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Village level sponsorship programme was by  St.Joseph’s Development Trust from its inception. Through sponsorship programme 46 children in the rural are being supported for their studies through stichting Childrenshome - Netherlands. These children are from poor families in Madurai, Dindigul, Theni and Nagapattinam districts and their educational needs are fulfilled through this programme. For coordinating the children from Madurai, Dindigul and Theni a branch office is set up at Devathanapatti at Periyakulam region and another office is set up in Tranquebar for coordinating the children of Nagapattinam district. These children are coordinated through our tuition centre programme which we run in many of our target villages. Committed staff team at head office level coordinates the programme with the support of tuition centre teachers. The staff regularly visit the children in their homes and communicate the information and messages that are sent by their sponsors and prepare reply letters, annual letters. Regular meetings and distribution gatherings are organized for the children. Staff of the sponsorship department are involved in communicating the message of the donors to the beneficiary children, preparing reply letters, preparing annual letters, organizing distribution gathering programmes, organizing children gathering in the villages etc on routine basis. During this reporting we were pleased have our donors with us and cherished by their love and affection for the children. Herewith we give you a short report on the various activities that are carried out under this programme during this reporting year 2013-2014.

Children  living in the rural village very poor in studying. Their parents are unable to help the children to complete their home  work or study well as they are illiterate. They don’t have any animator to help their studies. In this situation St.Joseph’s Development Trust started tuition centre programme in all of its working villages from its inception. All the school going children are gathered in a centre and given education in the evening. This centre activities starts at 5 O’clock in the evening and ends at 8 O’clock. Children once comes back from the school after having tea at their home come to our centres and spent about an hour in playing games.

After that they have wash and start their studies with prayer. Each centre is appointed with an animator who facilitates the children in their studies. Children are supported for doing their homework.

Children those who are found to be week are given special coaching with the help of volunteers. Children are also helped through group studies to improve their academic performances. Special attention is given for the children to develop their cultural and sports talents. Children are also helped to develop their personality through different personality development classes. Children Parliament meeting is held in all the centres every month.There are 20 tuition centres functioning in Periyakulam region and 15 centres at Tranquebar region. And all our sponsorship support children are attending our tuition centre programmes. All the tuition centres are provided with play materials like ball, bat, net, rings etc and educational materials like charts, maps etc.Our tuition centre animators make regular school visits so as to know the performance and disciplinary aspects of our children in their regular school. Through this meeting we are able to have close follow up with the children.Monthly animator review meeting is organized in the head office in the presence of the director. Staff of the sponsorship department also participate in the review meeting. Activities that were carried out in the month is shared and plan for the next month is prepared during the review meetings. 

Liftetime Achiever's Day:
This programme “Lifetime Achiever’s Day” was organized 
for the first time in the history of St. Joseph’s Development
Trust on June 2013 in Tranquebar in honour of our
beloved Bro. I. Sebastian’s birthday. This award was given
to two sponsor children and a parent of sponsor child.
Those three people are the girl Deepika who had scored
highest marks among sponsor children in 10th public
examination, Arul who was getting special training
programme in Tamil Nadu special police service and
Saral Neethimani whose son is mentally and physically
retarded and this woman completely dedicates herself and
her life for her son alone. The institute and sponsorship
department felt that these three persons really deserve
respect and honour and it is duly done on that fine day
which had brought immense joy of everyone present over there.
They were given special scholarship too. 

Scholarship amount and Educational material distribution:
In the district of Theni, Dindigul and Nagapattinam our beloved Bro. I. Sebastian, the Executive Director of our Institute does distribute every year to our sponsor children scholarship amount and other school materials that are necessary for their education such as notebooks, school uniform, school bag, bed sheets and etc. this was very well organized by the sponsorship department this year as well and it was grand success.

Special Feature:
Whenever the children are gathered for a function the children, their parents and animators are given lunch, sweets and fruits and in the send back happily to their houses. On this special occasion height and weight of the children were taken and updated in the individual records. Their exam marks were also collected and motivated to study well.

Visit of Stichting Childrenshome Director’s Visit:

We had wonderful visit from CHN agency represented by Lia and Jan between 16th to 29th December, 2013. During their visit they had spared exclusively two days to visit the homes of sponsor children in Tranquebar surroundings. They also provided goats to seven families for improving economical condition of the family. they had wonderful stay and time in different hostels on different days namely Pudhu Irudhayam, Pudhu Vasantham and Pudhu Punal. More importantly they also celebrated their Christmas with the children and enjoyed the cultural event that was performed by the children.

On 28.12.2013 the sponsorship department has beautifully depicted the different stages of a sponsor child through an exhibition. They were really excited and glad as well. Then they moved on to check the records and documents related to their agency and praised the staff of the sponsorship department for such nice work and keeping records neatly and safely. They were so taken up that they were willing to volunteer and
support many more children in our institute and thus 90 new case studies are sent to this particular agency alone. 

Letter writing training programme for sponsor children:
In the ancient days a news or letter is sent through dove or in a leaf but as days passed and inventions
improved the same thing happened through telegram, letter and etc. but this modern generation has almost
forgotten such thing but moved on to next level of relating through phone, SMS, internet and facebook.
This has brought considerable damage to this society and children are struggling to speak even properly
in their own mother tongue and sponsor children are not exempted from this too. 

So Bro. Sebastian has planed and wished that our children are given an orientation in writing Christmas
and annual letters to their respective sponsor parent. It was splendidly coordinated by sponsorship
department and along with that some fun and leadership skills training games were also conducted.
On the second and final day of the programme prizes were distributed for the winning team. 

As usual sponsorship children gathering programme was organized at regular intervals. Every week the sponsorship department staff visit the villages and organize gathering programme for the sponsorship support children in their village. During this meeting their parents also participate in the meeting. This meeting is conducted on routine basis so as to have close contact with the children and their families. The gathering report is recorded in the office and for communication purpose. During this meeting children’s performances in studies and allied activities are discussed and their parents are informed about the nature of the support that their children receive. After the meeting if any child has received communication from his/her sponsor it is shared with him/her and reply letter is prepared. Every village is visited at least once in month and it is a routine activity of the sponsorship department staff to organize this children gathering programme.

Literary association prograame was organized once in three months for the school going childen. Different competitions in singing, dancing, elocution, declamation, drawing, poetry, essay writing, general knowledge etc are held and prizes are distributed to the winning children. Five selected children from each tuition centres are brought to the head office to take part in this literary association. Evaluators of the tuition centre programme with the support of the sponsorship department staff organize this literary association. Children’s performances are assessed and marks are given. Over all championship is given to the centre that scores high marks.

During the reporting period sports competitions were organized for the sponsored children in the village during Pongal holidays on 14th and 15th of January 2014. Our staff namely Chinna and Edison and Suresh conducted the sports competitions such as running race, skipping, long jump, high jump, Kabadi, Kho-Kho, tri-leg race, sack race, frog race, one leg race, lemon spoon etc were organized and prizes were distributed to the winning children. 253 children from Periyakulam region and 60 children from Tranquebar region have won prizes in school level sports competitions. Sweet Pongal was cooked and served to all the participants.

As we end this report we along with all the sponsor children express our sincere thanks for your generous support. Through this sponsorship support many children’s life status improved and they are living happily. Through this programme children are given opportunity to continue their studies without becoming school dropout due to various reasons and the main being poverty. All the sponsored children are growing well under the care of SJDT. It is because of the generous gesture of many individual donors today St.Joseph’s Development Trust is able to give new life to  many underprivileged children and for all the support that you extend to our children we along with the beneficiary children and their parents thank you from the bottom of our hearts and request you to continue your support in the coming days also.