The SP should take steps for patrolling work near the hostel/home/shelter premises particularly during the night hours. The patrolling register  should be inspected by the SP once a month.
  3. The district collectors during their monthly law and order review meeting should inspect the Hostels/Homes/Shelters  for ensuring  the safety and welfare of the inmates.
  4. Monitoring and supervising activities of the Hostels/Homes/Shelters should be carried out by the officials of the District level Revenue, Backward, Most backward, Minority welfare, Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe, welfare, Labour welfare, Social welfare, School education, College education and Local administration departments under the leadership of District Collector.
  5. To help the Non Governmental management Hostels/Homes//shelters, in appointing the security guards, the police department should prepare a list of retired police officials, Ex-servicemen, and Home guard personnel.
  6. Child Welfare Committee should inspect at frequent intervals, whether the above institutions strictly abide by the guide lines prescribed by the government..
  7. The monitoring officials should ensure the steps taken in the prevention of physical or psychological problems if any faced by the inmates of the above institutions.
  8. Necessary monitoring operational activities should be followed by the Collector classifying the hostels/homes/shelters on the basis of situation prevailing.

IV. Guidelines for advertising and awareness

  1. The above institutions run by Non-governmental organizations, Trusts,, associations, religious institutions, schools, colleges, training institutes, Organizations,  / industries / private sector  and individuals should register their institutions with the district administration. To ensure their registrations District Collectors should take steps for organizing programmes and awareness camps through printed and visual media.
  2. The   District Administration  should arrange  for publicity to enable the public  to use the existing Children help line number 1098.
  3. To enable the public to get information about the above institutions the list of institutions functioning, including the phone numbers of warden and security guard should be uploaded in the District Administration website. This would help the public to bring to the notice of the District Administration about the  institutions functioning without Registration.

3. All the departments should ensure that the  prescribed guidelines are followed by the institutions under their jurisdiction. To enable the district officials /Field officers concerned to follow   and implement the guidelines proper instructions should be given by the departments concerned.

4. This order comes into force with immediate effect.


 (By the Orders of Governor)

                                                                                                           P.M.Bhazir Ahamed,

                                                                                                          Government Secretary