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Why orphanage care is needed for some category of children.

Greeting and Prayerful wishes from Dr. I.  Sebastian, Executive Director of St. Joseph's Development Trust, Genguvarpatti.

I Am Most often asked by some why we run an orphanage in India in the present time when India is boasting to be an emerging super power with annual economic growth rate of almost 7%. Added to these economic parlance are also the criticism of some child rights activists who criticize orphanages as not best place for children to be cared for.  Leaving aside all these high sounding rhetoric I as a simple person living day and night with hundreds of children and listen to their personal stories everyday know in my heart well that these children really deserve the orphanage care we provide and but for without this care could lead to a disastrous childhood.

1. Female infanticide:
In out orphanages we have received lot of girl babies who were at the verge of being killed.  The parents continually get girl children while they eagerly await for male children.  Moreover in our culture the girls are considered to be a burden to the family as giving them in marriage involves dowry.  So in these circumstances female infanticide is practiced.  Imagine the fate of the girls if we have not provided shelter and care in our orphanage.
2.  Separation of parents or single father or mother's remarriage:
This is another major issue in rural villages.  The parents after one or two children fall prey to the temptation of another partner.  Of course the new partner always don't want to own responsibility for children of earlier marriage.  In such situation the children are abandoned in the street.  Imagine their fate if we don't provide care and shelter in our orphanages.
3.  Imprisoned father and mother eloping with another man:
We too have children whose father is a life prisoner and the mother ran away with another man abandoning the children.  Think of the fate of  these children if we don't provide care and shelter in our orphanages.
4.  Suspicious father brands the child and illegally begotten child and ask the        mother  to abandon the child if she wants to live:
In our orphanage we have such abandoned children and imagine what happen to these children if we don't care for them in our orphanages.
5.  Runaway and children in conflict  with law:
We have many children who come to our orphanage who runaway from home for various reason - drunkard father who beat the child often, constant fight and quarrel between parents, falling prey to criminals with drugs, sexual favour etc.  These children are rescued and brought to our orphanage.  Imagine of their fate if our orphanage don't provide care and shelter.
6.  Sexually exploited girls or married minor girls are also rescued and                  brought to our orphanage:
Once rescued these girls refused to go home.  Imagine their life if we don't provide shelter care in our orphanages.

7.  Last but not least lot of tribal children come to our orphanage seeking              admission:
The tribal hamlets are scattered in the western Ghats hills.  For generations these tribals had no education.  It is only now the present generation of parents think of educating to their children.  But accessibility school in the hills are almost nil.  And so they bring their children to our orphanage.  Think what happen to them if we don't admit them in our orphanage.

I have narrated above some of the causes under which the children come to our orphanages seeking shelter and care.  We fully feel it our duty to receive them and provide shelter and care.  I suppose you also fully endorse that these children too have rights to be sheltered and cared for. I appreciate very much our donors and sponsors who are with us is running these orphanages knowing fully well that this is a long time commitment.
Your Fraternally in XT.,
Dr. I. Sebastian, M.A., M.B.A., PH.D.,
Executive Director.