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The Hindu religion which pervades cultures of all religions has created frail stratification which is called the caste system.

By Dr. I. Sebastian M.A. MBA
Executive Director SJDT

Maart 2016

The Hindu religion which pervades cultures of all religions has created frail stratification which is called the caste system. There are different theories such as religious mystical theories, biological theories, and socio cultural theories. Caste is defined as a rigid social system in which social hierarchy is maintained generation after generation and allows little mobility out of the position to which a person is born. Basically one's birth decides his caste and no upward and downward movement is permitted.

In this God's destined on birth inherited caste system deride and discriminate Indian society into stratifications of privileged few and suppressed many. Of the different castes the most marginalized and suppressed castes are Scheduled Caste (Dalits) and Scheduled Tribes. These are the two caste groups that are at the bottom of the caste pyramid. 

Better be a cow than to be a Dalit or tribal. For many centuries and for many Indians the word Dalit and tribals is nauseating and they are stereotyped as unclean, live in gutters and squalors and indulge in crimes and hamper public morale display disproportionate emotions like anger, sorrow and happiness and above all unintelligent and cursed by gods.  

The religion and society relegated these Dalits and tribals for several thousand years to a group of people who don't have brain and capacity to get education, skills and to emancipate themselves.

Scheduled Caste/Dalits:
The Dalits were branded as the lowest strata of the social stratification and are over centuries made to work as manual bonded labourers doing all kind of menial jobs such as scavenging etc. It is only now that some organizations such as SJDT is making it possible for their children to get education.

Scheduled Tribes/Adivasi:
Adivasi communities are tribals who live in forests and survive by hunting, gathering tubers, fruits, flowers and herbs as well as graze cattle. Their basic livelihood is collecting forest products and selling them. Over the years the fate of these people also changed. The British colonizers started to destroy the forest and also look over forest stretches for commercial purpose. The forest land was demarcated as reserve forest and protected forest and equipped with brute law the government alienated totally the tribals and driven them to the fringes of social economic life. These tribals are far removed from main stream of education and it is only now some agencies are reaching out to educate them.

Dear the above are the two most marginalized communities that are excluded from the mainstream of education. We at SJDT made a conscious effort to reach out to them. I am enclosing a statistical data that prove how we in our orphanages cater to the most marginalized communities. Let me take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for all your support.

Thanking you,

Yours fraternally in Christ,

Dr. I. Sebastian M.A. MBA

Executive Director.